Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Greater Of Two Evils

I'm not sure where to start.
Photo from Daily Kos
First, Louisiana had a biblical thousand year flood, then Donald Trump went there with  some Play-Doh. This looked pretty strange. It turns out, he donated a tractor trailer full of supplies, not just toys, but this was the picture that went viral. President Obama, is on vacation, much like George W was during Hurricane Katrina. The consensus was that the Governor of Louisiana neither wanted Trump nor President Obama to visit too soon, because he was trying to concentrate on helping the people of Baton Rouge.  (You can donate here to help) He doesn't have time to deal with dignitaries. Trump was gonna barrel through and do whatever he wanted. President Obama, in his usual show of restraint, waited. I hope the people in Louisiana get  whatever help they need, I know a little about floods after surviving Hurricane Sandy. Here, in New Jersey, a story broke about Trump getting a $25 million dollar tax break, paying out only $5 million for his tax bill on his casinos. It must be nice. I suspect that Jersey is bankrupt and that deal is one of the reasons why. Do they project the budget with these full amounts of taxes actually paid? One wonders. Thanks, Christie
Trump made a big show of making an apology this week, that wasn't really an apology. Sorry, not sorry. But I do think it's interesting, this shift. He's obviously been told to tone it down and his new campaign manager is known for helping politicians, get women's vote. Yeah, good luck with that.
The NYT broke the story that Trump is $650 million in debt, if that's true. I wonder how much that will resonate to loads of people upside down on their mortgages, maxed out on their credit cards. Once upon a time, the Clinton's were in very bad shape too, thanks to The Clinton Foundation, that's a thing of the past.
If you want to break up the monotony, have a look at the FED's new Facebook page. What could possibly go wrong? Hilarity ensues when hundreds of commentator's take out their ire on these entitled jerks who sit in their gilded cages not knowing what to do next, because we all know they have run out of options, the "recovery" is a Wall Street recovery.
What's up with Hillary? I haven't an idea, I guess she has ads plastered all over the TV, but I don't have one so I don't know. The polls say she has a comfortable lead. She's had a few Republicans running away from Trump to join her. She has flip-flopped on the horrendous TPP trade deal. If she's anything like Obama she'll just continue on with his plans. She's going to say all the right things and then turn around and do what the Shadow Government tells her too; next.
Then we have The Greens, Jill Stein, who will probably not even be "allowed " to debate, She will probably continue to be shut down along with Gary Johnson in our "Democratic" election. You can either vote for the status quo, or the Orange man, both of which are corrupt to the core.
For me, the highlight of the week was an Anarchist group's multiple statues of Trump, a variation of the "Emperor's New Clothes"

Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Land Of Weird

Another week that makes no sense in the Land of Weird.
The ongoing political diversion between Trump and Hillary, more bread and circuses and the theme that is most evident, that you have to vote the lesser of "two evils", or Trump can't get near the "nuclear codes" the expectation is that you vote, not because you approve of a certain candidate but because you are more afraid of the other one.
Is it really 2016 and this is what it's come to? Your choice is the Orange Boogeyman or the corrupt
D.C. insider, making similar promises that we heard in 2008.
The Russians are coming! Let's see who's working with the Russians? First there's Trump, who's "relationship" with the Kremlin is "revealing itself by the day." Is it? Is it really? While Clinton Foundations relationship with Saudi Royals isn't suspicious at all. Then we have the leaked DNC emails that were blamed on Russians giving Wikileaks the emails. Read all about it here. Everyone's a tool for Russia. including the Green Party's Jill Stein, now I've heard it all.
There was a long anticipated decision coming out of the Drug Enforcement Agency about marijuana staying  illegal, a schedule 1 drug. Such a surprise, since legalisation would mean a lot less work for the DEA, so of course, a drug that has never killed anyone, is still as dangerous as heroin. What was interesting was President Obama's commuting 214 sentences for people jailed with harsh, sometimes even life in prison for drug convictions. I am sure this was planned to coincide, with the DEA's decision to continue to terrorize a dope smoking, sedated population, keeping prisons populated and courtrooms clogged. We're number 1! Not much hope or change there, I'm afraid.
I didn't watch much of the Olympics, the amount of poverty and disease outside of the Olympic "village" is another part of the toll the Olympics takes on the disenfranchised. I did read that four members if the U.S Olympic Swim team, were robbed at gunpoint, it doesn't surprise me, this third world Rio, where the have not's have very little. the Brazilian slums will be left to rot and it's people with it, while billions will be made by for-profit's and non-profits and broke athletes go home, hoping to parlay a career from their success or fade away. It's an Olympic fairy tale, we're still number one!
My favorite nugget of wisdom about the Olympics?
                                              Thanks Bill, for keeping things in perspective.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Curiouser and Curiouser

