Friday, February 2, 2018

How Does It Feel?

The memo has been outed!
What have we learned about the Secret Society?
Is the memo inaccurate? Does it even matter?
It matters if this memo, will be used by Trump to fire Rosenstein and Mueller.
 I suspect that's what the whole thing is for. But, I digress.
Corrupt politicians on both sides-both parties, were busy passing the FISA Act to spy on us all, while they sat on this memo.
 No mention of all these awful abuses until Trump signed the FISA Act. So, what we know is that it's ok for everyone else to be spied on.
McCain came out and says this memo serves Putin, and outright says Russia interfered in our election.
 I can only guess that since Nunes got the memo out, now the gloves are off and McCain is pissed.
But he didn't open his mouth before this and voted for that FISA Bill and expanded the powers of the surveillance state.
That much is clear.
All this is, is a political stunt to help Trump, they do not care about helping us.
They don't care about national security, it is their own security they are worried about.
As long as the government has the power to spy on us, we are all being abused.
Guess what?
Even with all this spying it's looking as if Russia got away with this interference, so what's the use of all this? Joe Blow down the street ain't talking to Putin, but it's looking like Trump did and there's a big investigation.
How does it feel to be spied on Trump?
The sponsor of the FISA Reauthorisation Act was none other than Devin Nunes.
Are we supposed to think he gives a damn about people getting spied on and government abuse of taxpayers when he knew all along about this alleged abuse?
None of them care, least of all him.
"A lot of people should be ashamed"
But you aren't are you Trump?
You might as well have signed your own FISA Warrant.
How does it feel?

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Friday Night Memo Massacre

Oh, of course, it's going to be the Friday memo release.
This way, Trump is hoping it's all going away over the weekend.
 After a week of Secret Societies, the Grand Inquisitor, Secret Society-Grand Poobah, Trey Gowdy, decides he's not going to go for re-election.
He is the 37th GOPer not to seek re-election.
So, Trump has kicked the memo back to Congress and it looks like it's going to be read at a pro forma session at 4:30 Friday afternoon.
The real question is why didn't Trump just release it himself?
Could it be that it's all a "dud"? Oh say it ain't so!
According to Adam Schiff the memo, could even be secretly altered....
I am sure Melania knows all about what you deliver from the heart. 
After lying about his SOTU ratings, now we're supposed to believe his bigly memo is yuuuuge.
There's more;
Russiagate Rick Gates, who was indicted on conspiracy charges, the same time as Paul Manafort,  Gates lawyers just dumped him. My guess is he's flipped and turned states evidence.
Just another week of chaos, here in the good old USA.
Home of the greedy and afraid.
I am guessing very afraid, since Hope Hicks allegedly told Trump that Donny Jr's emails will "never get out" Ooops that's obstruction!
While we weren't looking Trump took away the enforcement power of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, so there will be no more enforcement or oversight over companies that take advantage of American consumers.
But who would even notice after the sh*t show we've witnessed this week?
That doesn't even include the train full of garbage GOP politicians that hit a garbage truck, this week, killing the driver. RIP dude. His name was Chris Foley, he was 28 years old.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Free The Memo!

So, #releasethememo, is now in Trump's hands.
 This better not be a nothing burger.
Is it going to be as ground breaking as the Pentagon Papers?
How about Chelsea Manning's' Wikileaks dump?
First, we get the news that McCabe has stepped down. Yep, he was probably pressured by Trump, McCabe is "stepping aside now."
Remember, McCabe has testified in front of  the House Intel, Oversight and Justice committees, about Trump's interactions with Comey, also the Clinton emails. 
So Trump's next plan was to attack McCabe's wife, and to get her husband to do it, pretty sick and devious, right?
Trump had a problem with McCabes wife getting  DNC funds for her election bid, but was any of that illegal?
 Did she do any thing wrong other than run for office and lose?
Really? He's got time for this?

