Thursday, April 6, 2017

"Live For Now" A Kartrashian Dystopia

Anyone feel like having a Pepsi?
I  don't even know how to write about this other than we seem to be at a weird Marie Antionette moment. I don't get how these out of touch marketers or ad campaigners had no idea the blowback this would cause.
Rather, they have no ideas, except, exploit and co-modify. 
When you get to a point in a culture, where Kartrashian's set some kind of "standard" what else is it  going to come down to other than in a rarefied world, where someone is so privileged, that jumping off a photoshoot, with a can of Pepsi and giving it to an unarmed and unmilitarized cop saves the day, It's pretty disheartening.
Being white and a model? Bonus points!
There's been a trend to refine many things in this culture, no, it's not your intellect, it's your eyebrows,
These are stencils, to make your eyebrows look as artificial as possible, like a Barbie doll, Kendall Jenner uses them.
Ancient Egyptians employed this beauty routine.
Nice eyebrows Nefertiti!
 Nothing new going on here, the obsession with the face, painting certain features.
 However, you would think by 2017 we would be navigating the skies in  flying cars using sustainable energy or providing human beings with with clean water, decent living conditions.with access to free education for everyone. 
Instead, we have Pepsi and Nestle buying up the water supply for pennies and selling it to the people of Flint, in their plastic, poison, bottles, ruining the environment.
 Live for now! with Pepsi and perfect eyebrows, plastic surgery and plastic people.
Everyone else that's in the gutter with their raggedy eyebrows? 
Well they can just forget it.
Which brings me back to Marie Antoinette.
 Remember the women of that time, the beauty marks they used to put on their faces?
These marks could convey messages
they were a way to communicate
Could also have been a way to hide the sores from Syphilis

What does this communicate?
photo Daily Mail

We are not the only culture obsessed with looks and superficiality
It's just so disturbing when you have people like the Kartrashian's and 
Ivanka Trump, trivializing protests and influencing policy.
They might as well tell us all to eat cake.
There is a term called "behavioral sink
this came out of John B. Calhoun's experiments, testing the effects of overpopulation on social animals. What happened was a population of mice would overpopulate their environment, peak, then collapse to extinction, 
Social decay would become worse with every generation, which would lead to unrest in the environment and collapse.
The first generation was called "strive" they explored their environment and set up nests. 
Then came "exploit" when the mice population exploded, things started to get overcrowded. Next, came "equilibrium" where the mouse population peaked, 
There was all kinds of behavior dysfunctions the mice displayed, for instance, violence, cannibalism, but I am going to concentrate on the behavior of the mice that withdrew from most mousey socializing, 
They would spend their days, grooming obsessively, they were unintelligent compared to past generations, they were called, "the beautiful ones". 
What it came down to was a lack of space to roam, a lack of resources. 
With over half the country living in poverty, doubled up in houses with many generations, no ability to leave, no money to do so, the only thing left is to keep grooming and perhaps piercing or utilizing tattoos to the point of neurosis.
I can only explain the Kartrashian and Trump behavior as one of social privilege, that they can afford to withdraw, none of them are intelligent in any way that makes them exceptional. However, grooming is the exception, they are exceptionally well groomed. 
I think for most that live in poverty, the only thing they have left, is eyebrows, fingernails and hair. When you don't have the possibility of education, or a way to be creative, this is what you do.
This is where we are now.
This is not a good sign.
To make matters worse a corporation that makes poison drinks, like Pepsi, thinks protests can be entertaining, a joyful experience.
 I don't for a minute think that Kendall Jenner's manager mother didn't have full approval of this commercial and knew it's content, She's the reason why Pepsi had to apologize to Kendall Jenner, who probably made a million, if not more, being the "face" of Pepsi.
So, 'Live For Now" because the future isn't looking very good.                                                                        


  1. Actually Patricia, I couldnt help laughing throughout this posting ... nothing against your posting, the way you describe some of this is true and hilarious though {:-) ... I'm so outta touch Patricia! ... I had no idea who this Jenner lady was, I at first though it was a transgender, because of the last name heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I had to look it up on wikipedia {:-) Awhile back I had to look up who this Kardashian lady was as well, since I hear her name over and over and over and over ... geeeezzz. But I did know who Marie Antoinette was {:-) What I tried to figure out for instance awhile back, was what was up with Kardashian? ... I mean ... I wasnt very impressed with her or whatever (call me ... "out of touch"). I do have a series on my blog called "Beautiful Girlz" ... but it focuses more on accomplishments, intelligence and talent, or other things besides the pop- culture image of what beauty should consist of or whatever. Yep, were obsessed with perfection, eh? ./.. glad I'm a guy, I can wake up looking any damn way I do, and no one gives a shit, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-)

    Later Patricia ... have a good day ....

  2. BTW, I did hear alot in the news about the Pepsi commercial, took me a few minutes to try to figure out what the noise was about .... but then thought it was hilarious, because Pepsi had to pull their ad, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... NO, I dont drink Pepsi or soda pop drinx or energy drinx or whatever, I drink lots o' water, V-8, maybe an occasional beer if socializing is about it ... real beer, not this watered down lite stuff.

  3. I don't drink Pepsi either, but I do know a LOT of people who worship these Krazy Katrashians! Everything they wear and their hairstyles, make-up, which so reminded me of Marie Antionette and her big hair. It's just an observation, but there was a serious amount of unrest in France during Marie Antoinette's time, they ignored it, at their peril. I heard Pepsi's stock was down along with Coke as a result of this idiocy. I guess it's too much they could make something healthy as a result of this.