Saturday, December 8, 2018

"I Am Not A Crook" = "Totally Cleared"

4 months ago, I wrote a post, about "Individual 1." (Donald Trump)
I also wrote about Watergate, and Spiro Agnew, Nixon's Vice President, who was forced to resign for felony tax evasion.
The reason I bring this up is Vice President Mike Pence's involvement in heading Trump's transition team.
A week after Pence was put in charge, he hired Michael Flynn.

Pence defended Michael Flynn, on TV. I am only guessing maybe Jesus told him to keep covering for Flynn. What he did, was become a willing accomplice in crimes against the people of the U.S.
It is conceivable that Pence will go down, just like Spiro Agnew did, all those years ago.
Mueller's filing, suggests that Pence was doing everything he could, to cover for Flynn's crimes.
For someone who's so damn religious. he sure does a lot of lying.
Will Pence be held accountable for any of this?
In light of the news of Cohen (remember, he was head Finance Director of the RNC) being implicated with the Russian Trump Tower deal, worth hundreds of millions of dollars, don't forget, Trump wrote a press release about the Moscow Meeting, that Cohen was illegally, coordinating perjury regarding that meeting.
Not to mention paying off porn stars on behalf of Trump.
Will the GOP congress be implicated?  After the Annapolis Raid in 2017
Remember when Trey Gowdy got clued into the Mueller Investigation? He decided not to run for congress again. (See this)
What about the NRA? Accepting money from Russian Nationals. Is there anyone who isn't taking money from the Russians? (Or the Saudi's or Israel?)
Did Trump get elected because of fraud and should he be stripped of office?
Now, on the heels of the latest Mueller disclosure, John Kelly will be leaving by the end of the year. The rumor is that Trump refuses to even speak to Kelly anymore.
Kelly, decided to have a go at Rep. Frederica Wilson, back in 2017, but I doubt anyone remembers that. This guy is full of it too, but somehow everyone was praying that he was "the adult in the room."
Now that things are looking even uglier for Trump, Kelly is going to cut and run. His reputation in ruins.
However, it seems like there's no end to the amount of takers willing to grab onto Trump's coat tails no matter how crazy or messy the ride is. The New Year looks like it's going to be more chaos while Trump gaslights America and Trumpers keep drinking the kool-aid.
It just looks more and more like a cult to me. Maybe Q will fly down in a metallic flying saucer and rescue the Trump family and warp speed into the sunset. These people are so desperate for a savior, they'll believe anything, especially if it's on FOX Ministry Of Truth. Trumps probably gorging on cheeseburgers watching it now.

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