Monday, December 5, 2016

#NoDAPL Won The Battle, The War Is Not Over

I wanted to congratulate all the brave water protectors at Standing Rock. I have been reading with horror, the absolute madness that has been going on there for far too long. Those people endured violations to their safety and civil rights in the name of clean water, on their own sacred land, while Obama decided "Let's play it out a few more weeks."
Since that time, countless injuries from rubber bullets, pepper spray, concussion grenades and water cannon, reminiscent of the Civil Rights protests from the 60's scenes were playing in most sane people's heads, who actually have a memory of that time. Unbelievable.
Once I saw that 2,000 veterans were heading to Standing Rock, I thought that this was a pivotal point. When the military gets involved in a revolution, that's a game changer. Is it any coincidence that now we hear from the government? The Army Corps of Engineers denied the permit to keep this abomination of a pipeline going. That's all it took to stop it. Why so long?
It's a disgrace.
Most Americans that I cross paths with could care less, they are too busy watching TV "reporters" decipher Trumps tweets. They have very little knowledge and are engaged in a battle for their financial lives, they don't have the time or energy to research what is really happening at Standing Rock or anywhere else, but their own dinner table. There was not much I could do besides blog about it, sign petitions, try and explain this situation to normal people just trying to get through their day, and for the most part they just think I am just some crazy old lady who paints and draws, you know, one of those weird 'artsy" types. Like anyone else, I just want a peaceful life, with time to pursue my work and enjoy nature. Unfortunately, I have a weird sense of justice, when I see people getting taken advantage of it pisses me off. Standing Rock, was one such situation. Their war isn't over, but they won this battle.
Most days, when I am going about my business, I have this weird question in my mind of what it is to be an American? It is a strange thing to live in a country that causes so many problems worldwide, in an attempt to prop up the Petrodollar with misadventures in violence based on lies, everywhere. We give billions of dollars to Israel while we bleed out our own country, and millions of Americans are living in poverty. Drone wars and military hardware sales to Saudi Arabia rule the day, while Native Americans who don't have anything, live on land this country keeps trying to take back, gave enough pushback to finally get some sort of satisfaction.
We will see for how long. This country is so screwed up,
No civilized nation should act this way, denying healthcare and safe clean drinking water to it's citizens, who have the potential to be harassed or even killed just walking down the street, by a militarized police force.
This is a weird place, it makes no sense.
The only thing that finally made some sort of sense to me was that the Native American people we have abused for centuries, finally have something to celebrate on their sacred land in North Dakota.That maybe, just maybe, there is still hope for the American people. That there is hope for the Native American people who live in abject poverty. That there may be justice in Detroit, for people still dealing with a massive water crises.
 However, until we all start getting real and stop thinking we are going to magically have a fair and just country, where basic human rights are inalienable, where all people are created equal and we stop pillaging this country of resources and trashing the entire planet with our insane out of control policies, while our government just takes what it wants whenever and where ever it sees fit.
There can be no justice.
This is just a step, but thousands of Native Americans and American veterans came together and something happened. I can only hope this is the beginning of real change. I hope they are all dancing and cheering in North Dakota. They deserve it. Thank you, for your courage.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What Now President Trump?

