Sunday, July 16, 2017

I, Trumpius

Long time, no see.
I've been busy having a summer, offline. Which has been really wonderful.
 Until, I get online and see what the world has been up too. One thing that I noticed this week was this;
How creepy is he? I wanted to be shocked, but no, this guy acts like a bad online date from Plenty of Freaks. Donald Trump is probably in my dating pool. Since 70 year old dudes think they can get younger women, just like Donald Trump has. He is so bizarre.  However, I have met plenty like him. Guys who blurt out; "nice rack." You name it, they say it, that is, when they aren't outright groping you.
Trumps reminds me of some kind of Roman Emperor.
I think he has a lot in common with Claudius. Claudius, had  nephew named Caligula.
Nice family right?
Claudius was also an "outsider" the first emperor, born outside Italy.
Trump was thought of as an outsider.
"Potential enemies didn't see him as a serious threat" sound familiar? This was written about Claudius, but could easily be the way Trump was viewed by the GOP early in the election.
 Claudius, had a huuuuuge infrastructure program, building aqueducts, canals and roads.
Trump has a new infrastructure plan, but no idea when that will happen.
 Rome wasn't built in a day!
Claudius came to power through the murder of his nephew, Caligula, by the Praetorian guard and some senators. The rumor was Claudius knew all about it, but there was no evidence. Claudius liked to use his family connections, as a sort of brand, taking the name Caesar, also the name Augustus, and deleting Nero.
He was the first to use bribery regarding the military. Not necessarily a black budget, but I am guessing there was a Roman Military Complex that had to be maintained, conquests and annexations of other countries were the order of the day. Much like say, Trump and Qatar, (since son-in-law Kushner couldn't get them to loan him half a billion for his Fifth Avenue under-water property) perhaps another surge in Afghanistan? When you are an Emperor, you need more empire. You also need more money to vanquish the enemy, that's why the House just passed a $696 billion defense spending bill upgrade for the MIC.
 It's interesting that Claudius was dealing with the issues of who was a citizen and who wasn't?
Not much has changed, including a crackdown on people living in Rome, who were not considered citizens. In most cases people were given citizenship, but in some cases, "false citizenship" was considered a capital offence.
This seems to be a never ending problem. Especially for empires causing mass migration, from endless war, coups and mayhem. The difference being, that if you were in a Roman territory, you were also considered a Roman citizen. America just pillages, then waits for refugees to migrate.
The Roman senate had a good deal of people hostile to Claudius, so Claudius reduced their power. The American senate or congress for that matter can barely get anything done and there is barely anything but silence from them when it comes to Trump, unless he's tweeting about a female reporter's plastic surgery. He got some pushback, but I doubt he cared...
Claudius had to deal with several coups. 35 senators and 300 knights were killed during his reign. There's already been suggestions, that there has been a coup here in the USA, which is why Trump has not kept many of his campaign promises. Healthcare for everyone, yeah, right.
He kept GITMO open! MAGA!
Claudius was fond of gladiatorial matches, kind of like Trump and WWE

Claudius even fought a Killer Whale trapped in a harbor! Why? Did he need the ultimate fish story?   He got a bunch of his army buddies to spear the poor thing, it was already trapped from having nets thrown on it.
 I could totally see Trump doing that.
Claudius married four times, so Trump needs another go round to catch up with Claudius.
Get this, Claudius had "weak hands" Trumps got tiny hands. Sometime's he gets a smacked hand.

It's been a pretty strange summer. While we watch America do NOTHING GREAT, AGAIN.
It's pretty much guaranteed we will continue declining like Rome did, I look forward to seeing more bizarre behavior from the Cheeto-in-chief, more idiotic tweets, more excuses, maybe trying to pull another foreign dignitary's arm off?
 We are winning, so bigly.


