Sunday, September 24, 2017

Game Of Chicken

The week started out for me watching Ken Burns much hyped The Vietnam War series. All I can say about it is wow. I don't know where Burns has been for the last forty years, but his interpretation of The Vietnam War is so far from reality, I just couldn't stomach it.
I got to the second episode and couldn't take anymore. It's just one big mistake according to him and no mention of the why; the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which we now know did not happen, not the way the propaganda at the time said it happened. It was funded by Bank of America, which I should have known then, what direction this thing was going in.
Not going to watch 18 hours of that drivel. But it's a good job of white washing history, if that's what you like, being told fairy tales and outright lies isn't my thing.
I grew up with that war and it seems to me there has been very little time in my life not living with some fearsome enemy, only now it's on steroids. I can go to bed at night after seeing Kim Jong-un's missile videos, then in the morning, when I get up, Dotard Trump's missile videos and not to be outdone, Iran shows a missile video;

Another video, really?
Seriously, I wonder who else has some footage for another missile video? 
What's going to be the newest Gulf of Tonkin incident, for the next excuse for a war?
 Don't we have enough going on?
From what I understand Puerto Rico has no electricity and a dam that has failed, affecting thousands of people, but what's the big story? 
Trump cussed out a football player and now there's a  big rebellion by the NFL.
 Dotard has NOT been able to do anything since he got elected but tweet. 
It's all a big distraction to cover his fail of an administration. 
I guess that's a good thing.
Then there's the dog and pony show of the repeal and replace or the just repeal and not replace that these criminals in DC keep wasting time on, so they look like they are doing something. 
They don't have the votes, but that doesn't matter, because Lindsey Graham is bad at math, so he's going to try again and probably fail. All of these elected officials are paid handsomely by the health insurance industry. Nothing's going to happen. They should just show us a video of John McCain with his thumbs down vote and save a lot of time and energy.
On Monday, the Senate passed a $700 billion military spending bill. I'll just let that sink in.
I guess we've got to replace all those bombs we've been videoing and dropping on people all over the world. That's what we do. 
You know what we don't do? Medicare for all or free tuition for college. Nope. 
This is why we can't have nice things. 
Then there's rumors of Dotard's tax plan that he'll be making a speech about in Indiana, this week. This plan is supposed to, wait for it..."heavily benefit high income  taxpayers," such a surprise. 
I'm not holding my breath for anything when it comes to the idiots in Washington, but if they can find a way to help their rich benefactors, this might be the only legislature that actually passes, besides the billions of dollars given away, to the black hole that is known as the Pentagon. It's another speech I won't watch, like the one Dotard made at the UN, threatening to annihilate millions of people. 
I guess tomorrow will start another week of MSM propaganda missile videos or Dotard's tweets, so we can get caught up in a massive game of chicken. No thanks. Both of them are Dotards.
                                                  Better get busy on the next video Kim.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Morgan Freeman and Rocket Man

                                                       Brought to you by Rob Reiner
Well, well, Morgan Freeman says we're at war in this fine piece of propaganda. Where is the proof? Is it in this video?
 I didn't see any. Why didn't he run for president if he knows so much?
Then we have Mr. Art of the War Deal, calling Kin Jong-Un, Rocket Man.
At first I thought he was talking about the Elton John song, but no!
I guess it really is lonely out in space.
 The space between Trumps ears.
No where in Trumps speech, with his litany of North Korean atrocities, does he ever say America is guilty of the same in all our escapades all over the world.
This only happened on Tuesday.
What are we in for the rest of the week?
Both of these speeches have something in common, they are engineered for, maximum attention seeking.
I like John Kelley's reaction to Trumps speech
I am involved in a lot of projects right now, it's so hard even paying attention to stuff that just doesn't make sense. So I think I will listen to Elton John and the original Rocket Man.
 Enjoy, and don't let the bastards get you down.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

