Friday, April 7, 2017

Continual Warfare

I don't have a TV any longer, but I'm pretty sure Wolf Blitzer can't contain himself, he can fetishize war, instead of trying to justify his career by talking about Donald Trump's tweets.
 This goes for every other Mainstream News Media outlet.
They are all in.
I am guessing that people who voted for Trump think he's making war great again.
One of his campaign promises was to bomb and take the oil from ISIS.
 I don't blame the people who voted for Trump, this would have happened if Hillary had won.
The fact that we are responsible for ISIS, and it's still not clear how that gas attack went down, we are at war in all but name. There doesn't need to be any clear evidence of anything for bombing to start, I think I know why,
The access to military bases and ensuring endless war in the Middle East. The failure of Trump to repeal and replace Obamacare, nullifying his promise on tax reform, both of these campaign promises are DOA, A dismal March jobs report is just in, The chaos of Flynn, Bannon, Nunes, leaving on unpleasant terms, to say the least, left Trump with one of the only things left he could do to scrape together some kind of approval rating that has been in the toilet.
Now the consumption of bread and circuses will increase as people listen to the praise for Tomahawk missiles and utter chaos being rained down once again on Syria.
Since when has this ever gone done well for us?
Don't for a minute think there might not be some blowback from Russia, since there has been Russian hysteria since the Presidential campaign despite there once again, being no evidence.
The Military Industrial Complex wanted this war, it is obvious.
Things must be going very badly indeed, for the economy, much like it tanked during George W. Bush's ramp up to his misguided Middle East cl*%sterF*&ck.
If the powers that be really wanted to, they could have solved this problem through diplomacy.
Oh wait! Thanks to Rex Tillerson, ties with Exxon, it only makes things more suspicious that there's an oil grab going on here. Profits to be made for the usual suspects Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Raytheon. I am sure John McCain and Lindsey Graham are already busting out the champagne,
Anyone, who had any thought, that Donald Trump was an "outsider" is misled, the people who fill his cabinet are Goldman bankster "Generals" It seems to me that the only thing that you can count on from voting, is getting a leader who has no interest in you whatsoever, and has every interest in perpetual warfare to keep the defense contractors and lobby bribers happy.
Please stop voting.
Stop consenting to this never ending madness.
I refuse to vote,
 I refuse to be complicit in this war or any other. I grew up during the Vietnam War. It seems to me there has only been a very brief period when there hasn't been a war, I am sick of it.
Sadly, I am pretty sure my voice is one of the few. I don't know anyone who really knows why we are bombing Syria, they don't care.
More money will be siphoned off to this next Middle Eastern misadventure, while the rest of America will slide further into poverty, drug addiction and chaos. That's the legacy of these futile wars.


  1. We are gearing up for increased military intention, and yes, we are already in war, at least increased tensions even beyond Syria. As far as Syria ... I frankly cant even guess who done that attack with nerve gas (?), or if it was even real for that matter, could be staged to increase tension and public approval (but, yes, it will all cost us out the ass) I dont put anything past U.S., Russia, Syria, ISIS ... or have no idea who is funding who anymore, but I feel also that the Saudis have their hand in some of this indirectly (as far as control over the whole region, U.S. is corporate flunklies, Saudies are our flunkies, ISIS created directly and indirectly by both, and the Jews are the backup calvary) ... one thing to remember Patricia ... no "empire" lasts forever. The whole thing of spreading global neoliberalism, means having to have a control over all regions of the globe, middle east is a challenge for the oligarchs, a real pain in the ass for them ... and they are already changing europe, with neoliberal suckasses like Merkel and others. Anywayz ... now you see why I am a strong advocate for disobedience, and unrest ... why go down without a fight?

  2. You're the mensch the "New York Times" should be running on their op-ed page everyday.

    Go girl!

    Keep fighting. (H/T Lee Camp)

    Love you!