Friday, February 5, 2016

Loss By Coin Toss

It's 2016 and how do we decide who wins an election? A coin toss.
 Join me in a blast from the past, how do "We the people" decide who wins an election in 2000? Hanging chads. What did the opponent who lost by a hanging chad do? He just walked away. What will Bernie Saunders do about loss through coin toss? Walk away. Now why do you think that is?
Your vote doesn't even equal a coin toss.
If indeed there was a tie, why wouldn't you evenly distribute the delegates between the candidates?
Because it's better to decide through a coin toss. Just like the Superbowl!
We're a democracy, no rigged elections here
Did you know coin flips have a long standing  history?
Let's go back, way back to Roman times.
"the historical origin of coin flipping is the interpretation of a chance outcome as the expression of divine will"
Let that sink in for a moment. It's nice to know with this country's religion problems, "in God we trust" and all that, coin tosses also are controlled by God and He (or She?) can just solve these pesky election matters. "An awkward system that is very hard to manipulate" Oh really? Sounds like there's plenty of room for manipulation to me. In 2016 with  the technology available and a fair count can't be had? In Iowa they are calling this caucus a debacle. The chairwoman of the Democratic Party when asked to review discrepancies found by the Saunders campaign said no.
 Democracy in action!
The last thing the Democratic Party wants is Bernie Saunders winning anything. He's calling himself a Democratic Socialist now, but has always ran as an Independent. Hopefully he will win in New Hampshire, but it sure looks like Hillary Shillary will be served as the only Democrat choice in November so she can continue Wall Street's rape of the American people while feeding us  Monsanto poison. Enjoying donations to the Clinton Foundation from Saudi billionaires. Donors from other countries that benefited from arms deals brokered by Mrs. Clinton.
Because really, she could'nt give a toss.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Water, Water, Everywhere

 I live across the bay from Atlantic City. We got hit pretty hard with the blizzard, as you can see by the snow. The sunlight on the water was dazzling, When I was looking at that skyline I sat and wondered,
four casinos have closed in the last 2 years. Throwing so many people out of work and the rumors of bankruptcy of the town my grandparents met in, seems surreal.
There were people, hired as emergency management consultants for Atlantic City, the same people who designed the Detroit bankruptcy. Governor Rick Snyder chose and Governor Chris Christie decided to go with them too. Chris Christie also campaigned for Governor Rick Snyder, helping him get re-elected.
Mr. Orr has since gone on to Washington, after issuing a report saying that Atlantic City needs to make over $130 million in budget cuts. There was a meeting the night before the blizzard hit in A.C, the mayor threatened to file for bankruptcy. Everyone knows, no such thing will happen, not until Christie's presidential run is over. He will not do a thing about Atlantic City, it's not in his interests. But what has me worried is there could be a takeover, by the state emergency managers, like in Flint, Michigan. This is what Mr. Sweeney wants. Whatever either of these politicians want, I wonder what will happen to Atlantic City? If Flint, Michigan is any example, then the citizens of Atlantic City could very well be in trouble. Anyone who knows about Atlantic City, knows about the poverty there. Much like the poverty in Detroit or Flint. The emergency managers in Flint imposed a lot of cost cutting, in order to get cheaper water, well we all know what happened. Now the people of Flint will be living with the consequences of choices that were made for them. New Jersey and Atlantic City are no strangers to bad water;

Likely carcinogen exceeded safety limit in 12 systems

Maybe Atlantic City has been able to stave off bankruptcy so far and probably will be able to for as long as Christie is running all over the U.S. and out of Jersey, dreaming of being President, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. However, something ugly is on the horizon, that dirty snow will melt away, but I am sure there will be some dirty deeds done.