What's Happening

As usual, here in the land of the dysfunctional, there was a lot of screwed up shit going on.
The most nauseating for me was Hillary Clinton and her 'What Happened" book tour.
Seriously, all she had to do was read my blog, especially during the 2016 election year and she would have got to the truth of the matter.
Now she's got a book filled with lies and blame, that have nothing to do with, "What Happened"
 Because, I can tell you, no one cares Hillary.
The only people who care are propaganda news media mouth pieces, that need to fill up air time, for their corporate overseer's.
I bet Hillary doesn't tell us what happened when  her husband signed the legislation that set in motion the economic crisis that we still haven't recovered from.
Really? Sadist much?
Then there was this stomach churning incident, but I don't suppose she goes into that much in her book. Nope.
I seriously doubt she's got any fucks to give for the people of Libya or the never ending wars, going on now.
I think one of the reasons Trump was so successful, was because he said he wanted to get us out of these wars.
Of course it was lies, and he's no better than she is.
The Democrats are nothing but a big fail, with Hillary as the leader of that corrupt party of nothing.
I have no love for Republicans either. Both parties aren't doing a damn thing they are elected to do. It's plain to see. That's really what's happening, more war and more money for the MIC.
I wish she would just go away, but, she's probably got a few more books up her sleeve.
Go build some houses with Jimmy Carter for Christ's sake, try and do something useful.
Start in Florida or Texas, where people have lost their homes, then write about that.
I might actually read that book.
In Washington, what's happening is Bernie Sander's trying to get "healthcare for all" and good luck with that.
It's never going to happen.
What would health un-insurance companies do then? Politicians would stop getting their bribes donations. They have no interest in getting Americans up to speed like every other industrialized nation with a national healthcare system.
It would be easy to pay for, by ending the trillion dollar wars we're fighting.
That won't happen either. It's a joke.
Then we have the DACA Dreamers debacle. I've got no problem with immigrants or kids being in this country through no fault of their own.
My big problem is if they can come in, can I get out?
I'd love to live in another country, but the trouble is, every where I want to go, there are procedures and rules. It's so inconvenient.
I guess they don't take the tired, poor and huddled masses, yearning for chocolate.
They don't just take anyone, so I guess I'm stuck here. I guess I have a problem sneaking over the Alps and settling in Switzerland. I wouldn't want to do that. Although, it probably would be exciting, (I know, it's so Sound of Music) I can also see it would be too much of a pain in the ass. I don't think I could get political asylum, because I don't like living in a country where Trump is President, no matter how much other countries think he's a whack job too. I guess I'll file that away for further investigation.

Also this week, nut job Kim Jung-Un decides to fire another missile over Japan, not to be out done, South Korea decides to release a video.(probably told to by the US) Just to keep scaring Americans and the rest of the world, so the US can justify another war. I don't know why we are still in Korea or Japan.
It just goes to show, once we start bombing or make war on another country, we never leave. 
I wonder how much these missiles cost? It's a money-maker for someone. I don't know anyone who said, Gee, I'd really like to see some footage of missiles being shot off in South Korea, that would really make my day! We would all gather around the TV in eager anticipation! 
This has been yet another week when I am glad I don't have a TV and I'm not paying a huge cable bill to watch Hillary Clinton or missiles being launched. Who knows where it even landed?
 Probably in the ocean, which has taken enough abuse. You just can't make any sense out of any of the "reporting" that goes on in this country. 
Nothing is going to happen in Washington. Trump isn't going to do anything, neither is Congress or the Senate. Missiles and bombs will continue to fly, Americans who simply just want to go about their business and enjoy their lives and spend time with their families, are going to be continually assaulted by the Mainstream Media's worship of violence and war mongers like Hillary Clinton. That's really What's Happening.

I'm not reading Hillary's book, I'm currently reading Theft By Finding, (He stole the title of my book, but that's another story) written by David Sedaris, a writer I consider, a national treasure.
 Instead of TV, read it. it's hilarious!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Good Time Trump