Monday, June 5, 2017

A Neverending War

This is the 400th post on this blog,
A journey I started almost 6 years ago. I was pretty confused about what was going on here, in the USA, That was 2011.
 I was just beginning to go down the rabbit hole.
The research I was doing invariably led me to a chain of corruption, bribes, nepotism & cronyism.
It definitely wasn't what I thought it would be.
If you could have told me then, that Donald Trump would be president in 2017, I doubt I would have believed it. At that point, I was just beginning to understand why nothing was getting better, in this country and today it is much the same.
Actually, it is worse.
We are still bombing and droning the same countries we were back in 2011, but with an updated list. We still are the largest purveyors of weapons worldwide.
Still have the worst healthcare, for an industrialized country.
We've got guns, guns and more guns and there's another shooting in Orlando today, almost a year after the Pulse Nightclub attack occurred. There's going to be more, Americans know this and they just shake their heads and move on.
Back in 2011, when I was new to blogging, most  people I knew were struggling. In 2017, almost half the country is in poverty. My point being, that nothing much has changed and things have degraded for the average American.
So how do you explain that?
I am trying to think of something that the government has done this year.
6 months into Donald Trumps presidency, with majority Republican in both houses, what has actually been accomplished?
He had a party in the Rose Garden for a healthcare bill that has no chance of making it through the Senate, making healthcare worse again. Seriously?
I looked at the list of signed legislation since Trump took office;
 A Joint Resolution For The Regent of the Smithsonian Institute? A Joint Resolution for the Bureau of Land Management to prepare, revise, use land, initiated by Liz Cheney, she was proud to "stop one more Obama Administration policy that was part of an eight-year war on the west."
If anyone knows about war, it's Dick Cheney's daughter.
 I think this piece of fairly unnoticed legislation is pretty telling. Since it seems to be about giving the power to manage these lands back to the states. Who knows how that's going to work out? More pipelines, more mining, probably, but Obama wasn't very effective when it came to water protectors and "letting things play out"
Well, the oil is flowing now, despite 3 spills so far. Corporations win again, Trump had investments in the parent company of the Dakota Access pipeline, he says he divested, but there's no evidence of this.
The only thing that really counts is corporate power. There's a healthcare corporation between you and your doctor. Almost everything Americans do has some kind of corporate structure involved, that's propped up by government corporate welfare. And they call us useless eaters.
If anything, since 2011, corporations have more power, while Americans have less full time work at minimum wage. It's not going to improve, if we go by Trump's first 6 months.
However, nothing improved with Obama either.
Americans are still heavily invested in a two party system that does nothing for them. It's all the illusion of choice. I still don't hear anyone bragging about anything that Trump has accomplished,
I kind of understand. I just spent a few hours of my life trying to figure out what, exactly, Trump has done, by going to actual government websites. If it takes a college educated woman, who's been blogging for about six years, part of her day to figure out what is going on, then  the average exhausted over worked American, doesn't stand a chance.
Most people just hear about Trump's tweets. That's where they get their information.
This is where we are, it's like George Carlin said, the government doesn't want critical thinkers. The government is winning, because no one is paying attention between the bombings and the shootings and the daily chaos of Trumps tweets and that's not an accident.
When are people going to figure out that they've been played? It's a con.
The policies of the last 6 years and before, when Bush invaded Afghanistan, has led to the terrible circumstances we find ourselves in today. There is no doubt in my mind that what is happening in the UK with the terrible attacks, right before their elections is blowback.
How long before it's our turn again?
We just armed Saudi Arabia to the teeth and now they've cut off diplomatic ties with Qatar and this has everything to do with picking a fight with Iran. Trump has aligned himself and thus, the rest of us with the Saudis. Why? Qatar-Iran gas field probably. Not to mention Israel is no friend to Iran either, it's a win-win for Trump and if we keep meddling it's going to be a lose-lose for us.
This is the man that didn't want to involve us in any more wars, but is about to put another surge in Afghanistan.
400 posts ago, I guess I had a lot more hope, but now, you can predict how things will play out. Corporations have taken over the government and that includes defense contractors, who will clean up in the next conflict.
To make matters worse, after the UK tragedy over the weekend, Trump was hellbent on criticizing London's mayor on twitter, co-opting a tragedy. Totally cringeworthy. Totally heartbreaking, but not unexpected, I do expect him to keep ginning up for another war.
From 2011 to 2017, here I am writing about more, neverending war.
My only hope came from watching Ariana Grande and others performing in Manchester. Trying to give something back to the people who have suffered as a result of terrible decisions made by our leaders. I'll just leave a little video of her and the Black Eyed Peas here.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Art Of The Curtsy

I don't know if anyone else thought the timing of Chelsea Manning's release and Sweden terminating a 7 year sex crime investigation against Julian Assange was a coincidence?
I mean, how does that happen? In one week these two are in the news, only one is free and one isn't. I was glad Chelsea Manning was released, I was also glad that Sweden "discontinued" their investigation. While I think what these two people did was important, I am not sure what actually changed?
People I know, just don't care and have no idea of the particulars of Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange's legalities.
Then there's this, what in the actual......???????  I just can't.

