Saturday, April 1, 2017

Trumps Tenth Week Of Terrible!

A lot happened this week.
Anyone with a full time job would be hard pressed to keep up with it all.
Let's start with Trump signing another Executive Order making America great again, giving the coal lobby whatever it wants.
Donald Trump was "the biggest recipient" of the coal lobby's dollars, $239,996, exactly.
He's going to bring back coal miners jobs, even though the consensus is, these jobs aren't coming back, bigly.
This Executive order is likely to end up in the courts, again, just like his Immigration Ban.
Trump also had two more Executive Orders to sign on Friday for trade enforcement, then, suddenly, without signing them he left the room, leaving Mike Pence to chase after him.
 I guess he eventually signed them, but who knows? It's like Trump has ADD and can't sit still long enough to complete a task, especially when being asked embarrassing questions about Michael Flynn. Run away! Run away!

After not getting his way on his healthcare, nocare, Trumpcare, Trump has declared war!
 It's a war on his own party, The Freedom Caucus, a band of anti-government radicals who were ok with selling internet users out and handing over our private information to whatever company pays for it, Congress passed it and so did the Senate, at last, something they could agree on!
All it will take is for Trump to sign. He'll probably sign it, because he's a business man, this is why most of my friends voted for him. Even if it's funny business.
Are you getting a feel for the chaos that's going on? This is what happens around psychopaths.
Their actions are capable of causing a lot of confusion and Trump is definitely a psychopath.
While he's busy causing commotion, other things are going on in the background, like war, and I am not talking about the Freedom Caucus.
Syria, Iraq and Yemen conflicts are continuing. We already know Trump wants to ramp up the military spending, completely disregarding the anti war platform stance he took while running for office, (remember, with psychopaths, it's actions, not words)
There's more chaos in the immigrant community since Jeff Sessions came out with threats to revoke federal funds for Sanctuary Cities. Immigration has been an ongoing problem, that outgoing President Obama did little to alleviate and probably made worse. Is this just an empty threat Sessions has been told to use? Is it more talk and no action?
I guess The Devin Nunes affair is background too. It's hard to get a handle on this dude.
 He's chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, seemingly without any intelligence both mental and factual.
 He's leading an investigation into the alleged ties, Trump may or may not have, to the Russian government.
It seems he's been running back and forth (secretly) to the White House, in order to meet a "source."

Are you getting tired yet?  Feeling on edge?
 Is it all getting to be a bit too much?
It's designed to.
 I am already annoyed with the research I have had to do just to make sense of Trumps tenth week in office. It pretty much goes without saying that everything that has happened this week was meant to obfuscate and keep Americans wondering what in the hell is going on?
 For sure someone is profiting from whatever actually passes into legislation since everything is a racket. If you want to start getting a handle on why we are in such a state, listen to James Howard Kuntlser's podcast, here, explaining Trump & the Clinton's and their cronies are racketeers and everything, all systems, banking, healthcare, government, the MIC, it's a a racket. That's why nothing is going to get done, things are going to devolve, and nothing will improve for average Americans.

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