What is up with this weird, creepy dude and his megachurch?
I feel really sorry for the people of Houston right now, their lives will never be the same.
I say this because I know about when a hurricane slams into a community.
I live in the epicenter  where "Superstorm" Sandy slammed into.
Five years later, people are still rebuilding. Ripped off by contractors or waiting years for FEMA funds to trickle down on them. It's better than it was here, but there are still houses that have been abandoned. It is a myth that the federal government is going to step in and give compensation for all the losses that occur in a disaster situation.
The insurance companies will balk over wind damage or water damage and the people in Houston, like here in New Jersey, probably did not have near enough flood insurance.
Getting insurance companies to pay is another nightmare. They are in business to make a profit, not to pay out when a disaster comes calling.
Then you have  a "photo opportunity president" that comes calling.
"Heckuva job Brownie!" Bush and " No Red Tape!" Obama and now "Have a Good Time!" Trump.
It is such a good time trying to get FEMA funding, dealing with your insurance company.
It's a real party.
The average citizen who has nothing, will be forced to live in moldy flooded homes.
I know people who are still living in conditions like this. They did not have insurance and couldn't afford to re-mediate their homes.
We have another upcoming emergency of our government running out of money and money for Harvey survivors is going to be tied to it, I am guessing.
I wonder how much money we are spending in Afghanistan and how much funding the people of Houston will get in disaster relief?
I understand there was no call for people to evacuate from Houston, because it would have created a logistical nightmare. Almost no one I know here in Jersey evacuated from Sandy. They simply had no where to go, which I suspect, was the case in Houston.
We have people who live and work in low lying coastal flood areas, but no way of evacuating them when a storm is headed their way.
Houston  is 1/4 of our economy and the chemical plants and oil companies that are now digging out, will take years to recover and may just start over somewhere else, if they can.
To top it off, Hurricane Irma is making it's way towards the Southeast US. What's the plan for that?
I just don't get it. How many damn hurricanes do you need to get before there is some kind of cogent plan put forth?
The answer; there never will be one.
We bumble our way through war after war and we do the same thing, disaster after disaster. While charlatans and con artists rip off people trying to rebuild. Just like the mercenaries and defense contractors in the Middle East.
We never learn.
What I did learn was that in Houston, people got in their boats and didn't wait for an overwhelmed police force to rescue people, they did it themselves.
Congress and the Senate will waste time, dithering in DC, while people need real help, now, not later.  If that help does come a lot of the money will get diverted by people in power with projects they throw to their construction company friends or big advertising campaigns to get them re-elected.
                                        Sandy funds used for Christie's re-election campaign.
I really hope Houston is "stronger than the storm" it's going to be an uphill battle. Houston will sadly, have to face doing much of it on their own.
Have a good time with that.  Houston will be a do-it-yourself recovery, just like at the Jersey Shore. People going to endless meetings and all the donations made to shady places that never got to the people who needed them. Be careful who you donate to.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Might As Well Face It, We're Addicted To War.

While people are still playing with their eclipse glasses, it's time to trot out more war.
 With Trump unable to do a damn thing, one thing he can do is continue an unpopular war no one wants. He's gonna give a great big speech, so news channels will have something to talk about.
Not that it matters. Any president with as many generals as Trump has, is going to be influenced by the Pentagon. Maybe, he's influenced by Betsy DaVos brother, Erik Prince, you know where he works? Academi a/k/a Blackwater.
 I have done my share of blogging about the Bush Administration and their ties to Halliburton and Blackwater, I am not shocked, that the same old, same old playbook is going to come out, AGAIN.
I won't listen to Trump's speech.
I really don't care what he has to say.
I know it's going to be a con to send more troops and spend more money in Afghanistan.
We can't have single payer healthcare or anything else to improve Americans lives, so lets double down on war. He does not care and he's got no problem sending more people off to die.
Bush did it, Obama did it, and now I guess its Trump's turn to be a tool and  give us another heaping, stinking helping of waste, in a country we never had any business being in.
I expect for most Americans, it will be a big yawn, or the media will make such an American flag and apple pie spectacle of it, you'll have to use your eclipse glasses again, to keep the rockets red glare from burning your eyes out.
 If anyone actually protests against ANOTHER surge, I will be shocked.
If Nazi's march it's bad, but war? Who cares?
People are so used to it by now, it's just another day.
I don't even know why he's going to give a speech?
He doesn't have to convince anyone of anything. He's just going to do what he damn well pleases, like he's always done.
His kids aren't going to fight in Afghanistan and Trump dodged the Vietnam War draft.
A real patriot.
So I guess, John McCain will be happy and Lindsey Graham, that Trump will send more troops and order billions of dollars worth of equipment, American exceptional welfare for Raytheon and Lockheed-Martin and various privatised caterers and mercenaries.
The Military Industrial Complex, paid a lot of bribes and they want a return on their investment and now Donnie's got to cough it up.
There's no end in sight and I doubt anyone in congress or the senate will do anything but go along with the whole charade.
Meanwhile teachers are scrambling for materials for their classrooms and struggling parents are trying to save enough to buy new back-to-school shoes for their kids, from their three crappy jobs they hold down, with no benefits.
They aren't going to watch that speech on TV, they can't afford cable.
If it's any comfort, It would have been the same if it was Hillary or Trump.
America is married to bombing, invading, sending Americans off to get killed or maimed, maybe if their lucky, when they get back, they won't commit suicide.
This is Bush's legacy, it's also Obama's and now it's yours Trump.
So much winning.
                                                                  Not a good omen.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday Firings At The White House