I guess he got so excited about his Art of the Weapons Deal, he just couldn't stand still and got weak in the knees.
We are still the largest exporter of war in the world.
It's sickening.
The people that exposed war crimes and publish secrets, are trying to figure out how to get on with their lives.
 Meanwhile, average Americans are still struggling in an economy that continues to crumble.
Where basic needs, like single payer health insurance will never happen.
But missiles and guns and bombs? We live in a land of plenty.
We are still bombing and terrorizing countries we have no business being in.
The corporate war machine just rolls on with no end in sight.
Maybe that's the real point.
I don't know what it's going to take for our government, to stop all the war mongering and start getting into the business of getting out of the Middle East. It's completely counter-intuitive to keep going on this way. I am pretty sure no one who voted for Trump thought they would see him curtsy to Saudi royals. It's ridiculous, but not altogether unexpected.
Maybe, the only thing the Saudi's could figure out, to keep him at arms length,was to throw a necklace on him in order to avoid his crazy handshake.

One thing I totally get is what a sleazy salesman Trump is. These "state visits" are no more than sales opportunities. Kerry did it, so did Obama.  However he had the decency to cancel, after the Saudi's launched a war on Yemen.
Raytheon will be making bank on this new arms deal, while they offshore millions in taxes.
You can bet a whole lot more people are going to die, since no one seems to have any wherewithal to tell America they don't want bombs, or any other arms America is pushing like a heroin drug dealer.
I am sure that we can expect a lot more "deals" like this one.
Meanwhile American's continue to shoot up in a drug epidemic, I have not witnessed since the Vietnam War. Don't think those things aren't connected, only it's not just veterans that are hooked.  One outcome of the Afghanistan War is the flow of heroin.  I see it everyday when I go for my daily workouts. I have decided to document the evidence.

This is where we are now. We started an illegal war, we arrested and persecuted whistleblowers for alerting us to war crimes, while we continue to wreak havoc all over the world. Selling arms, and bombing other countries while the flow of heroin and Narcodollars continues. Average Americans who are in real pain and despair are turning to this.
This is the legacy of Afghanistan and many other wars.
             But hey, he's going to make America great again, curtsying to the Saudi Royal family, with some bling around his neck.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Russian Around

Trump's finally done it.
Hysteria ensues, when Trump fires a dude who completely mismanaged Hillary's email investigation. Comey couldn't touch Hillary's private email servers. Wonder why?
Could it be so we couldn't see all the bribes, donations flowing into The Clinton Foundation?
Comey is a tool, but some people have lost their damn minds.
I am trying to figure out what the FBI actually does, oh yeah! The drug war! They are really good at making sure the prison system is chock full of people. They target whistleblowers and journalists. Seems legit.
Is the Russian Connection Investigation over because Comey's gone? Doubt it.
People are way more upset over this guy getting fired because of RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA!
There needs to be an investigation alright, but it should be into the DNC hijacking of the election and shutting down Bernie Sanders, People should be upset that we no longer are operating in a democracy.
The DNC is a corporation, they have said so, they say they are a "private corporation" but no one cares about that.
Now we have some bread and circus firing, to cover up some other shady deal going on, like  his son-in-law's deals with China. Kushner needs an investigation.
I think Trump should nominate Dog the Bounty Hunter head of the FBI, and make the FBI great again!

I am more upset about Spicey.
Where has he gone? I just love that Melissa McCarthy impersonation. The comedy that's come out of the Trump presidency is the best thing about it. The American people are such ingrates. Keep the comedy coming and stop complaining about Trump! He's a comedy gold mine!
Now, we  have to watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders  the Deputy Press Secretary. Definitely not as funny, I wonder who she's related to?
Mack Daddy  Huckabee 
The economy is pretty bad and it really helps when Daddy is a governor, a Trump supporter and gets you on Trumps campaign, "targeting faith leaders" so yeah, she's a religious freak.
God helps those who believe in cronyism, looks like she got into some trouble, oh dear, a federal complaint, violation of the Hatch Act.
I wonder if anyone is making money in Vegas betting on who Trump will fire next?
 I couldn't find that. but, I did find out people are betting on Trump being impeached.
Maybe he will be or maybe he'll just fire himself. Anythings possible in the home of the free.
We are winning so bigly! There's so much chaos going on it's hard to figure out, which is just the way our dear leader want's it. A firing here a tweet there, Maybe even a meeting with Putin!

