Monday, December 5, 2016

#NoDAPL Won The Battle, The War Is Not Over

I wanted to congratulate all the brave water protectors at Standing Rock. I have been reading with horror, the absolute madness that has been going on there for far too long. Those people endured violations to their safety and civil rights in the name of clean water, on their own sacred land, while Obama decided "Let's play it out a few more weeks."
Since that time, countless injuries from rubber bullets, pepper spray, concussion grenades and water cannon, reminiscent of the Civil Rights protests from the 60's scenes were playing in most sane people's heads, who actually have a memory of that time. Unbelievable.
Once I saw that 2,000 veterans were heading to Standing Rock, I thought that this was a pivotal point. When the military gets involved in a revolution, that's a game changer. Is it any coincidence that now we hear from the government? The Army Corps of Engineers denied the permit to keep this abomination of a pipeline going. That's all it took to stop it. Why so long?
It's a disgrace.
Most Americans that I cross paths with could care less, they are too busy watching TV "reporters" decipher Trumps tweets. They have very little knowledge and are engaged in a battle for their financial lives, they don't have the time or energy to research what is really happening at Standing Rock or anywhere else, but their own dinner table. There was not much I could do besides blog about it, sign petitions, try and explain this situation to normal people just trying to get through their day, and for the most part they just think I am just some crazy old lady who paints and draws, you know, one of those weird 'artsy" types. Like anyone else, I just want a peaceful life, with time to pursue my work and enjoy nature. Unfortunately, I have a weird sense of justice, when I see people getting taken advantage of it pisses me off. Standing Rock, was one such situation. Their war isn't over, but they won this battle.
Most days, when I am going about my business, I have this weird question in my mind of what it is to be an American? It is a strange thing to live in a country that causes so many problems worldwide, in an attempt to prop up the Petrodollar with misadventures in violence based on lies, everywhere. We give billions of dollars to Israel while we bleed out our own country, and millions of Americans are living in poverty. Drone wars and military hardware sales to Saudi Arabia rule the day, while Native Americans who don't have anything, live on land this country keeps trying to take back, gave enough pushback to finally get some sort of satisfaction.
We will see for how long. This country is so screwed up,
No civilized nation should act this way, denying healthcare and safe clean drinking water to it's citizens, who have the potential to be harassed or even killed just walking down the street, by a militarized police force.
This is a weird place, it makes no sense.
The only thing that finally made some sort of sense to me was that the Native American people we have abused for centuries, finally have something to celebrate on their sacred land in North Dakota.That maybe, just maybe, there is still hope for the American people. That there is hope for the Native American people who live in abject poverty. That there may be justice in Detroit, for people still dealing with a massive water crises.
 However, until we all start getting real and stop thinking we are going to magically have a fair and just country, where basic human rights are inalienable, where all people are created equal and we stop pillaging this country of resources and trashing the entire planet with our insane out of control policies, while our government just takes what it wants whenever and where ever it sees fit.
There can be no justice.
This is just a step, but thousands of Native Americans and American veterans came together and something happened. I can only hope this is the beginning of real change. I hope they are all dancing and cheering in North Dakota. They deserve it. Thank you, for your courage.

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  1. You know the score Patricia, I couldnt have worded this reality better, you summed it up to the point. The disgusting thing, is how many even keep thinking that what we have politically currently is going to do a damn thing to change anything ... yeah, they give a shit about Trump tweets, or what some pop culture star tweets more, but rest assured, people are going to get so many inches shoved up their asses over the next few years, that they are bound to feel it and even get angrier, hopefully it will really fuck up the next elections for both these parties. I believe strongly in our trained veterans as I have posted in past, as getting involved too ... it would NOT disappoint me a bit, if thousands of them stepped up to the plate and laid down the law. I heard too many protectors plead with police at Standing Rock to support them, while these thug rent- a- cops shit all over them, they even prayed for these cops ... I'm not one for trying to show peace to those who are obviously not going to show us peace, or one that turns the cheek, etc ... f**k these parasites. To show another example of so called justice in America ... read the link below, this just came out this afternoon, not sure if you heard about it yet ... have a good one Patricia.