Friday, January 15, 2016


This New Year started on a very somber note. David Bowie and now Alan Rickman died. Shapeshifters both of them, different and alike. Amazing, wonderful artists. People are reeling, sad and bereft. We are left thinking the world has lost immense talent. The thing about artists and I think Bowie proved this, is you work until your dying day, you never run out of ideas, you are never bored or boring. They left the world a better place because they were here. We feel that loss. I didn't want to start this post without acknowledging the work they did and the influence they had on so many of us. With this in mind, I will get into the landscape of America and it's politics. It's going to take a lot of creativity to get us out of the mess that we're in.
I know one thing that really disturbed me when I started on this blogging journey, was that no matter how I voted or how much research I did or the people I talked to, nothing made much sense. I always came away wondering why the people I voted for never made government better, my life never improved after I pressed those buttons in the voting booth. One of the hardest things for me to accept was this;
The Deep State.
I could never wrap my head around the fact that the Pentagon was never audited, that we spent so much money on the military and wars, wars that we don't even win, failure after failure we continue to waste precious lives and our entire economy to enrich others and still we continue to vote thinking something will change and it never does.
Now, there are a lot of people still hoping that Bernie Saunders will make a difference. I hope they are right, but I doubt it. Our government was highjacked a long time ago. We have been lied to and we have been deceived.
It makes me really angry.
One thing I know is that since the "Great Recession" I have watched so many of my friends and neighbors, coworkers suffer. They work harder and longer. They pay more for healthcare and higher copays trying to stay healthy. They scrimp and save but they can't get ahead. I see more empty houses, not less. I see people without jobs, living with their grandparents, doubled up. I live in the epicenter of a heroin crises, what I have been told is that things are getting better, but the message doesn't seem to have taken hold.
What I see is ongoing contraction, not expansion. Whatever the mainstream media reports, isn't real. Which is why I no longer have a TV. There's no way I am going to pay to be lied to. I can get that for free.
If any of you have been watching these insane political debates and not come away shaking your heads at the nonsense of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, as if they are going to make any Americans lives better when they vote for them, I have no understanding of how that equation makes any sense. Yet, I have spoken to many people who are all in with Donald Trump. He IS a corporation, since our government is run by corporations, what could be better?
What we need is a change agent. What I liked about David Bowie was how he could turn everything on it's head, he made androgyny cool, he was constantly reinventing himself. His music kept changing and evolving.
What we need now is to reinvent our political system and turn into a system that works for the people. Our government is broken. It relies on the status quo. It's not going to change, no matter how you vote. We need to stop relying on these weird "values" that leaves everyone behind, while the few get ahead. What we need is to utilize our own creativity. People understand that there is something very wrong going on, they are slowly waking up. Change will happen, What we need is a change agent. We have that power. We can change this.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

2015 A Year Of Fear

When I think about the past year, I think about John Lennon's words, that society is being run by insane people with insane objectives. To think that basically nothing has changed since then, except John Lennon is dead, killed by someone who was insane. Oh the irony.
It's been a year of fear.
ISIS, ISIS, ISIS! We need a war and it looks like ISIS will provide the excuse and one politician has a plan to "take back the internet" I guess now that ISIS has it?
We started the year with the Charlie Hebdo attack, if that wasn't crazy enough we ended it with the attacks in Paris.
Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland and the list goes on of scared cops shooting African Americans, birthing the BlackLivesMatter movement. Then we have this;
This is just the one who was caught, which begs the question, how many more like him are out there?
Finally on June 27th, the Supreme Court came through with the Marriage Equality Act, suddenly, there's a "war on faith" be afraid, be very afraid, basically of Ted Cruz. That dude is scary. Scarier than him; that would be Chris Christie, who doesn't stand a chance against the Trump brand and his only means now of getting elected is using guilt to goad people into voting for him. It's game over for Jeb! He's a zombie politician. Makes no sense to elect another Bush, unless of course you want another war. All of these candidates are so bad, that people I know actually want to vote for Trump! What's even better will be a debate between Hillary and Trump. That is going to be hilarious.
Here in the Northeast we have "freakishly" warm weather, which is fine with me. I guess we're supposed to be afraid of climate change, but I'll take this over snow any day. Don't look now but Winter Storm Goliath is on it's way so everyone get your milk, bread and eggs. Stay tuned for update after update of chaos and mayhem. brought to you by the weather or terrorists or both. Which is why I don't have TV any more. It's a fear medium. I can't completely avoid Fox News because it's on in restaurants and bars and it's always on where I work, they believe it all, everything they see on TV they think is true. There's no difference between Fox and CNN, it's all the same ISIS story all the time.
 It's been about four years since I've had cable and Comcast representatives keep knocking at my door trying to convince me to take them back, like an ex-boyfriend who refuses to just go away. My life has improved because I don't have fear porn constantly bombarding me. 2015 was a good year, despite all the bad news, don't believe everything you see.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Another Day, Another Debate