It's always on a Friday and if I was on Trumps staff I'd be super anxious at the end of the week.
Who didn't see this coming?
General Kelly and Bannon "mutually agreed" Friday would be Bannon's last day. Yeah, right.
Bannon is the 10th person to resign or be fired. Who's next? Sessions? Trump has said if he had known Sessions was going to recuse himself, he would have picked somebody else.
Stay tuned, for next Fridays episode of;

How much of a coincidence is it that less than a week after Charlottesville, Bannon is out?
Now he's supposed to be going after Trump at Breitbart, the way he went after Obama, since he doesn't see any difference between them.
I don't read that rag but it might be fun now!
This non stop musical chair game is just too much winning! Trump sure is draining the swamp.
It seems like the only thing Trump has managed to do in 200 days of his presidency is fire people, just like on the apprentice!
Wonder who Bannon's replacement will be? David Duke?
It kind of makes me wonder if Trump will just fire himself like his ghost writer said.
Seriously, I don't think anyone's job is safe there, except for Trump's kids. I usually don't  plan too far in advance, but I am definitely going to get some popcorn. I'm looking forward to next Friday!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

"It's On Both Sides, Both Sides."

For weeks, Americans have been whipsawed with threats of their already crappy healthcare being taken away. Then,  nuclear war with North Korea. Now, the aftermath of a protest gone wrong in Charlottesville, Virginia, and people still think our government or it's leader are going to say some magic words, so everything will be great again.
Whether you think Trump said the truth about "both sides" being violent or if you believe that  Neo-Nazi's wanted a peaceful protest, and anti-fa started it all.
 Maybe you were heartened by the pushback from of all people, Paul Ryan;

Anyone who thinks Paul Ryan gives a damn about anything but his re-election is seriously deluded. He was all in to repeal and NOT replace healthcare. 
One thing this country stands for, is making a profit off of sick people, oh, and bombs, lot's of bombs.
This summer has been nothing but a show. 
The greatest show on earth. 
All during the 2016 election I heard so much talk about Trump. 
He's going to give us all healthcare and he's going to get jobs back. 
I didn't hear anyone say how much they'd love a war with North Korea, or how wonderful it would be to see Trump sign a bill taking away healthcare and have no single payer to replace it. 
You know what? 
I don't hear anyone talking about him now. No one who voted for him has anything to say, it's like they went back to sleep after Trump fed them a poison apple. 
You know, I don't blame them. 
Mostly, they have Fox News or CNN blaring out of their TV's all day. 
All through the North Korean missile crises, my friends were strangely silent. They are even quieter now after the Charlottesville protest. 
I think they are shell shocked and have no way of explaining what exactly is happening in our society. 
Nothing adds up. 
People are mainlining heroin like there's no tomorrow and the mainstream media would have us believe that's true.
 ISIS is coming for us, North Korea is going to bomb us or Guam or the ocean, AGAIN. 
We are expected to believe what is coming out of these liars and frauds mouths. Not only the people who are elected but the people on TV, who spend everyday scaring Americans silly. 
I have no dog in this fight, I don't vote, I'm not a Republican or a Democrat. I don't want anything to do with any party and I can't believe after the months of chaos that our government has handed the American people, that anyone will go to the polls in November, and dutifully vote for the next local Republican or Democrat mayor, that will install her husband at the local Municipal Works, or the Democrat or Republican congressmen who's daughter will be hired, working on whatever party's  governors staff. It goes on and on, to the very top, where Trump has installed his daughter and son-in-law in the White House.
 He doesn't care about anything, but how much money his businesses will make out of this sweet president deal he's got, for however long it lasts. 
It's a racket, it's a scam.
 Here's another example, Jason Kessler, the man in charge of Unite the Right, the man who co-ordinated the "alt-right"protest in Charlottesville. It looks like he's not only a petty thief, but there's some sort of connection with him in the Occupy Movement. My point being, whether it's elected officials getting jobs for their spouses and kids or Kessler's shifting allegiances, moving wherever the wind blows him, these people don't care. 
You have to wonder what will be tomorrows distraction? Russia? Syria?
Anything, but looking at the people elected to run a functioning government. 
They can't and they won't. 
They are paid off by the banks, the oil industry, Big Pharma, the insurance companies. 
That's who your really voting for, and guess what? 
It's on "both sides, both sides."
You can take that to the bank.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

