Friday, May 5, 2017

"We're Going To Have Health Insurance For Everybody" Donald J. Trump

After Trump's gaslighting, Rose Garden Victory head fake, of a half-passed, criminal, American Health Care Bill, I have no idea how to even explain how something that isn't even a law, was celebrated AS IF IT WAS!
                                              Maybe Stephen Colbert can explain it;

In this land of stranger things, politicians hold Americans hostage over healthcare, then have a party over an even crappier plan than before.
 How about we repeal and replace with a single payer system and then this hostage situation can never happen again.
Why is a single payer system NEVER on the table?
Why? Because, lobbies, insurance companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield pay Paul Ryan to carry out their devious plans to rob Americans blind, for health care that people in most industrialized countries, take for granted and aren't bankrupted if they get sick.
I just have to wonder, do any of the people who voted for Trump, even care about him making the health care we have now, even worse? Because he promised something very different;

So far Trump has dumped a $16 million dollar bomb on Afghanistan, launched $650,000 per Tomahawk missile in Syria and asked for more money for the military. $54 million more.
It's just a thought, but maybe if we stopped all the war mongering and put an end to the campaigns of endless war, maybe there would be enough money for a single payer system,
It's just a guess, but I remember Trump saying he was going to leave Social Security and Medicare alone. If past behavior predicts future behavior, he'll do a flip flopper on that too.

What we are dealing with is a psychopath, probably with a co-morbid personality disorder to boot.The lack of empathy, the blithe way he glibly lies and smirks. (check out Paul Ryan and his smirking, he's one too.) Every time this guy moves his lips he's lying.
 I also think he's got prostate problems which is why he's up in the middle of the night tweeting, because his prostate won't let him rest.
It's not his conscience, he doesn't have one.
                                        I wonder which "people" he's tweeting about?


  1. Hey Patricia! Actually more like $54 billion, not million for defense, and were fixin to go more into Afghanistan I just heard on the car radio news ... they said ... "to save the people", um, um ,um ... imagine that! I actually think that we can make a expanded medicaid type deal and still keep insurance companies, in fact, I'm confident it can be designed, we have the best experts who can ... but the insurance and pharma companies will take a profits hit is what the deal is, and they are the ones that pay our politicians ... just f**ked up Patricia.

  2. Yep, I heard there will be ANOTHER surge! Imagine that? How many have we had now? Omg! and yeah I messed that million up.
    Trump is making Afghanistan great again too! God help them. Peace out!