Childish and petty, but I have met plenty like Trump.
 When the President of the United States asks the Deputy Director of the FBI to "ask his wife how it feels to be a loser"
you have to wonder if he's a halfwit schoolyard bully or is he just demented?
Why would a man as important as the President even care?
This says a lot about his character. I just bet there's a lot of people who voted for Trump and think that one-up mentality is perfectly ok.
 This is character assassination, it reeks of a narcissist.
If he'll do that to a subordinate about his wife. What else will he do? Maybe harass him on twitter?
Talk about a hostile work environment!
Today, he got the memo he's been asking for, it's a dream come true.
I hope I get to see what it's all about.
I think it's all a big damn distraction.
I have a few suspicions;
 He's got McCabe out.
That doesn't mean McCabe can't testify against him in future hearings. So there's that.
I know damn well Trump wants to fire Mueller,
 First he's probably going to fire or get rid of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, maybe with this Nunes memo.
Rod Rosenstein was the one who decided to have Carter Page, a foreign policy advisor to Trump, monitored through the FISA application he approved.
According to The Atlantic, Nunes himself was under investigation by the Ethics Committee last year, about breaking rules of public disclosure.
This was about "American Intelligence monitoring American officials, that may have picked up communications of Trump's transition team members."
Is this the FISA memo, or the Nunes memo?. Is this how long this has been going on, since last April?
The committee was never able to see any of the classified information, but hey, Nunes, that's ok. They cleared Nunes of anything unethical, even though they couldn't fully investigate everything or anything.
Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd says releasing the memo is "reckless" without a review, but since now it's been reviewed it's A-ok. I guess.
 Trump thinks it's going to "shed light" and bring the investigation to a conclusion.
This, I have to see.
Could this be the same sort of "reckless" handling of classified information, Trump has been going on about Crooked Hillary doing?
If he has the power in one memo, to stop this Russia investigation,
I mean, why wait so long?
Glen Greenwald  says there are four easy ways this memo could be released. #1 is that Trump can declassify anything he wants. #2 the House Intel Committee could declassify it. So, isn't it interesting that now they've kicked the can onto Trumps desk?
He has five days.
So let's see how much light good old Donny Two Scoops can shed, so we can start winning-bigly.
Because it's not "IF "the government has been abusing it's surveillance powers, they've been doing it for a long time.
I doubt any of that is going to stop too soon.
Memo or no memo.
Just get it over with. This isn't a TV episode of the Apprentice

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Secret Societies and Tin Foil Memos, Watergate and Russiagate

The Watergate Hearings
I remember a lot about my childhood, living in the Washington DC, suburb of Silver Spring, Maryland.
My mother would be glued to the TV, watching the Watergate Hearings. 
There are some strange consistencies between that time and this.
Then, as now, war was ongoing, the Vietnam War still raged, and I watched the young men who came home, shell shocked. This affected me greatly, I worried about the young men in my neighborhood, It saddened me. To this day, it is the reason why I hate war.

I don't remember my parents being real upset over Vietnam, (probably because the draft didn't effect them) however, I do remember them being pretty pissed off about good old tricky Dick.
I have often told people since Trump came into office, that I haven't seen this much chaos since Watergate.
20 people have left or have been fired in Trump's administration.
That's just in his first year.
One has to wonder, if the next to go will be Mueller?
There have been reports that Trump tried to have Mueller fired back in June.
Fortunately for him, the WH counsel he charged to do his bidding, threatened to resign.
It's been like one long "Saturday Night Massacre" since Trump took office.
The new revelations of the Dutch tipping off the FBI, that they had observed  Russian hackers penetrating the DNC, are interesting.
 The DNC was also breached, back during Nixon's presidency, so that's another commonality.
The White House Plumbers, wiretapped phones & stole documents at the DNC head quarters.
Just think of what they could have done if there had been an internet.
The political landscape was very different back in 1973, when the tapes came out.
Today the Republicans control Congress, the Senate and the Supreme Court.
I seriously doubt Nixon would be impeached today, in the current political climate.
In 2018, there are rumors of another altogether different kind of  tape the Steele dossier alludes to.
Just when you thought things couldn't get whackier, after finding out Trump had an affair with a porn star and ran around in his tighty whities with her,  this week there was a
                                              "SECRET SOCIETY" conspiracy theory;
What's up with the "Prime Time"? Does he think this is a TV show?
             ONE OF THE BIGGEST STORIES IN A LONG TIME! What could it be????
Just as we hear Mueller wants to interview Trump in the ongoing investigation, we get missing texts, FBI lovers plotting against Trump!
 And Devin Nunes  a/k/a Trump's stooge (I wrote about him before, here) has a secret memo, #release the memo, that he says he won't release.
             Trey Gowdy, Grand Inquisitor of Benghazi fame, has said there is evidence of a
                                                              "SECRET SOCIETY." 

