Wednesday, March 1, 2017


He's going to make America great again.
Everyone I know who voted for this guy believes him. For the life of me, I don't know why.
After last nights speech, which essentially was nothing but flirting with the American people and giving them a bunch of empty promises.
Today, I would bet that Joe the Plumber is enjoying his morning coffee, high on Donald Trumps words, even though @realdonaldtrump's actions say something different.
 Let's start with his idea for the military budget, a $54 billion increase. The US already has the highest military budget in the world, so of course, we need more money for that. More money for the Pentagon, that's never been audited, that is not accountable to anyone. We all know that McCain and Lindsey Graham who's lobbyists and state economies depend on the war machine are dependent on government handouts. There is nothing about this, that is going to address what America needs to be great again, unless government contractors and making weapons will somehow be good for Americans.
Arming the world and keeping up with the status quo of having 800 military bases in 70 countries has
worked out great for Americans. I don't know anyone who really knows anything about what Trump is actually doing, let alone how many military bases are bleeding us dry.
Trump also has said he plans to slash foreign aid in order to offset the military spending. So far that's just domestic cuts, like the State Department, We still will give billions to Israel, Jordan, Pakistan and the list goes on and on. Israel and Egypt receive $3.1 billion annually. Because that makes America great again...somehow.
Let's move along to Jeff Sessions. After Trumps campaign promises to let states deal with medical and recreational Marijuana, Sessions signed on for more of the same failed Drug War policies from a century ago, continuing on with prohibition. Why? Because Trump is a big fan of private prisons and we need them to be stocked with prisoners at all times. Legalized weed, could mean millions in revenue for states budgets won't happen despite the successes of Colorado and Washington State. Let's make prison great again.
Let's talk about Trumps Yuuuuge plans for heathcare, he says he's going to help with tax credits and get this; Health Savings Accounts, also known as Pay For It Your Own Damn Self Accounts, it's a joke! Half of the country is in poverty, living paycheck to paycheck, they can't afford to save anything. So what Trump is promising is more of the same, without a mandate. He's not going to make heathcare great again. It's not going to happen. the GOP Bozo's haven't come up with a thing in 8 years of their useless repeal votes.
So Trump is going to build, not a Great Wall, but, a "great, great wall" I am not so sure it's to keep immigrants out or maybe to keep us in! I can't even imagine how bad it is in other countries, that coming to America is a great idea.
I have researched immigrating to other countries. Every country I have looked at all have means testing in order to be able to immigrate to their country. You either have to be highly skilled with advanced degrees or you have to show you have a job waiting for you or other income requirements. My gripe with immigration is that we should have the same expectations for the people who want to immigrate here. We are the only country I know of who will take anyone. America was great when we had the room and resources for everyone to be able to come here and were able to maintain themselves, however, we are still living with the fantasy of, "back in the day" when we ripped off and killed the Native American population, taking their land that immigrants settled on and built a life (at others expense.) This faulty narrative is still with us and unfortunately with half the country in poverty, most Americans are having a very hard time in this economy. This is where the confusion comes in with immigration. It's the paranoia of so-called "terrorists" from 9/11 (don't get me started with how all that went down) that get in.
The facts are that the main illegal immigrants to the US are from Sub-Saharan Africa, China and India. Illegal immigrants are money makers for, private prisons.. (My post about Vice President Dan Quayle's Private Prison investments)
Mexican's made up 54% of unauthorized immigration. So that's a yuuuuge money maker for prisons. Did you know Mexico has an immigration problem? It's  American retirees, Mexico has means testing, that means if you want to retire there and have enough of a pension, you are welcomed. Otherwise, not so much. I just wonder how many people actually got into Canada after Trump got elected?
Go ahead and build a wall @realdonaldtrump, so far his Immigration Executive Order is a fail. I suspect almost everything else in his speech will be one too. The GOP hasn't done a damn thing in the last 8 years and don't get me started with the Democrat white wearing suffragette BS. What does that actually do? NOTHING. Both those parties are the problem, that's how we got to Trump. I guess everyone can just continue with the bread and circus of Donald Trumps speech, but it was vague on how he is actually going to do anything, except just keep the same rackets going that aren't going to do anything to make America great again.
Attributed to Fox News
                                            Another useless gesture, Thanks Democrats.


  1. True, true, true, true, true ... aint that some shit??**!! No, you know Patricia, the whole health care reform will be another snowejob (snow, like in Olympia Snowe), my guess is on the TweetyCare (I call Trump 'tweety bird', as in tweeting ... and like ObamaCare, HillaryCare, RomneyCare, etc, etc), TweetyCare will be somehow legislated throguh a backdoor, to somehow make health accounts tied in with tax incentives, so that Wall St. investors can play with it offshore in personal investments somehow, while in these so called 'accounts' ... I will assime Paul Ryan will have much to do with that draft (I also will assume that Ryan will be a future Presidential candidate, he's a winner, as far as pushing a good snowejob). You could try to somewhat improve ObamaCare/ ACA, by putting spending restrictions/ regulations on parts, so that all these entities cant milk each other, or milk the medicaid, but that's not gonna happen, too much special interests involved, with too much money funneled to politicians left and right ... the way ACA is set up, makes it so prices have out of control inflation, for premiums to actual medical costs ... and medical providers ordering unnecessary tests, surgeries, root canals, or a number of things, without patients needs considered, as much as the profits line.

    As far as the border wall (aka, what I call ... "The Great Wall of Trump") ... will not do much good, it's not going to stop those south of the border from getting in ... I know about the border market, but cant talk about it here online in a public place (only in person) ... but no, the Wall wont mean anything more than just making it a little more difficult for the border jump way ... nor will it stop the flow of drugs one bit (something else I know about, but cant talk about there) ... lets just say supply meets demand on both, eh? Bottom line, in our unique situation in the U.S. ... waste of money. While we ae being sidetracked to think Mexican immigrants (and I known many illegals personally) is a "jobs problema) ... NOT! ... the real job concern are those outsourcing corporations and the 100's of 100's of legal immigrants from Asian and Africa nations, that will take the college degree jobs here at dirt cheap wages, and making our new middle classes of IT specialists, financial markets specialists, software engineers, etc lower their wages and have to compete ... not north Mexican or central Americans coming here doing jobs, that many Americans dont want to do anywayz.

    As far as the defense spending increase ... INSANE!!! ... $50+ billion ??!!! ... why dont the GOP yell the usual "Who's gonna pay for it?!" ... and a nuclear buildup at that? ... for what??!! Just between Russia and U.S. you already have a few thousand ... and today, you dont even need nukes for battle anymore, due to defense technologies, or even amounts of troops like past ... Hell, drones alone can take out countries these dayz ... and commanded by someone behind a computer thousands of miles away ... another pure waste, except to make a bunch of money for a handful of folks ... dont do a damn thing to protect us. Plus, these filthy rich people, are not in a hurry to kill millions of people (at least not yet ... they will when they dont need them anymore, and they wont need nukes to do that) and destroy their multinational gambling casinos and properties.

    I wont shut the Hell up Patricia, so let me get outta here, great post ... have a good one!

    1. Nice Snowe job there, Ranch! My thing, as far as healthcare is that it's so much of our consumer spending, it would probably crash our economy if we had a single payer system. That's why it has to stay corporate. I can't wait until we have that 'in-person" talk about immigration. My Dad was a Customs Agent. I totally get you. the wall is a straw wall, straw man argument. It's ludicrous. Never shut up. People need to hear the truth. They won't get in on their TV's, but they still watch it, while it watches (and listens) to them.