Wonder how good old Spicey or Huckabee will handle that presser?
So I guess no one cared about Sally Yates being fired and making senators look like idiots.
No wonder she had to go.

Well, at least it wasn't fake news. Just old news. Thanks for pointing that out, POTUS.
Here in my home state of New Jersey our Governor Christie, was appointed by Trump to a "Special Commission" on opioid addiction. Here's a guy who has a serious addiction himself, have a look;

Looks like I'm not the only one who noticed. I'm pretty sure things are going to get even more bizarre as time goes on and I sure am looking forward to all the comedy. I mean that Christie thing is pretty funny. We all want him gone from Jersey. So thanks Trump for giving him a job. If I had known that would happen, I might have voted.
Also this week there was news of ANOTHER Afghanistan Surge. That's right, we're STILL fighting that opium war, which is why we really don't like North Korea.
I'm sure Trump will just do whatever the Military Industrial Complex wants as long as he can fire people and act like he's really in charge. After all, these surges have worked so well in the past, why not just keep doing them?
Sixteen years of war, but, hey, let's get upset over a useless tool that got fired, but no one gets upset over this;
Didn't another country lose a war with Afghanistan. bigly? That would be why they call Afghanistan the "Graveyard of Empires", but I doubt Trump has done any serious study of Afghanistan's history or he would get out of there quick, that is, if he is even in charge.

Friday, May 5, 2017

"We're Going To Have Health Insurance For Everybody" Donald J. Trump

After Trump's gaslighting, Rose Garden Victory head fake, of a half-passed, criminal, American Health Care Bill, I have no idea how to even explain how something that isn't even a law, was celebrated AS IF IT WAS!
                                              Maybe Stephen Colbert can explain it;

In this land of stranger things, politicians hold Americans hostage over healthcare, then have a party over an even crappier plan than before.
 How about we repeal and replace with a single payer system and then this hostage situation can never happen again.
Why is a single payer system NEVER on the table?
Why? Because, lobbies, insurance companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield pay Paul Ryan to carry out their devious plans to rob Americans blind, for health care that people in most industrialized countries, take for granted and aren't bankrupted if they get sick.
I just have to wonder, do any of the people who voted for Trump, even care about him making the health care we have now, even worse? Because he promised something very different;

So far Trump has dumped a $16 million dollar bomb on Afghanistan, launched $650,000 per Tomahawk missile in Syria and asked for more money for the military. $54 million more.
It's just a thought, but maybe if we stopped all the war mongering and put an end to the campaigns of endless war, maybe there would be enough money for a single payer system,
It's just a guess, but I remember Trump saying he was going to leave Social Security and Medicare alone. If past behavior predicts future behavior, he'll do a flip flopper on that too.

What we are dealing with is a psychopath, probably with a co-morbid personality disorder to boot.The lack of empathy, the blithe way he glibly lies and smirks. (check out Paul Ryan and his smirking, he's one too.) Every time this guy moves his lips he's lying.
 I also think he's got prostate problems which is why he's up in the middle of the night tweeting, because his prostate won't let him rest.
It's not his conscience, he doesn't have one.
                                        I wonder which "people" he's tweeting about?

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Stayin' Alive

                           In a strange display of Nuclear Idol, try to judge the scariest video!
                    North Korea's is pretty epic. But then so is the U.S.'s impressive dick waving;
                                       I think both our Dear Leaders are taking too much Viagra.
It's hard to gauge what to think, from one day to the next.
I think Donald Trump has had the most impressive 100 days in office I have ever witnessed,
If you like chaos, that is.
He is hardly alone, when it comes to a president's first 100 days of war,
Bush, attacked Afghanistan & Iraq and Obama, promised more troops in Afghanistan.
 Because, we are perpetually at war.
It seems as if Trumps at war with almost everyone. It's so bad, his wife is probably relieved to stay in Manhattan, so she can get a minute's peace. She probably has no problem with the Donald's "First Daughter" being installed as some kind of mock " First Lady."
There's the Bannon-Kushner rivalry, with Bannon getting kicked off the NSC, then there's the Flynn dismissal.
Trump tried to get a travel ban, that's in limbo.
 "Nobody knew it could be so complicated", when it comes to Obamacare, it went nowhere.
 Mexico refuses to pay for his ludicrous wall, he's broken his promise to stay out of Syria, he flooded the swamp with more Goldman ex-employees & K-Street lobbyists.
As far as the art of the deal is concerned, he hasn't made one yet.
 He's attacked Nordstrom's, for not wanting to carry his daughters merch,  He's managed to bully Canada and Mexico with threat's, along with North Korea.
 He was going to get rid of NAFTA, now it's up for "renegotiating" after phone calls from Mexico and Canada. It's going to take more than some tweets for this.
Now, Trump is introducing his bigliest tax cut plan, who know's what will happen with that, because there will be a yuuuuge, $3-7 trillion shortfall.
The only thing he's managed to do is get Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.
Score one for the Donald.
 Show all the video's you want, if people are still watching the MSM 's fear porn and believe everything that's on TV, then there will probably be more footage of virtual bombs. Trump's next 100 days of tweets will probably be filled with more threat's, I guess you could call them tweet bombs.
I guess the most we can say about Trump's first 100 days is that we've all survived, despite the shock, hysteria and awe. I am trying to find a way to care about the next 100.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