                      Now, excuse me, if I am wrong, but, the last time someone talked about
                                               "SECRET SOCIETIES" didn't he get killed?
    Can these Republican whack jobs, be riding on some kind of conspiracy crack, Kennedy coattails?

So what the heck are they talking about?
Where's the memo?
Who's in the "SECRET SOCIETY"?
Can I be in it?
Is this the old skull and bones thing?
I wrote about Nunes before, (see above) where he became embroiled in another controversy.
In Trump's tenth week in office, in his first controversy, Devin Nunes (R-CA)  raised an alarm about the alleged "wiretapping" of Trump Tower.
 If this new #releasethememo, turns out anything like that time, it's all just a big distraction.
This was back in March, and it went down into the memory hole. Never to be spoken of.
Except, I have a memory.
Here's what I don't get about Nunes, he is the chair for the House Intel Committee.
He has twice come out with dubious information.
How does he keep doing this and he still has a position?
You would think someone with the kind of access he has to classified information, would keep his mouth closed, instead he keeps mouthing off about stuff that means nothing, that's not vetted, yet he can cause a controversy over it.
Everyone must know he's lying, but no one cares.
Well played, Nunes. I hope Fox is paying you extra.
He's not exactly the Deep Throat we are looking for.
But there is a deep throat as far as Russiagate.
 He's called Source "E";"was “an ethnic Russian” and “close associate of Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump.”
Source "E" talks about those DNC emails leaked to Wikileaks, among other things.

Unrelated to Watergate, Trump's pick, for the RNC finance chair, his old buddy, Steve Wynn,  had to step down for sexual harassment. Wherever will the RNC find another billionaire to take his place?
What a shock, God only knows what those two got up to together? (How cringey is that to think about?)
You have a President who pays porn stars to sleep with him, while his wife is home nursing his son.
 I can't help but think, most of the Trump voting dudes, probably think that's a dream come true.
Back to Trickey Dick.
 He may have been trickier than we thought. There were rumors that Nixon and his best friend Bebe Rebozo, were having an affair, it wouldn't surprise me at all if Nixon was a closet gay. If he just could have come out, maybe the world would have been a better place back then.
I guess we're all going to have to stay tuned to find out all about the memo and the Secret Society.
Or, is everyone going to forget about it with tomorrows tweets?
        I really doubt Tricky Dick was up to even half the nonsense Tricky Trump get's up to!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Cheeto In Chief Cheats Himself