There's Nothing Supreme About White Supremeism

It is a really sorry day here in the good old USA, I am pretty sure things will continue to degrade and there will be more horrible incidents like this.
From what I have been trying to piece together, there was a protest over a statue of General Lee being taken down.

That's right, a bunch of white guys are upset about a statue of a guy who commanded the Confederate army on the wrong side of a civil war, fought over 150 years ago. 
I took a look at where these alt-right dudes came from, here's a website for an organization called Vanguard America.
Apparently they are very upset that white people will be a minority, "in the nation they built" 
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that these white dudes have never built a damn thing, except maybe a crappy website. 
I have known more than one of these types of  men, mainly, but also a few women. Take one of my neighbors, for instance;

He lives in Jersey, but just can't help displaying his Confederate pride. Along with his 80's style chair. Yeah, I know these alt-right people, you just can't reason with. They just want to fly their freak flag, like those alt-right protesters who have every right to march with their swastikas and Confederate flags. It doesn't seem to bother them that they are on the wrong side. Doesn't seem to bother them that no one wants them around or to be around them. 
3 people are dead because of their actions. This didn't have to happen.
It makes one wonder, how much free time these people have on their hands? They collect Nazi and Confederate paraphernalia and on a beautiful day, instead of spending time with friends and family, (who probably can't stand them) they are gung-ho for a protest about a statue and blind allegiance to a cause that died a long time ago. 
They are right to be worried about being a minority, they should be even more worried that they are going to be extinct. 
Donald Trump doesn't want to call this extreme craziness for what it is and dog whistles about "on many sides" you have to wonder if he was remembering his father's arrest at a KKK rally in Queens?
The Trumps have a history of civil rights litigation for not renting to African Americans. The weird thing is he has family who are Jewish and he didn't call out these Neo-Nazi's? Sad!

Photo from NY Daily News
The one in the middle is the one who decided to get in his car and mow down 19 people and kill a woman. 
Can you imagine wanting to be anywhere near these dudes? A bunch of baby-men playing dress up. What a bunch of knuckleheads. Is that a batting helmet that guy has on? WTF? Maybe I was wrong and they can make more than a crappy website. They can also make crappy shields. 
Making America great again with helmets and shields. What century do we have to go back to? This looks medieval. 
It is hard to believe that here we are in 2017 and I am actually writing about entitled, self important white dudes who identify with this kind of insanity. There has to be something very wrong with you, if you idolize Hitler and a statue of a dude who lost a war over who should be able to keep slaves, and you are afraid whitey is going to be a minority. 
Yeah, get a taste of that and see how it feels. 
Looks like there's some blowback for these alt-right confederate worshiping loons, because the mayor of Lexington, Kentucky is speeding up the process of taking down their Confederate statues, before more protests take place. Hopefully, this will continue, however, I am sure these shield carrying weirdo's will find something else to cry about. About all we can hope for is that this is probably the last dreadful gasp before these social misfits die off. Their time is over. I doubt anyone will miss them.
Especially the families of the people who died, because of a protest over a statue of a long dead Confederate general. 
Unless of course, it wasn't about that at all and it was just cover for their agenda, to cause a ruckus and a riot. 
There's this thing, it's called blowback, 
I hope they are real proud of themselves. Unfortunately I think they probably are, and  will double down. It's usually what people like them do. They can't dial it back and say things went horribly wrong, so they continue talking about their "phenomenal victory" says, Andrew Dodson, who calls himself a "racial realist." 
No, you aren't. You are an entitled white dude and you didn't get a phenomenal victory. He seems very like my neighbor down the street. He's oblivious to history, he's a total racist and I just steer clear of people like this. There's no hope. You can't reason or have a civil conversation with people that are delusional. These people are a minority and they know it, and they will continue to be more powerless while the rest of us progress. I just wish people didn't have to die because of their stupidity. Three people are dead, and that's the real story of this protest. 
Update; organizer of  Unite The Right, gives speech, and blames cops for the violence.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

