Monday, January 1, 2018

Weed, Weinstein & Winds Of Change

Finally, change I can believe in!
Today weed is legal in California.
Here in Jersey,  a new governor was elected, his platform included legal cannabis. Already the rubes in my town in South Jersey are horrified, that we could have a retail establishment selling it. I live in the epicenter of the opioid epidemic in Ocean County, New Jersey. I am not sure how they think legal cannabis could make anything worse, because it's been proven that it helps people get off opioids and makes withdrawal symptoms easier. Which is probably why big pharma wants to keep it illegal.
Still, this is progress, a good way to start 2018.
 I noticed 2017's events, started out pretty slow, we had a pink hatted women's march in January, I predicted we wouldn't be hearing from them again.
Then we had the 90 day Immigration Ban and more protests.
Spring, unfortunately, opened with the Westminster attack and a failed North Korea missile launch on
March 22. From then on it was more videos of North Korea missiles and the U.S. would fire back with another missile video.
I only saw stuff on the internet, I can't imagine what the Fox and CNN fear porn channels were showing, but I am sure it was more fear, fear, fear!
In April, Bill O'Reilly bit the dust, the first of many abusers to fall.
Good riddance to all of these awful, horrible animals who can't behave like civilized people.
By Aprils end, North Korea just about bombed itself with another failed missile launch that never left it's country. Not to be outdone,Trump launched the MOAB bomb on a Syrian airfield and more on some Afghan tunnels.
May, brought the election in France of Macron.
Trump fired James Comey, the FBI raided a Republican fund raising firm in Annapolis, Maryland and New Orleans took down a statue of Jefferson Davis, more would come down in other states.
In May, we saw the release of Chelsea Manning. The best thing I thought Obama did.
Nothing Obama did, had any effect on my daily life. I could not afford his health care.
 Trump, really doesn't effect me either, other than he's just plain ignorant. That didn't seem to matter to most of the people I know who voted for him. And so it goes. By the end of May, 7 people were fired by Trump.
We closed out May with the Times Square attack, a place I have been many times. I felt so badly for the people that had to go through that.
Don't forget Kathy Griffin and her career destroying mock-beheading.of Trump.

June opened with Trump announcing withdrawal from the Paris Climate Change Accord and Elon Musk quitting as an advisor to Trump. There was the London Bridge Terror Attack, the Notre Dame attack in Paris.
  The Battle of Raqqa began it's final phase U.S. backed democratic forces in Syria, captured Raqqa, leaving 80% of the city uninhabitable.
The bombing in Manchester occurred on May 22, 23 people died, over 500 wounded.
In June the Comey hearings would begin, Trump would announce his choice of Christopher Wray as nominee to be director of the FBI. A holdover from the George W. Bush days, same as it ever was.
North Korea fired more missiles and South Korea turned down America's THAAD anti missile service after Trump suggested they pay $1 billion for it. Art of the deal and all.
Also in June, poor Puerto Rico voted to request that the island become a state. I feel so sorry for those people, sadly, I don't even know if being a state would help them now. I have been there, it's a beautiful place with amazing people. It's a disgrace how we treat them.
Also in June, the awful Grenfell fire. Another disgrace.
Who didn't cry when they saw those pictures? There are no words. 71 people perished, but police believe it was more like 80. I doubt they really knew how many people were in that building.
The worst part is, it didn't have to happen.
Back in the U.S. we had congressman Steve Scalise (R-La) shot practicing that great old American pastime, baseball. 5 other people were injured. Police killed the lone gunman crazy person, gee really? Again? Sigh.
 200 members of the Democratic Party in the U.S. Congress filed a lawsuit claiming Trump profits from business dealings from other countries in violation of the Emolument Act. I mean I guess it's ok if it's bribes from foreign countries from lobbies? I am not sure where you draw the line? So that was dismissed, but I am guessing some lawyers made money.
July was just another crazy month with that grandstanding 'skinny" bill that McCain thumbed down. taking all the credit after three women had stood up to this BS health care bill, but it didn't end there.
Sean Spicer, good old Spicey, (I loved making fun of that guy) resigned and got the hell out of Dodge, then Scaramucci became White House Communications director, he lasted 10 days. (read about it here.)
July marked a real turning point for me, the chaos going on and there was so much of it.
I could not believe it wasn't intentional. Controlled chaos, meant to distract from something way worse.
General Kelly took over in August and that was the end for my favorite, Covfefe.
After that was Charlottesville, a woman died during that protest, by one lone nut with a car. Her name was Heather Heyer and they named a street after her.
After that, it was more North Korea and Russia, then in September, a hurricane slammed into Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico among other islands. Trump handed out some sandwiches and went to the U.N., and called Kim Jung-un Rocket Man. But we all lived to tell the tale.
September seemed tame even with hurricanes, compared to the summer of chaos, but by the time fall arrived, another lone gun nut would shoot up a concert.
The largest mass shooting in American history. What have we heard about the shooting since it
 That's right, nothing. Timeline changes, witnesses go to Mexico, then on the Ellen show. It's a joke, everyone knows it too. One old dude got so many guns into his hotel room, no CCTV footage, no one knows anything.
Just a crazy lone gun nut, who may or may not have had help. We will probably never know for another 50 years, just like the JFK files.
Talk about the day the music died.
Then we wind up the year with the beast himself, Harvey Weinstein. (read here, for my take)
6 women have accused Harvey Gross Weinstein of sexual harassment. Since he's been outed 49 men have been accused and that's just a drop in the bucket.

 2017, wasn't the apocalypse people thought would happen. However, it was for Harvey Weinstein and all the monsters like him.
There  was some actual change this year.
Some forward movement and it had nothing to do with Trump.
Here is a list of Weinstein's accusers
Here's to Ronan Farrow, who exposed this story and let's not forget the allegations against Woody Allen molesting Ronan's sister, Dylan.
Nothing would surprise me.
2017. also saw the Penn State pedophile scandal. President Graham Spanier got sentenced, along with Vice President, Gary Schultz, Former Athletic Director Timothy Curvey, for covering up criminal sex acts with children, so Sandusky could victimize more boys.
There is no doubt in my mind that there are going to be more stories to come out of Hollyweird and anywhere else children are exploited and victimized. It's about time.
I wouldn't look to Washington or Trump to change anything, it's going to come from unexpected places.
2018 is probably going to be another chaotic year, look to the things that did change this year, it's only the beginning.


  1. That sounds like an awful year.

    If it was a TV show, I'd say it'stime to fire the showrunner and hire all new writers and maybe a new cast.

    Here's to a better 2018? Argh.

  2. Happy New Year Harry, I hope you are faring well, yes, I hope it will be a better year, for everyone. Peace.