Just how hard are they fighting for any of us?
How would I even begin to believe any of them even care?
Month after month, year after year, the clowns in Washington can't seem to get their act together to fund the government. 
So, Trumps visit to Mar-a-Lago Land was canceled and no golf for The Orange One.
What are we supposed to do? Feel sorry?
The reasons for this shut down and the last are similar.
2013's shutdown was an attempt to withhold money from the ACA, this time it's kids health insurance of all things. Oh yeah, and kids that were brought here by their parents, illegally, a/k/a Dreamers.
See anything here that's interesting?
Yeah, kids don't vote, kids don''t have a voice, so what do these bozos have left to use?
Innocent children's healthcare and legal status.
Why is healthcare always an issue for these people?
Get over it, people need healthcare.
Most industrialized countries have decent healthcare for their citizens and they don't use children as bargaining chips.
The other issue is more military spending should be included, in this budget
 Both parties are support the empire's war machine, that is never going to stop.
I can only guess that the next time Trump see's something on TV, he'll try and legislate via Twitter. Like that means anything.
You would think being the stable genius he is, he would be able to avert a government shutdown, but oh well.
The real kicker is no one had any problem passing the FISA bill this week.
There's always money for the Deep State, always money to spy on people.
That's Trumps real anniversary present, to them.
I thought he was supposed to be draining the swamp? It looks more like he's drowning in it.
 Is this why he looks so desperate? He doesn't seem to know what he's doing or why he's doing it.
So now he sits in the White House moaning and complaining that he can't go to parties or out golfing. While one of the guests at Trump's absentee party announces that Mar-a-Lago, "sure ain't no ****hole!" her name is Jeanine Pirro, from Fox News,. That's what these people get up to.
It's ridiculous. What are they celebrating?  Or does it even matter?


Sunday, January 14, 2018

Rocket Science

A lot has happened AGAIN  this week, but it's not making America great.
Here in sh*thole America, Donny Bedburger invited Norwegians to flock to a country with no benefit to them.
Why would people from Norway want to come here? No wall for them to climb I guess, welcome with open arms! I sure wish I could move to Norway, I would leave this sh*thole in a heartbeat.
Listen to what D.L. Hughley had to say about Bedburger's rant.

American's started out the week trying to understand what "Executive Time" was.
Apparently Dotard starts his day at 8:00 am and by 11:00 am he's brushing off burger crumbs after watching Fox News, ready to spring into action!
 Trump has at least 5 hours of "Executive Time" to tune out and tune in during an 8 hour workday. Maybe that's better than him actually doing something. ( I worked in a company where the V.P. would sleep all afternoon in his office with the door open. Executive Time! We would even take pictures of him)
Also, Senator Dianne Feinstein, released the testimony of Glen Simpson, head of Fusion GPS about the Steele Dossier.
In return for that favor, Trump had to be talked down from giving North Korea a "bloody nose" nuclear attack.
Yesterday. some rocket scientist pushed the wrong button in Hawaii, sending a state population  reeling, looking for refuge or just plain hiding under desks, like the good old days.
Are you kidding me?
 Let me get this straight.
Some lone nuclear warning "button" nut, just "accidentally" clicked on the wrong message button and proliferated a mass text about a nuclear missile heading to Hawaii that took 38 minutes to correct. .
Yeah, Ok.
I don't know about anyone else, but I have to click three times when transferring money at the bank.
So how is this possible?
On County of Hawaii website it explains, that this 'button" or mass text, happened during a shift change. (Isn't that interesting? So the initiator absconded or was the initiator fresh on duty?)
Why was a routine test initiated during a shift change? Why wouldn't you wait till the shift changed, or was that the point? To initiate this during a time when every one was trying to get their coffee and get ready for the day?
 Makes no sense.
 But, it does make sense if you want to just click and run.
I counted six actions to cancel this warning. But there was no information on how this process is initiated. No process of review for when you initiate this kind of warning.
 How's that for weird? No chain of command for that warning to come from.
Just a random employee sends out a random missile threat.
Who is the "employee" who did this?
Maybe this happens all the time, and these missile attack texts are common, except, I cant find another example of this happening.
We have all kinds of information about how people reacted, but we have no information about the "employee" who did this? The "whole state was terrified" and there has to be "accountability."
Oh, I'll just bet. This incident will just fade away.
 No one will be accountable, if its even true, that one person was accountable.
Because the story is it's "human error"
Could this have been some kind of test to see how long it would take for people to react and maybe get to safety? Are there fall out shelters available? Did they think the population would run amuck and what? Go looting? Were they studying a reaction and other variables?
Anyone, who trusts any official. at this point, has to be on some drug or drinking some kind of Kool-Aid I haven't been able to purchase.
I don't know if this was some kind of normalcy bias experiment, to soften up people to expect a nuclear attack, but really, this has been going on for a year now with Trump's tweet's and videos of missiles, on both sides Dotard, on both sides.
Whats the point of this technology? You can click the wrong thing and cause chaos, completely anonymously, as if we can outrun a nuclear attack or survive a nuclear winter.
If I lived in Hawaii, I would be really pissed. Especially if I had young children.
I get that Donald Nuclear Dotard has been useless when it comes to any kind of diplomacy.
Now, it's pretty much understood, you can forget about state and local officials too. (If you ever could trust them, to do anything but hire their relatives, but that's a whole other story.)
I doubt anyone will ever find out who was responsible for yesterdays debacle, because no one is accountable anymore. The next set of tweet's will erase this from people's memory. This will go down the memory hole. Never to be spoken of again