What can you say about a bunch of politicians, so out of touch, that they didn't see this coming? Everyone I knew and some I didn't, said they were voting for Trump. New Jersey, the state I live in, went to Hillary. I suspect, that's because North Jersey, close to Wall Street voted for Clinton. The states closest to money making Silicon Valley, or defense contractor military states, went for Clinton. The problem is, most Americans aren't getting much benefit from corporate welfare, they have been feeling it since an economic crises that started a decade ago, sending them on a downward spiral most haven't recovered from. They are angry and frustrated.
That's where Trump got it.
As much as I'd have liked to vote for a woman for president, I wasn't going to do it, just because Hillary was a woman.
 I didn't vote for anyone.
These candidates were seriously lacking. It's not a choice. However, I do understand why my fellow Americans voted the way they did.
The problem is, I don't think Trump is going to make a difference for any of these Americans. I am trying to remember when a politician actually improved anything in an average Americans life. It's true you may be able to point to Obamacare, but now the premiums have gone up to an un-affordable level for too many Americans, so much for The Affordable Care Act.
What can you say about the MSM? How wrong they got it and pedaled their propaganda, not realizing people are onto them, we get our news from other sources. American's are tired of the lies.
The warmongering, the anti Russian sentiment trickling down from President Obama. Americans are war weary. We have had enough, especially after Obama's promises of ending Iraq and Afghanistan. It's still ongoing and we are interfering with Syria, Yeman, on and on. We are sick of spending our treasure in far flung countries we have no business being in. The Military Industrial Complex very existence depends on war and threats of war. I have no idea how Trump will stop The Pentagon war machine or if he'll even try. He's said he's going to go to war with ISIS, so it goes...What scares me isn't that Trump got elected, but before the election 300,000 NATO troops were put on high alert on the Russian border. Why? It's almost as if someone wants to push a button there, because they know Trump won't.
The fact is that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, this happened before in 2000 with Al Gore. This only shows that perhaps the electoral college BS needs to go. If the popular vote doesn't matter then there's something seriously wrong, not that anything will change there. The way I seriously doubt that the corruption feeding government politicians is going to change under a Trump presidency.
There's some jubilation in America today, average Americans feel as if they have finally been heard. While those backing Clinton feel let down in this process, it's sad. Hope and change got us nowhere over the last 8 years. We have to look after ourselves. I doubt President Trump is going to be able to do what he says he will, especially with a Republican controlled House and Senate, who in the past have shown an unwillingness to spend any money that didn't help their corporate overlords.That's who's really in charge. Can President Trump change that? Would he even be willing to try? Until we get out of the hands of the shadow government that is really running things, nothing is going to change. Now that Republicans will be running the show, who will they blame if they don't improve the lives of the millions of Americans who voted for them?

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

If We Could Turn Back Time

 Last night I watched CNN with a friend of mine and good old Wolf Blitzer was interviewing a Republican congressman about Hillary Clinton and all the emails, he tried at least three times to get this "expert" to say the word Russia.
They haven't come out and said the Russian government has done anything, because they can't prove anything. I find it really weird that this tired old Cold War Russian boogieman is being used, again. Trump is in with the Russians, and they are trying to take down Hillary. Really? But if you watch CNN or Fox, I am pretty sure you probably think what Wolf Blitzer says or Sean Hannity says is true.
Whatever mainstream media plays out, seems far removed from reality for everyday Americans. I haven't talked to anyone when I am out getting my coffee who thinks about Russia at all, at least not anyone from my generation and younger. This Russian McCarthy era communism crap is over.
What I do hear is there is a great mistrust of Hillary. I live in a very Republican small New Jersey town. These people are angry and bitter and they are voting Trump. I haven't talked to anyone who wants to vote for Hillary. That will probably be the people in Northern New Jersey, closer to the epicenter of the ruling class, in New York City.
Everyday there are more leaks, more emails, more FBI, more Russia, maybe with some Syria thrown in for good measure, another place Americans are weary of.
 Rest assured, if Hillary is elected we will get more war, defense contractors will get wealthier. There is no way out of this vicious cycle. We need an enemy whether by proxy or direct confrontation. Wall Street needs to keep the banks propped up, that keep the oil industry investments going. Big oil will continue to pepper spray, tase and shoot rubber bullets, using National Guards paid for with the American peoples tax dollars, until they can find a way to disburse Native Americans and steal Treaty land, again. So it goes...
You just can't make this stuff up. Could you get a more dysfunctional government, incapable of governing? Then you are offered a "choice" of two of the most unlikable candidates ever, since maybe Herbert Hoover or President Polk, You are expected to swallow this poison in the voting booth. You can elect Hillary and maintain the status quo if you are content with that or vote for Trump and anything can happen, however, he doesn't want a war.
Really? We are using DST from OVER 50 years ago!
How is that progress?
Just to reinforce America's dysfunction, this weekend we have to set our clocks back an hour, in order to stay in the last century. I have already blogged more than once about this quaint tradition that we keep to because studies show that the retail industry makes more money with daylight savings time. No one likes it, no one wants to lose an hours time, but Americans just go along with it and don't even know why. It's a lot like voting. You don't really like or want either of these candidates, but you go and vote any way, wasting time that could be put to better use.
No thanks.
Nothing against Cher, but that's a weird war like propaganda vid on a battleship. Look at her sitting on that giant cannon!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Corporate Candidates, Consumer Walkaway