Down the political rabbit hole we go. Just when you think the Republican party was about as worthless as can be, suddenly a Republican comes out of the political closet, who must seem crazy to most of the women hating, racist, lunatics running the Republican asylum. His name is Richard Hanna (R-NY)  he came out and said he's going to vote for Hillary and that Trump is unfit to run the country. I immediately became suspicious wondering what this fellow was on? Has he been hanging out with Alice's friend, Caterpillar? It's not lost on me that Hanna is representing New York, the same state Hillary represented in the Senate.
In his Op-Ed it says his reason for deciding to go along with Hillary is the Trump reaction to the Gold Star parents of Middle Eastern origin who lost their son in the Iraq War. Hanna is of Lebonese descent. it seems as though Trump's comment was the key for Mr. Hanna to go thru the door to the Democrats, skipping out on the GOTea Party, probably the "stupidest party" he's ever been to. Defecting to the Democrats, on the surface, could be a career ending mistake. However, in the U.S. "Caucus racing" is common, it's a never ending circle, just like being a politician is a never ending position. Worry not.
 Now Mr. Hanna is in an altogether different kind of party, but what kind of Republican is he?  Well, he's a member of The LGBT Equality Caucus, heaven forbid! He's never signed Grover Norquist's paper, He supported same sex marriage and The Equal Rights Amendment, I'm confused. He doesn't seem like the kind of Republican who thinks time has stopped in 1899 and acts like it too. It seems as if this is some kind of game, you can play the Republican and act like a Democrat or a Democrat acting like a Republican!
What's the point of this election when you have people saying one thing but doing another? How can you tell who you should vote for? It's a bit like a "Mock Turtle". It's made of everything but turtle maybe, there should be a thing called a Mock Republican and a Mock Democrat!
    What about Trump? Is he a Mock Republican or is he a Orange Marmalade Cheshire Cat and the only thing you can see is his big head, I mean hair. What exactly is he showing us? Whatever it is doesn't look very attractive.
People seem to act like a pack of cards taking orders from the queen, while the Cheshire Cat appears to say things out of thin air and disappears again. Who are you going to vote for the Queen of No one's Hearts or the Cheshire Cat? While Republicans don't say anything about the Cheshire Cat, but have plenty to say about the Queen who acts just like them.The Queens followers think she's just like them and are sure to be surprised when she ends up being a Mock Democrat.
 Now, if you will excuse me, I'm off to play croquet with live Flamingo's since that makes more sense than this election.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Sleeping Bill

Yeah Bill, I know your feels. I couldn't deal with watching Hillary's rigged election speech either.
I just read it the next day. First I saw pictures of Chelsea and I am not sure who won the angelic daughter competition her or Ivanka?
Then there was the whole "stick it to the King" part of the speech, Oh, I get it Hillary, we all do. (did she really have to go there?)
One of the highlights was when she mentioned Franklin Delano Roosevelt. So revered by Bill Clinton, that he repealed The Banking Act if 1933 (known as Glass-Steagle) Roosevelt signed into law, to get the country back to recovery, where I've heard we are now! Happy Days are here again!
 Hillary also invoked a special Roosevelt platitude"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself"
I don't care what she says. What would Roosevelt have done if his chairperson of the DNC rigged the election and suppressed the delegates for the competition? There was plenty of controversy around good old "Feather Duster" Roosevelt's election, he couldn't get his own campaign manager a seat at the convention, even though he was the chairman of the states Democratic Party. It's a good thing they didn't have emails back then. I think his third term looked more like a power grab than his first and we would never have another President sitting for a third term since.
This is video of the Bernie Sanders delegates walking out 2 nights ago. Last night, I did see some video on  a Sanders delegate Facebook page where the delegates seats were "reserved" so delegates couldn't sit in them, from Facebook;
If you scroll down Edens page, you will find a lot of shade thrown on the Bernie delegates. There isn't much from last night on Youtube, but I saw plenty on Facebook.
I am not a Sanders supporter, I don't have a dog in this fight. But I do know this election was rigged.
What is truly shocking is all the fear, fear, fear, of Trump, when we already have someone who is running, also, by any means necessary. Whoever thinks, she seems more "sane" than Trump should think again. She's already out of control, accepting a nomination rigged in her favor. Here's the rest of her speech, if you can stomach it;
I can't spend a beautiful Friday on Hillary, you shouldn't either.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ceiling Breaker Not A Change Maker

