Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Dirty Deeds

I saw the pictures of Michael Cohen going into the courtroom with his daughter,today, she was limping with a crutch like in a Christmas Carol and he was Bob Cratchit and she was Tiny Tim.
Michael? Is that you?
I mean how low can you get, to trot your daughter out for the sympathy sentence?
I guess it worked.
3 years for helping a cover up to get Doughnut elected.
Michael Cohen's conspiracy against America got him only 3 years at some country club resort "prison"
I guess we would have to look at Nixon's White House plumbers to get an idea of what a sentence would be. turns out it's anywhere from 2 1/2 to 8 years!
Michael Cohen will never serve 3 years.
He'll get off early, for good behavior. Then he'll bounce somewhere.
People get more time when they get busted for pot.
So, he'll have to pay restitution, after maybe a year long rest.
Well, at least there was NO COLLUSION! Lol
I am curious as to what will happen when the Witch Hunt catches actual witches.
Speaking of which. the particular show last night I saw, where DoughNut Donnie wouldn't shut up and told everyone he was going to shut down the government, for the wall Mexico is supposed to pay for.
 Looks like Pelosi shut him down, but seriously, did anyone see Pence sitting
Photo-The Hill
there like a corpse at Weekend at Bernies?
 I mean that was so bizarre.
Mr. Mother's Husband just sitting there, looking at his hands.
What the heck is that all about?
Like is he praying for it to stop?
You know what I am praying would stop?
The war in Yemen. An undeclared war that actually went up for a vote today in the Senate to end. 10 Democrats decided not to vote and it was short 5 votes to end the misery that's going on there.

The 5 Democrats that worked against their own party to block this vote were;
                                                           Jim Acosta
                                                           Al Lawson Jr.
                                                           Collin Petersen
                                                           Dutch Ruppersberger
                                                           David Scott
                                  7 abstained
                                                          Raul Grijalva
                                                          Alcee Hastings
                                                          Bill Keating
                                                          Lujan Grisham
                                                          Jared Polis
                                                          Tim Walz
                                                           Keith Ellison 
So the carnage in Yemen will continue. We will  fuel Arab jets with fuel we pay for, to continue bombing that country.
                                                   FOR NO DAMN REASON.
Millions of dollars we gave away to Saudi Arabia, so the jets they bought from the US can go on their missions and the lobbies of the corporations that build the jets. and the bombs. bribe our supposed representatives, to continue to vote for undeclared wars.
                                It's business as usual, with the psychopaths in charge.


  1. Hey Patricia! I think it is fair and clear to say now beyond doubt, that Trump has reason to be further investigated. I try to alwayz give the benefit of doubt at first, until there is concrete evidence on a person, out of only fairness, regardless of what I may suspect (and I think Trump is corrupt as Hell, personally, but had no proof). I have no problem (morally speaking) with the guy paying off his ladies, that is personal between them ... but I think it is inappropriate for a man in or running in a position for President or another office to do this. As far as getting off good time in federal ... you are right on that, I know years ago you had to do day for day (get 10, do 10, no parole though, which is good). Now because of sentencing reform laws, you can get up to 54 dayz off per year of your sentence doing fed time, or at least, you have to do 85% of sentence. I had a buddy that done flat 10, day for day, for transport/ delivery of cocaine in a bobtail, and I'm not sure how it got into the fed category, but he done flat 10, no good time. I currently know a woman, who is a friend of my wife's familia, she just got flat 10 in fed, for organizing a medicare fraud in her small assisted living business, but she organized fom what I gather, for a few doctors to milk it, so she got the most time, they got a little over $5 mil on the scam. I had no idea what she was doing, so I was totally blind to it, I just thought she had a successful small business, etc. She is doing time here in town at Fort Worth fed facility. I'll probably visit her after the first of the year.

    Yeah, the deal with Cohen and the daughter with the brace thing, is just standard common stuff all defense lawyers use when they or their clients go to sentencing phase, pretty standard. I mean, Cohen f*cked up, I can understand having to do a little something, plus look at who we have now for a President, the people are being punished .... we would have been far better off with neoliberal Hillary "Wall Street" Clinton! (who I voted for at the last minute, because I was first thinking about voting Green). Havent followed Cohen's case much, but I think he should be up for appeal (?), I havent read up on the deal he made, so not sure. Anywayz, hope you're well Patricia, and have a decent holiday season.

  2. Oh yeah ...AC/ DC ... good deal! I like Joan Jett's version of it too

  3. BTW, I meant a "bobtail" truck, he had about a half ton or so.

  4. Yo Ranch, yeah, not shocked by your stories of time served by the people you mention. It's pretty mind blowing.
    Cohen, it is said, basically sunk Trumps battleship so we are going to be seeing a lot more bizarre tweeting and acting like a fool. This is why Cohen won;t even spend a year in a deluxe country club. Things are sure interesting. Lol. Feliz Navidad to you and yours. Keep fighting! These bastards need to go!