Sunday, August 6, 2017

General Drama

The first thing I looked at when I heard about General Kelly coming on board as one of Trumps handlers, was Trumps twitter feed. I believe the tone has changed. This used to be such a source of hilarity to me.
I'm really going to miss this.
 Now it looks like Trump has an editor, if he's even tweeting this stuff at all. Probably someone else is doing it. He say's twitter is "the only way to get the truth out!"
Yeah, because you can't do that just giving a speech, right?
When I look at his twitter feed I think the last real weird thing he tweeted was blaming China for our North Korea "problem."
Meanwhile Trump goes to Ohio and West Virginia to give speeches, but not New York City where he's actually from. Nope. He goes and speaks to desperate coal miners, probably glued to Fox News, when they aren't at a stadium cheering for Trump.
How's that swamp draining going for you?
We now have three generals in Trumps cabinet, if I was a gambler, I would bet on yet another war to come along, along with the continuation of the war in Afghanistan, Syria and wherever else we feel the need to bomb.
Despite all the the jobs and economic data that says the US is great again, we are sitting on top of some giant bubbles, student loans, car loans and housing. If the economy crashes again, maybe another war will be needed.
We have been at war for 15 years now, I don't see that stopping. With the generals installed at Donald Trumps invitation, it wouldn't surprise me if one is being planned now. We already have deployed troops all around Russia's border and with North Korea acting the way they are, well it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand anything can happen,.usually our go-to are countries that don't have any sort of where-with-all to win against the US's firepower, yet we continue to get bogged down in stalemates, if not outright losses. But really, no one loses as long as defense contractors get rich.
Today is the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. I can't help but wonder who we are bombing right now? It seems like there's no end in sight.
Trump signed a Russian Sanction bill, when he campaigned for better relations with Russia.
What does that tell you? He's all in. Nobody twisted his arm to do that. He could have manned up and said no, but he didn't. (Read the FBI/CIA/NSA doc here) This bill was signed behind closed doors, no press. I can only guess that what was in the FBI, et al doc. was the evidence for the sanctions, but that is classified.
But- they were such good friends. 
Trump signed a bill tying his own tiny hands when it comes to Russia. His claims of making "far better deals" will not happen. This is a very clear sign and a very big deal. The House voted 419-3 the Senate 98-2. What that says is they are ignoring Trump, they don't trust him, but they are hardly trustworthy either.
Now there's a grand jury investigation being launched on the Trump-Russia connection. This means they are hoping to indict. They will be subpoenaing witnesses. They will also be looking at tax returns.
I am really getting tired of all the winning.
Thank God Trump's on vacation, he must be tired from all the things he's achieved in the last six months. Maybe he and the family are sitting around right now, playing a relaxing board game.

                                                                So much winning.

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