It's less than 2 weeks until the election. Americans are being asked to choose between the worst of both worlds. Corporations and their lobbies dictate our choices whether they are for candidates or consumption. They are consuming the American people and the country. Native Americans protest because their land been taken away, after being given to them in a treaty. We are all being cannibalized by elected officials who are owned by a shadow government beholden to none.
It is a Donner Party we allow ourselves to be party to.
Not anymore.
I have turned my back on consuming and corporations. The less I buy from corporations, the medical industry, the cable companies, the more freedom I have.
I make my own toothpaste from coconut oil, baking soda and peppermint essential oil. Without the dangerous fluoride waste added to every commercial brand. F-Colgate.
I make my own deodorant that my family and friends rave about because it smells better and it's less toxic than the aluminum loaded "choice" we are being
I make my own soaps and perfume, without any additives-no need to waste time going P.I. reading poisonous ingredients on a label.
There's a reason they call it "cancer on a shelf" Stop buying it!
There is a tiny house movement of people who have no desire for McMansions and want to live life off the grid.
People are foraging more now and herbalism has become an answer for many who have been poisoned by doctors pills,
Nature gives us plenty of remedies, if we just pay attention and get to know the land.
You don't have to live an expensive consumer lifestyle to have quality products you can make in your own home, with a little know how and creativity.
This is how I choose to spend my time now.
There isn't one political candidate who has improved the quality of my life since I started voting, way back in 1976. I choose to improve my own life, That won't happen wasting time in a voting booth.
We are on our own, That's not necessarily a bad thing.
We need to use the power of our purse to shut down the corporate monster that drives American culture and gives nothing back to the people. So stay tuned and I will show you how I live, it's easy! You can do it too! Power to the people!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

American Horror Story

 I guess we're all going to be kept in "suspense" for a while longer. Why not? It's almost Halloween!
It's an American Horror Story!
Since when have election results been unacceptable?
Like, maybe the 2000 election with Bush and Gore and hanging chads?
I guess we can just deal with this horror of an election, it's the right time of year for it.
In the span of a week Julian Assange has had his wifi shut down. Obama told Trump to "stop whining" Michael Moore, who was all in with Bernie, sold out to Hillary with a movie about how "progressive" she is, called "Trumpland" Maybe next to Trump she is, but she's no where near Bernie Sanders, We all know how the election was rigged against him. If Trump says the election is rigged I mean why not? The whole thing is a joke.
For the life of me, I just have no where left to go from here. From Donald Trump saying he just grabs woman, and quite a few saying he did, to Bill Clinton's womanizing, the Podesta Files and Hillary's Goldman-Sachs speechifying. I can't wait for it to be over.
I mean then what's going to happen? Nothing is going to change with either of these New York players in office.
So here's what I do instead of watching politicians lie; I work on an Autumn drawing
I make my own soap, I made this batch for Halloween;

I've been a whole lot more creative this election season. It's way more productive and satisfying!

Monday, October 10, 2016


Hey, it's Columbus Day! I guess maybe there are still people out there who don't know that Columbus had no idea where he was, almost 400 years ago. He raped and pillaged his way around the new continent. He wasn't the first one here. But this country's so dysfunctional, "we can't go back" and correct the lies and propaganda that have gone on for almost 400 years. There's no damn reason to keep going on with this con of Columbus and how courageous or whatever he was supposed to be, He took slaves, he murdered, he was looking for gold. But hey, there's a Columbus Day sale and "a sucker born every minute."
This country was born on a con. We conned the Native Americans out of their land and we still do it today. Slave owners conned a country into a Declaration of Independence where, "all men are created equal" We still have made no reparations to the people we enslaved, we just move onto the next con job.
It took over two hundred more years for a Civil Rights Act to be made into law.
Is it any surprise, that we have one of the biggest con men of all time, Trump, trumping us all?
 I was thinking, what is it about the collective conscious of some Americans that identifies with him so much? One of the archetypes I thought about was this guy; Henry the VIII
Grab thee a Tic-Tac?
The only reason Trump hasn't chopped off someone's head, is
it's against the law, but there doesn't seem to be any laws for Donald Trump. I bet if he could, a couple of his wives might be headless, instead of mindless.
Trump told Hillary "You would be in jail"
Kind of like off with your head!
So who is Hillary? She's no Elizabeth the 1st, Maybe we need to go further back to the Greeks; perhaps Persephone. I think maybe, she's closer to Margaret Thatcher. Truly frightening, Trump  and Hillary, I would never wan't to be near either of them. They are people I feel deeply uncomfortable with. How comfortable was anyone with last night's debate?
 It was just another con job,
There are so many aspects of America, that just aren't working at all. People know this on an instinctual level. I believe this is why many people, look at Trump as some kind of messiah figure. It's all surface. The people who will vote for Trump, don't care that he's got a supply of Tic-Tacs, in case he see's a woman he wants to grab.
Since the Bernie-backdown, others are left with Hillary, so it's a choice of yet another dynastic Presidency. That is some choice.
It seems appropriate that yesterday, on a Sunday, a Federal Court came out with a decision that the Dakota Access pipeline will continue. So the corporate control of this country will continue, we will continue to abuse Native Americans, like we always have. Like Columbus did when he "discovered" America.
The narrative in the mainstream media is will you vote for Trump or Hillary? Email dumps or #Trumptape? I don't hear any reporting on the people who refuse to watch this spectacle and call it a "choice." Only 9% of Americans chose Trump and Clinton. 88 million Americans don't vote at all.
57.5% of Americans voted in the last presidential election.
If I actually voted, I feel like I would be voting for the Dakota Access Pipeline or voting for Trump to continue not paying taxes, even though I pay.
 Clinton will continue on with a Syrian War and droning other countries, maybe even a war with Russia. You might as well vote for the Pentagon. We know the government is way beyond giving a damn about Americans, let alone act like a functional government. I am not consenting to the American governments actions and that's why I am not voting, there's millions more like me who want nothing to do with accepting the unacceptable. It's a con.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Accidentally At War?