I was having some fun last night with this image of Hillary Clinton;
I was breaking this image down to explain what is going on here. When I saw this I thought about it for a long time. This is a very powerful image. None of it is random. Yes, I know, it's her breaking the glass ceiling, At least on the surface,
The first thing I noticed were those two glowing lights that looked like stars. It looks similar to a crown. The other thing is her use of the color red, We know the Chinese people revere the color
red, it is powerful to them. Red is a lucky color, red attracts wealth. If you think that only people in the US are watching these conventions you would be wrong. This is entertainment and I am sure people and leaders of other countries are having drinks and laughing at us, But I doubt they would laugh at this image.
Let's talk about the Egyptian Goddess Isis
 This Goddess represents the Mother Moon, faithfulness, love, inner beauty. I don''t know if this is what Hillary's consultants were going for, but ISIS is an archetype, she's like the original 'family values" Goddess, don't think for a minute, these people aren't aware that these archetypes exist in our subconscious. They know this. They use it to their advantage, that image of Hillary Clinton, disturbed me for a long time. When you look at when that screen explodes, that is a very aggressive, almost destructive symbology, It is a glass ceiling and it isn't. I immediately thought of the Goddess Kali, The Destroyer;
Take a good look at that necklace she's wearing, Did you see all those men on that glass ceiling? Think about it. Kali is the divine mother, she stands on her consort and he just lets her do whatever she wants. Sounds about right. She is the Goddess of time, creation, destruction and power. When I saw that screen "break" like that, this was the first thing I thought of, and yes Hillary probably already does have the power to destroy, like she destroyed Bernie Sanders campaign. I doubt Wasserman-Schultz came up with her plans in a vacuum. Hillary knew all about it and quite possible ordered it. She then elevated her cohort to an honorary chairperson. There were no consequences, She walks all over conventional rules and boundaries, destroying ethics and integrity, She does what she wants. I think it's funny no one worries about her getting the "nuclear codes" because I do.
What disturbed me the most about that image of Hillary, was the people that were standing below that screen where the holographic pieces were tumbling onto. I immediately thought, that is what happened to the people of Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, everywhere our bombs go. She's telling you in that image that she might be a woman but don't think she can't make war like a man.
A lot of women are celebrating this historic moment, I am happy if women now feel they have a shot at being President, I just don't have any feelings about Hillary. We haven't had a lot of female leaders, we haven't had any in America, so you have to look at Margret Thatcher and what a treacherous woman she was, Indira Ghandi, Golda Meir, You could count them on one hand. That's why when we get a woman in an office like the President, ways of wielding power need to shift. We have a very violent country and we are seen as violent people. It needs to change and I think some feminine energy would benefit this country, I know the first thing I would do if I got in an office like that, I would make a giant works program to clean up this planet and if people wanted to go to other countries and help, I would pay for them to go there.
 I would make friends with every country we've been enemies with and create a Peace Foundation. Nato and the UN forget it, they have proven ineffective. Third thing is food insecurity. Every nation would be involved. Fourth is eliminate poverty first at home then everywhere. I would create a program called Poverty-Go. (lol)
I would have a Secretary of Art and we would have museums and galleries in every town. Also a Secretary of Music, with performers playing everywhere that people wanted to hear them, all government subsidized, so a starving artist would be a thing of the past. Starvation of any kind would be frowned on. Yeah, I mean no more starving models either, it's repulsive. We need to heal our sick culture with music and art, and books, there would be a Secretary of Books and Writing. This is just a start. Can you imagine the moaning and complaining about these ideas? Oh yeah, Pot would be legal nationally and I would shut down plastic and convert everything to hemp. I would shut down the banking industry, and every empty foreclosed home would be given back to the rightful owner, if they didn't want it, it would go to a homeless person, These are things, that I guarantee you won't see Hillary doing. She is not a visionary leader, Until we get someone thinking outside of the male dominated, aggressive, testosterone, adrenaline fueled paradigm I can guarantee that the "Change Maker" isn't going to change a thing.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"Change Maker"

