Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Price Of Peace

It's $40 billion, in case you are wondering. The United States gives Israel $40 billion, bear in mind, we have no money for Social Security, people living on the streets, a heroin epidemic, people who can't afford healthcare, but we are all up in Israels grill, throwing money at them. Why?
Strange how the US "colluded" with and now the UN has handed down some 'harsh" criticism of Israel, God forbid! Anybody say anything about Israel.
The UN resolution demands that Israel stop all settlements in Palestinian Territory and East Jerusalem, and that the settlements that are there, are, basically, illegal.
Palestinian leaders say they will use this decision, to litigate in International Criminal Court.
This UN resolution is just basically a statement. It doesn't do anything, back in February, they handed down a decision about Julian Assange and he's still holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy. I am not sure what exactly the UN actually does, except try and remain relevant.
There's a huge refugee crises and the UN says it's broke, They have a budget of "$19.52bn (£12.84bn), but only $7.15bn of that has been raised from international donors."
 Let that sink in.
The pricetag for the United States is $8 billion. It looks like the refugee problem is taking up the entire allotment of US money. And well it should, since we have caused so many problems for the Middle East, we will probably never stop paying.
The United Nations humanitarian budget is somewhere between $20 billion and $30 billion.
We give Israel, $40 billion to buy what exactly?
Military aid, bombs and other weapons. We willingly give billions for weapons that make war, but money to take care of displaced, traumatized people?
Well sorry, we need to give way more to countries willing to keep our war corporations flush.
But we supposedly, desperately want peace.
Why is the go-to for every leaving administration in the US, a peace agreement with Israel? I mean why is that our job? Isn't there another country out there that could do better? Because we have failed at this again and again.
Looks like that didn't work out.
What about this time? 
                                                      What could possibly go wrong?
Here we are in 2016, will Obama get his Israel photo shoot? It's like a presidential rite of passage. So now, Ketchup Kerry is jetting his way around the world, trying to keep Netanyahu calm in an effort to stop a machine built to cause chaos and mayhem, known as the US military industrial complex in Israel. 
Why is Netanyahu angry about this UN Resolution? He's got everything he wants and more, he does whatever he wants, that's pretty obvious. The UN can only pass a resolution, it can't stop Israel from doing whatever it wants to do. 
Will we put sanctions on Israel, the way President Obama is planning to do with Russia over the supposed "hacking" of our election? Which was really a leaking and we don't know who did that.
It's completely confusing. 
The US can go into multiple countries and bomb the crap out of them, Israel does the same thing to the Palestinians, we don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to credibility or peace talks or treaties. Why not let Switzerland negotiate with Israel, aren't they neutral? 
These are the burning issues for President Obama, with the little time he's got left in office. Another useless gesture, there's no hope and change you can sell us this time, Mr. President, what we sell are weapons of mass destruction. What we need to sell are weapons of mass construction.
 I think Jimmy Carter had the right idea there, with Habitat For Humanity. 
We are the worlds greatest sales force for weaponry, polluting the planet and securing our own and everyone else's demise.
 No matter what we say, our actions give us away, it's a joke. 
We spend $598 billion dollars on our military. We give billions in military aid to other countries, we are global weapons trafficers. Americans don't even know what is done with all the money in our own military budget, because of the nature of  their covert, classified operations. Our supposed reason for giving so much money to other countries is to help keep them "stable". Our biggest war markets are Israel and Egypt. Jordan, also loves buying our military crap. 
You can't sell all of this violence and then act like you want peace, it doesn't quantify. It needs to stop. But what would happen to all those lovely corporations, if we cut our sales force? What if we stopped paying other countries to buy our weapons? Because that is what we are doing. You can't give Israel billions of dollars in military equipment and then tell them that they can't use it on Palestinians, not after what we've done in Iraq or South America or Iran causing coups and chaos. If we really want peace we've got to stop our meddling in other countries affairs, saying we want"stability" while we go about destabilizing on a global level. The UN can pass all the resolutions it wants, Here's a resolution for you, UNSC Resolution 1441, giving Iraq an "opportunity" to comply, back in 2002, and give up their weapons of mass destruction, they never had. That should tell you everything you need to know about the UN, peace on earth and goodwill towards men. 
It'll cost you.

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