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Trump and a Gypsy's Kiss

What are the odds, that a book so damaging to President Trump comes out and 4 days later Senator Dianne Feinstein, releases The Steele Dossier?
 How is that for timing?
 Are we supposed to believe this is some kind of cosmic accident?
When I started plowing thru the dossier, I saw quite a few disturbing things.

1) Fusion GPS, was hired by Republicans 9 months before the Democrats were ever involved.
This was back in 2015.
 They wanted to suss out Trump's foreign business dealings, in order to vet him as a politician.
Trump's candidacy had been planned for quite a while.
2) Trump had a deal for Trump Tower Moscow.
Is this and other dealings why he would not release his tax returns?
3) Fusion was contracted to do work for both Republicans and Democrats.
Just so it's clear, it's not a company that did business for one and not the other.
Another strange occurence?
 Steve Bannon is leaving Breitbart, where is he going to go? Why now?
If you read Fire and Fury, (I did it in one day, after the Wikileaks dump) most of the source for that book is Bannon.
I am thinking that it was his remarks about Donny Jr. and the Russian meeting that is making him run for the hills.
Also implicit in Fire And Fury, was a desperate need for Ivanka and Jared (Jared attended the infamous meeting with Donny Jr.) to cover their asses.
In that book, they were responsible for either people resigning or getting fired, and THEY were the ones responsible for hiring the DISASTER of Scaramucci "the Mooch."
In the the book, it was common knowledge that Trump never thought he'd win the election.
 No one in his family did either.
This is why he never thought he'd have to release his taxes or disclose any of his shady deals.
Back to The Steele Dossier, Christopher Steele, MI6 spy, thought Donald Trump was being blackmailed. that is why he went to the FBI.
So, the reason we are now in possession of The Steele Dossier, is because Fusion GPS, asked that it be released in its entirety, because of the leaks that have been going on. Senator Feinstein, obliged.
Senator Grassley is very angry about this.
Because he is allegedly the leaker.
According to what we know, the GOP discredited this dossier, because it was research funded by Hillary Clinton (the DNC). However, because the FBI "had intelligence about the same thing" it was considered credible by the intelligence agency.
To be clear, some of this goes back to the 2013 Miss Universe pageant, The Agalarov/Crocus Group that invited Trump, at the Miss USA pageant, has Russian intelligence ties. It is not a crime, that I know of. But this is where we get the context of Trump being in a room, that was a Presidential Suite, President Obama stayed in. and there's a video tape, of urinating hookers, that Russia has been blackmailing Trump with, it wouldn't surprise me.
What a convoluted, sorry story.
Either, this is some kind of massive frame up of Trump, with the Fire And Fury book, and on the heels of it, The Steele Dossier has been disclosed.
 In order to get Trump away from that big nuclear button that's on his desk.
Or, it's all true, what Michael Wolff wrote in his book and this family is just that stupid and thought they could get away with all these sketchy, shady deals and secrets.
If it is true, then it isn't going to be whatever crimes committed, but the ensuing firing of Comey and the lying to obfuscate and cover up.
Its always the cover up.
What I am going to watch for, is what Trump will do to keep everyone distracted, so far it's an immigration bill that's "a bill of love.". Yeah, right Trump, we know what you love.