Two people, Hillary and Trump.
We are actually supposed to believe that is what this so-called election is about? Hillary's deleted emails and Trump's misogynist tape?
 Not even close.
Here's the set-up; on Friday, (why is it always on a Friday?) three things happened. First, was an email dump, then almost simultaneously, President Obama comes out with a seriously weird accusation against Russia, notice the details, he didn't name Putin, it's just "Russian officials". Then we have a #Trumptape, the media has known about for over a decade, this is released on Friday too.
Are we really supposed to believe this is random?
Because it's not.
The scariest thing isn't that moronic Trumptape, because anyone who didn't seriously know how Trump behaves is probably an entitled white male who thinks abusing women is a game. I've spent my entire life fighting off these clowns, it's nothing new. Another thing that's not new?
How about a war with Russia?
Like I have been predicting for years now, war is on the horizon, I don't need a magic 8 ball to tell me that either. If you are a defense contractor, or you own shares in Raytheon, Boeing, Blackwater, Lockheed, Northrup, Booze-Allen, you are part of the problem.
We have surrounded Russia with troops and arms and Georgia will be next, come winter. You have to ask the question, who profits from this? How many people have to die?
Clapper off!
First, lets take on Mr. Clapper, who is the fallguy for this Russian accusation. He is a known liar and told the Senate that the NSA did not collect information on millions of Americans, he committed
perjury and of course, was never prosecuted. On his say so, we aren't even supposed to question if
Clapper is lying about this 'Russian intelligence" accusation. How stupid do they think we are?
The irony of the NSA spying on people and leaders worldwide, then, Obama gets pissed off because someone might be doing it to us? Hey, here's an idea; let's mind our own business in America and none of this would be happening. It's ludicrous and insulting. Hillary Clinton carries water for Obama, this Russian b.s. won't stop once she gets into office.
Then there's Secretary of State, John Kerry, it boggles the mind what he says about Russia;"Russia and Syria Must Face War Crimes Investigations" Who is he kidding? Has he heard about the WMD lies that we told to invade Iraq, not to mention the U.S torture, flouting the Geneva Convention? We don't have a leg to stand on accusing any country of war crimes. So why do you think he's doing it? Another reason to go to war with Russia no matter how flimsy it is.
Why? Why now?
Could it be that the fear of having Trump in office during a time of war might scare people off Trump? Suddenly, there's a sexist tape released that could have been shown at any time, but yesterday, when those emails of Hillary's came out all of this sh*tstorm came about like some kind of cosmic accident. The oligarchy wants Hillary, they want a war, they don't care how they get it. Even if Trump got in there, he'd have to tow the line like Obama did when he got elected in 2008 and reneged on every promise he ever made. I bet that if things look bleak for Hillary, a very  disliked candidate, Obama will push the war button, it's been building up since the U.S. failed Ukraine coup.
None of this is an accident.
Hillary's emails and Donalds #Trumptape, it's a distraction, that's all. It's bread and circuses. But war with Russia is no joke. We are poking a bear. It's all the proof we need to know that the Oligarchy and the Pentagon are charging down a dangerous road no one in this country want's to go down. China will have Russia's back in this. The forces running this country don't care. We will be the one's caught in the cross hairs of this exercise in futility. But hey, if war is your thing, vote, then see what happens.