Here we are, another day another debate. I have a friend who can't wait to vote for Trump or Trumpet, as I like to call him since he's so loud. The Washington Post leads with this story; "Debate's Focal Point, Who Can Keep The Country Safe?" Now that is funny. The idea that our country could be made safe at all with the staggering amount of daily shootings we endure, it's a joke.
They don't care about anyone's safety. Wait, it gets even better.
The city of Flint, Michigan is under a state of emergency, not because of gun violence, but pollution. Specifically water pollution;
That's right toxic water full of lead, irreversible damage done to children. Not only that, but the people of Flint, had the pleasure of paying to poison their children. I know what you're thinking, so, that's what's wrong with Michael Moore, but I digress. The life long effects of lead poisoning and the years spent litigating this mess and millions of dollars, mostly going to lawyers. According to The Center Of Public Integrity, Michigan is the most corrupt state in the country and can you guess what will happen as a result of the Flint water mess? Privatization of what should be a basic human right to water. The moral of this story is no one will be held accountable for poisoning the water, like no one is accountable for starting a war based on lies. But hey, lets all stay glued to the TV, stay tuned for more Donald Trumpet, maybe he can keep the country"safe" like he keeps his money safe, bankruptcy after bankruptcy. His "free market" deal included a "40-year tax abatement for rebuilding a crumbling hotel at Grand Central Station—a deal that in the first decade cost taxpayers $60 million" 
It's good to know where Trump stands on illegal immigrants since, his company employs them.
According to Chris Christie, "people are scared to death" because "everywhere in America is a target for terrorists" the real terrorists are these politicians, married to bankers and hedgefund managers. Ted Cruz's wife worked for Goldman Sachs. Chris Christies wife was a hedge fund manager and worked at Cantor Fitzgerald
Don't think I have any love for Hillary Shillary Clinton either and no it's not because of Benghazi, it's the State Department favors she did for her hedge fund manager son-in-law, who also worked for Goldman-Sachs. It's amazing how the banks influence and oppression is everywhere in politics. Why vote for a politician? Just vote for a bank. Go to a local branch and fill out a ballot and deposit it. It's way more convenient than racing to your local poll on a Tuesday in November after work. Face it, if they really wanted you to vote, they would give you the day off or you'd do it on a weekend like other countries. Which brings me to the point of why bother voting? If you think there's any difference between any of these twits and their BS, good luck to you. There is no choice, there is no difference between Republicans, Democrats, Trump or Hillary, they are all the same. Casting a vote won't change that, Remember "hope and change"? They are no different.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

"The Big Event"

For me, the first act of terrorism I can remember, isn't 9/11, it's the assassination of President Kennedy. I remember the black and white TV delivering the terrible news and my mother crying. It was probably the first time I ever saw my mother cry, I was too young to understand anything and was bewildered by what was going on. This feeling of complete confusion, of things just turning upside down is one which would become very familiar to me later in life. It seemed as though my childhood was littered with bodies of men who may have changed the future, so they never got the chance. These things never made sense to me. Some random dude shoots the President, then another random dude shoots the dude who shot the President in a police station. Makes sense, right?
Now we know that it makes no sense, it doesn't take much digging to find the CIA connection to the Kennedy assassination. Oddly enough, a CIA plot to kill the President makes a whole lot of sense.
The deaths of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, not accidents. These killings didn't just "happen", they were orchestrated. I am not alone in the belief, that there was a CIA plot to kill Kennedy, the last poll says 62% of Americans believe the same thing.
When I was a teenager, Watergate was everywhere and always on TV. My mom would set up her ironing board and watch the hearings. Then the President resigned and President Ford pardoned him, so, ya know, there wouldn't be any long drawn out proceedings. People going to jail for a joint, but something of this magnitude, nope. This reminds me very much of how "we can't look back" at the economic meltdown and bank bailout. How no one is responsible for two wars, based on lies. We know that there were warnings, yet, hijacked planes, on 9/11, just flew into buildings and there was no military response. On that day, I remember that same feeling I had when President Kennedy was shot, the complete confusion of that attack, then I didn't have the knowledge I do now.
When I first heard about the Paris attacks, I got that same bewildered feeling, then I had the thought, oh, it's Friday the 13th. Not some random date. Then I read that the police had the so-called mastermind Salah and let him go. You're kidding. That's no accident. I just don't believe in coincidences anymore. I am not making light of the loss of life, the heartbreak and grief going on in Paris, but it's not lost on me that now there's even more bombing in Syria, what's it gonna be? Another war? It's kind of getting old, but here's something that never get's old, co-opting the tragedy in Paris to call for more surveillance here in America, home of the freaked out, Fox News watching morons. Our economy has been in the doldrums for some time and there's nothing like war power to enrich weapons makers to prop up our "free market" economy. So it goes, more war creating more terrorists and more terror.
I don't watch TV anymore, in fact, I threw it out, besides cable being so expensive it's the amount of crap we're being fed and all the fear mongering. I am sure the footage of the Paris attacks were being shown over and over, that's something I just don't want to see. I have opted out of corporate control of what comes into my home. I opt out of being told stories and more propaganda. I believe very little of what I read, facts and logic seems to have been thrown out of daily discourse. You get to the point where you know that things are never what they seem. When the all too familiar call to arms and blame on some disenfranchised group flares up in a never ending war scenario, the only thing you can do is turn away, I am sorry about what has happened in Paris, but I am sorrier still that there is nothing that can be done, because profit and corruption drives it all and I refuse to play by those rules.

Friday, November 13, 2015


I am making a quick post about the horrible attack in Paris. In case it can help. Please share so French citizens may find shelter if they are in need