A Piece Of Cake

We have been here before, bombing the crap out of a Middle Eastern country, over weapons of mass destruction. This is nothing new and it will just keep going on and on. A $315,000,000 bomb?
That was the one we delivered to Afghanistan. There's always money for war and war is made as a matter of routine now. There's no need to declare it or get Congress or the Senate to vote on it. Just do it. Like the Nike commercial says.
I don't know anyone who voted for war.
Trump was supposedly against it. Like most politicians, you can't believe anything they say.
The last week has been nothing but bombs, chaos and confusion. What one thing that he promised has he actually achieved, for the Americans that voted for him?
The whole Republican Party is backing his warmongering. McCain and Lindsey Graham are delighted. Handing defense contractors more money is just more of the status quo he said he was running against, Understand, that Trump is not acting alone,
I seriously doubt anyone who voted for Trump will hold his feet to the fire and demand he come through with what he said he would. I don't know if there's something in the water or just listening to Brian Williams croon about "beautiful missiles"
 I have no explanation for why people who voted for this dude just don't care what he does.
So why even vote? It's not that Hillary would have been any better, she probably would have set off some bombs too. Why is it that war is always on the White House agenda?
So Donald Trump bombed a Syrian airfield and then a bunch of tunnels in Afghanistan, built by the CIA back when the Mujaheddin were fighting the Russians. He did this over a beautiful piece of chocolate cake. Is it a metaphor?
 Is bombing a country a piece of cake for him?
I actually talked to some people who voted for Trump, about his bombing other countries.
Turns out, they just tell me that they voted for him because Hillary was a worse choice.
They seem to have no cogent thoughts either way about Trumps war policy.
They don't really think about it.
One person actually told me that Trump isn't in charge so he's not really making these decisions.
Let that sink in...
If that's the case, why would you even vote? It's like voting for Howdy Doody or Kermit the Frog.
 If, on some level, you are aware that the President isn't really "The Decider" Why would you continue to participate in a system that doesn't give a rat's about you?
So, people believe Trump meant everything he said to get elected, and they think that once a person is elected President and get's into office, he doesn't have any power to do anything any way.
I don't know whether this is a majority of people who believe this or not.
 It just doesn't seem like people are capable of looking at a system where they seem to know on some level that something is terribly wrong, yet they will continue to line up and vote in a system where your only choices are bad ones. No one questions that?
As if that wasn't enough, not one person I talked to even asked how many people died as a result of these bombings.
What has the death toll been? It's hard to find a legitimate count of how many people have died so far, this was the closest I could find;  1,472 Syrians, that's not including the 94 people the "mother of all bombs" killed this week in Afghanistan.
I can only surmise that this is what happens in a country that has been at constant war for decades. With no real draft, declaration or vote to approve going to war with another country. Americans act like these bombs aren't killing actual human beings. Maybe it's like a video game to them, I just don't know.
We're supposedly a Christian nation and on this Easter Sunday, does anyone even spare a thought about the damage we have caused in the space of a week to the people of Syria and Afghanistan?
Will any of these fundamentalist religious zealots, like Vice President Mike Pence, even spare a prayer for the people we bombed?
I guess most people will just be watching their kids tear into their Easter baskets, go on Easter egg hunts and eat their Easter ham.
I can't help but feel sorry for the people burying loved ones, who unlike Jesus, aren't going to rise out of a tomb alive and well, like some zombie fairy tale,
If this is what Trump is capable of in his first one hundred days, Jesus help us all.
Happy Easter.