Monday, November 26, 2018

Missionary Man

One of the most amazing and baffling things that happened over the Thanksgiving holiday was the news of a self-proclaimed adventurer, Jesus freak, John Chau and his delusional invasion of what he called "Satan's Last Stronghold" the North Sentinel Island, home to an indigenous tribe of people, which is off limits and illegal to enter, yet this did not stop John Chau.
The pathogens he could have exposed the people who lived on this island to, was of no concern to him. He offered gifts of scissors and safety pins and a soccer ball, along with his germs.
This seriously insane act, really was reminiscent of the Puritans and their pathogens wiping out Native American tribes and invading Native American land.
No one in Europe wanted these religious freaks. So what is the legacy of all this?
Someone like John Chau.
When I first heard about this selfish act, I went on John Chau's Instagram and his insta was pretty much a gold mine.
This dude lead an itinerant lifestyle, he lived in a cabin in Whiskeytown, California, on federal park land, which was probably pretty cheap, if not free. However, that avenue of an abode was cut off from him because of the Carr Fire. I don't know if not having this place to go back to made this guy go for broke, I do wonder if it was a factor?
John Chau was a graduate of Oral Roberts University. He majored in sports science. He was a volunteer and a director of a non-profit called More Than A Game, teaching soccer to refugee children in Tulsa Oklahoma.. (One of his 'gifts" to the Sentinelese was a soccer ball) I don't know where the money came from to teach refugee's soccer? But it was enough to send Chau on trips to Iraq and South Africa teaching Syrian and Iraq children the game.
That's just great, we ruin their countries with our senseless wars and then these christian non-profit's go in and play soccer with the kids who's lives have been destroyed.
So, it's little wonder to me that John Chau may have been trying to co-opt the Sentinelese people into some kind of 'Kingdom of Jesus" outreach program, (doesn't sound too much like Jim Jones, right?) where he could be director of sports or some such, for the Sentinelese soccer team he would develop. Because, Jesus said so.
What I tried to find out was, who was supporting this mission? Was there a branch of the Christian community providing financing and any other support for John Chau to take his bible and safety pins to Sentinel Island?
The only organization I could find was All Nations, a Kansas City based organization, who, "helped train Chau, discussed the risks with him and sent him on the mission, to support him in his "life's calling,"
The woman's name is Mary Ho, she is also responsible for this debacle and should be accountable. "He wanted to have a long-term relationship, and if possible, to be accepted by them and live amongst them," she said."
So, just to get this straight, the religious zealot named John Chau, was aided and abetted by Mary Ho and All Nations.
Yet no one has stepped up to say take responsibility in this senseless tragedy.
Why do these so-called Christian people who are all about sin and redemption, not take some responsibility for this, when they did everything they could to sustain and encourage this lunacy? These bible thumpers, who have taken over the US, with their restrictions on abortion and birth control, trying to dictate what people can and can't do with their lives. They have nothing to say about a dude who could have wiped out an entire tribe of indigenous people who wanted no part of this.
What I suspect, especially because of the silence from any Christian authority, is that had Chau succeeded with his plan to establish the "kingdom", that they would have co-opted the Sentinelese people into  a non profit, NGO scheme, as employment opportunities for people like Chau and his ilk, or exploit any resources they may have. This is what happens when we invade a country or an island in the name of religion or "democracy"
Notice the crosses on the peoples uniforms. 
But the Sentinelese people weren't having it. They had been exposed almost a century before, to a degenerate white dude named Portman, who treated them like specimens and was doing creepy things like measuring their penis.' They obviously remember this experience and want nothing to do with whitey or his Jesus bible B.S.
Just to be clear, Chau had been planning to take advantage of these people since 2016, it's all there in his Instagram and his trips to the Andaman Islands, which is where the fisherman he bribed to take him to North Sentinel Island, came from. This wasn't anything new. Now all kinds of resources are being used to get back Chau's remains. Probably more than anything to try and stop any pathogens from contaminating the people of Sentinel Island. All Nations should be charged for this and there should also be criminal charges.
The last I heard from the Boston Globe's Twitter feed is the Sentinelese are having a confrontation with authorities trying to recover Chau's body. I just hope this can be resolved peacefully.
Weirdly, over Thanksgiving, people were talking about this incident, but no one was making a connection to our own country and what happened to the Native American people living here. It's like no one even knows how Thanksgiving came to be? All they know is there's going to be turkey.
So it was with some surprise that I opened up The New York Times and read an article that had many similarities to the one I wrote on my blog years ago called Thankstaking
It was called Everything You Learned About Thanksgiving is wrong
Thanks for finally catching up. Maybe I am ahead of my time?
And just for some fun, here's the Eurythmics, Missionary Man;

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