Thursday, May 11, 2017

Russian Around

Trump's finally done it.
Hysteria ensues, when Trump fires a dude who completely mismanaged Hillary's email investigation. Comey couldn't touch Hillary's private email servers. Wonder why?
Could it be so we couldn't see all the bribes, donations flowing into The Clinton Foundation?
Comey is a tool, but some people have lost their damn minds.
I am trying to figure out what the FBI actually does, oh yeah! The drug war! They are really good at making sure the prison system is chock full of people. They target whistleblowers and journalists. Seems legit.
Is the Russian Connection Investigation over because Comey's gone? Doubt it.
People are way more upset over this guy getting fired because of RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA!
There needs to be an investigation alright, but it should be into the DNC hijacking of the election and shutting down Bernie Sanders, People should be upset that we no longer are operating in a democracy.
The DNC is a corporation, they have said so, they say they are a "private corporation" but no one cares about that.
Now we have some bread and circus firing, to cover up some other shady deal going on, like  his son-in-law's deals with China. Kushner needs an investigation.
I think Trump should nominate Dog the Bounty Hunter head of the FBI, and make the FBI great again!

I am more upset about Spicey.
Where has he gone? I just love that Melissa McCarthy impersonation. The comedy that's come out of the Trump presidency is the best thing about it. The American people are such ingrates. Keep the comedy coming and stop complaining about Trump! He's a comedy gold mine!
Now, we  have to watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders  the Deputy Press Secretary. Definitely not as funny, I wonder who she's related to?
Mack Daddy  Huckabee 
The economy is pretty bad and it really helps when Daddy is a governor, a Trump supporter and gets you on Trumps campaign, "targeting faith leaders" so yeah, she's a religious freak.
God helps those who believe in cronyism, looks like she got into some trouble, oh dear, a federal complaint, violation of the Hatch Act.
I wonder if anyone is making money in Vegas betting on who Trump will fire next?
 I couldn't find that. but, I did find out people are betting on Trump being impeached.
Maybe he will be or maybe he'll just fire himself. Anythings possible in the home of the free.
We are winning so bigly! There's so much chaos going on it's hard to figure out, which is just the way our dear leader want's it. A firing here a tweet there, Maybe even a meeting with Putin!

Wonder how good old Spicey or Huckabee will handle that presser?
So I guess no one cared about Sally Yates being fired and making senators look like idiots.
No wonder she had to go.

Well, at least it wasn't fake news. Just old news. Thanks for pointing that out, POTUS.
Here in my home state of New Jersey our Governor Christie, was appointed by Trump to a "Special Commission" on opioid addiction. Here's a guy who has a serious addiction himself, have a look;

Looks like I'm not the only one who noticed. I'm pretty sure things are going to get even more bizarre as time goes on and I sure am looking forward to all the comedy. I mean that Christie thing is pretty funny. We all want him gone from Jersey. So thanks Trump for giving him a job. If I had known that would happen, I might have voted.
Also this week there was news of ANOTHER Afghanistan Surge. That's right, we're STILL fighting that opium war, which is why we really don't like North Korea.
I'm sure Trump will just do whatever the Military Industrial Complex wants as long as he can fire people and act like he's really in charge. After all, these surges have worked so well in the past, why not just keep doing them?
Sixteen years of war, but, hey, let's get upset over a useless tool that got fired, but no one gets upset over this;
Didn't another country lose a war with Afghanistan. bigly? That would be why they call Afghanistan the "Graveyard of Empires", but I doubt Trump has done any serious study of Afghanistan's history or he would get out of there quick, that is, if he is even in charge.

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