More Like Money Maker
Where have I heard this before? "Change Maker" Did hope and change turn into "Change Maker?" Bill Clinton said Hillary was the best darn "Change Maker" he's ever known. Really? What has she ever changed? She wouldn't even get a divorce from her husband after he had multiple affairs. She voted to go to war with Iraq. She gave a disgraced DNC official an honorary chair in her campaign and that's a "Change Maker?' What kind of creepy double speak is that?
I only watched some of the livestreamed DNC, yesterday. I saw the Bernie delegates walk out of the convention. They feel betrayed and I don't blame them, in a way, but Bernie going all in with the Democrats was predicted long ago by Chris Hedges at Truthdig. I don't know how Bernie could start a revolution with a bang and then kind of slink away, telling everyone to vote for someone as slimey as Hillary. I don't know if there has ever been a time when two very disliked, unpopular people have run for president before. No one likes either of these choices. Yet this is the "choice" which isn't a choice at all.
It get's to the point where you can't listen to this garbage anymore.
I don't know how long the Democratic infomercial went on last night, I threw out my TV years ago.
The last thing I want to see is Chelsea Clinton and her Goldman Sachs hedge fund husband, clapping wildly, for her corrupt parents that foot the bill for her lifestyle. Now a bunch of Republicans have asked the IRS to investigate The Clinton Foundation. They have investigated this woman so many times, it's like she's Teflon. All the emails Wikileaks released did nothing, she just continues to get on with her agenda. I think it's kind of creepy that Hillary was in New York while everyone was in Philly nominating her, and she appeared like a disembodied apparition on video.
 In 2008 Barack Obama made a "surprise" appearance with Joe Biden when he was nominated. So I don't get why she wasn't there? What does that say? Was she tired and she needed to take a bath in her own bath tub the night she got nominated? It doesn't make sense that she wouldn't have run on stage and hugged Bill or whatever. I guess she was practicing her big speech for tonight, because she's a change maker and she's going to tell us all about the things she's going to change.
 It's a joke and from what I can see, She's alienated so many people. she is so out of touch. Hillary is not a likeable candidate, I really think they may have miscalculated, not understanding (or refusing to) and Bernie supporters will vote for Trump or flock to the Green Party's Jill Stein.
I can't imagine what she could possibly say to struggling Americans, who are angry and sick of the status quo, to make them believe she will be the Chief Maker OF Change "Change Maker" You think they'd want to get away from the whole "hope and change" thing since nothing did. It's not very clever and shows a lack of insight and creativity. Maybe that's the point. They don't have any.

Monday, July 25, 2016

If I Had A Hammer

 A Hail Mary 'Unity Commission" You don't say? A commission? How very Beltway in Philly! I guess this is going to be the bone they throw to all the angered Berners, because what happened in Philly, well it was kinda chaotic. In case you haven't seen it.
                The balls this woman had to think she could just go into that room and no one would say anything. This tells me so much about the attitudes these people have about average, little old you and me  Last night when I was blogging I couldn't believe she resigned, yet thought she was going to MC the whole DNC shindig. I was like why bother resigning? Obviously, you're not going anywhere. It was a joke. After this mornings angry Berners episode, I can't find her name on any of the lists for speakers and what not. So what black hole did she fall into? Well, a sweet job Hillary handed her to be the honorary chair of Hillary's 50 state campaign. Of course she accepted! No one can rig a campaign like this woman. We can't squander that kind of talent!
Anyway, then I saw that there was an apology letter written, saying; (This I lifted from The Guardian)
“On behalf of everyone at the DNC, we want to offer a deep and sincere apology to Senator Sanders, his supporters, and the entire Democratic Party for the inexcusable remarks made over email,These comments do not reflect the values of the DNC or our steadfast commitment to neutrality during the nominating process. The DNC does not -- and will not -- tolerate disrespectful language exhibited toward our candidates. Individual staffers have also rightfully apologized for their comments, and the DNC is taking appropriate action to ensure it never happens again.
We are embarking on a convention today that — thanks to the great efforts of Secretary Clinton, her team, Senator Sanders, his team, and the entire Democratic Party — will show a forward-thinking and optimistic vision for America, as compared to the dark and pessimistic vision that the GOP presented last week in Cleveland. Our focus is on electing Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine and Democrats across the country, thanks to Democratic Party that is strong, unified, and poised for victory in November.
Wait, I thought the Russians wrote all those emails? Why are they apologizing? 
Maybe it's me, but I am kind of curious, why did they not come out with this letter immediately?Because it's damage control! They couldn't pass off Wassup Wasserman this morning, so she disappeared and they thought they could make peace with their Lo Siento apology letter. I doubt that's going to work, because as I am typing, every time they mention Hillary's name in Philly, the booing starts. I really can't blame them. If I had spent time working on Bernie's campaign I would be pissed. Anyway, Cumbaya lets talk about the Unity Commission.
It looks as if there's a cunning plan to "review the delegate process." (If you read my last post I put the video of the Nevada debacle so you can see for yourself how corrupt the system is)  Anyway they are going to look at the Superdelegates too, isn't that just fine and dandy? This seems ripe to die in a chamber somewhere. I hope I am wrong but, I can't believe this will change a thing. Stuff just seems to get shifted around. There never seems to be consequences. Yeah, I know, what am I thinking? I'd just like to leave Wassup Wasserman with a parting gift, a little song from a long time ago, during another protest movement;
Tonight, Bernie Sanders will be speaking along with Cory Booker and Michelle Obama. I am sure Melania will be taking notes
*Update Berners are not co-operating with the Clinton Dynasty