General Drama

The first thing I looked at when I heard about General Kelly coming on board as one of Trumps handlers, was Trumps twitter feed. I believe the tone has changed. This used to be such a source of hilarity to me.
I'm really going to miss this.
 Now it looks like Trump has an editor, if he's even tweeting this stuff at all. Probably someone else is doing it. He say's twitter is "the only way to get the truth out!"
Yeah, because you can't do that just giving a speech, right?
When I look at his twitter feed I think the last real weird thing he tweeted was blaming China for our North Korea "problem."
Meanwhile Trump goes to Ohio and West Virginia to give speeches, but not New York City where he's actually from. Nope. He goes and speaks to desperate coal miners, probably glued to Fox News, when they aren't at a stadium cheering for Trump.
How's that swamp draining going for you?
We now have three generals in Trumps cabinet, if I was a gambler, I would bet on yet another war to come along, along with the continuation of the war in Afghanistan, Syria and wherever else we feel the need to bomb.
Despite all the the jobs and economic data that says the US is great again, we are sitting on top of some giant bubbles, student loans, car loans and housing. If the economy crashes again, maybe another war will be needed.
We have been at war for 15 years now, I don't see that stopping. With the generals installed at Donald Trumps invitation, it wouldn't surprise me if one is being planned now. We already have deployed troops all around Russia's border and with North Korea acting the way they are, well it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand anything can happen,.usually our go-to are countries that don't have any sort of where-with-all to win against the US's firepower, yet we continue to get bogged down in stalemates, if not outright losses. But really, no one loses as long as defense contractors get rich.
Today is the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. I can't help but wonder who we are bombing right now? It seems like there's no end in sight.
Trump signed a Russian Sanction bill, when he campaigned for better relations with Russia.
What does that tell you? He's all in. Nobody twisted his arm to do that. He could have manned up and said no, but he didn't. (Read the FBI/CIA/NSA doc here) This bill was signed behind closed doors, no press. I can only guess that what was in the FBI, et al doc. was the evidence for the sanctions, but that is classified.
But- they were such good friends. 
Trump signed a bill tying his own tiny hands when it comes to Russia. His claims of making "far better deals" will not happen. This is a very clear sign and a very big deal. The House voted 419-3 the Senate 98-2. What that says is they are ignoring Trump, they don't trust him, but they are hardly trustworthy either.
Now there's a grand jury investigation being launched on the Trump-Russia connection. This means they are hoping to indict. They will be subpoenaing witnesses. They will also be looking at tax returns.
I am really getting tired of all the winning.
Thank God Trump's on vacation, he must be tired from all the things he's achieved in the last six months. Maybe he and the family are sitting around right now, playing a relaxing board game.

                                                                So much winning.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Actions Speak Louder Than Tweets (Deeds Not Words)

When dealing with chaos, I usually hang back an observe. I don't react, I research and I use a valuable tool; discernment. This is crucial when dealing with individuals trying to provoke a reaction, usually for attention, although there can be other reasons why people cause situations to erupt.
It can be for purposes of manipulation, control or just your average temper tantrum or rant. Unfortunately I have been around a handful of these types of people. Always, when these types of people are in power or in your vicinity, you need to remove yourself.
Out of control people, who aren't disciplined or thoughtful and controlled by impulses are a bad combination.
One of the reasons I have not been writing that much about Trump. is because I know this kind of chaos only escalates, He is like a car without brakes. I expect this chaos to continue, we are also,  living with a government that refuses to govern. There is nothing but gridlock.
The reasons for this I have documented over many years. Our representatives are controlled by corporations via lobbyists by "donations" i.e. bribes. They have no interest in doing anything other than getting re-elected, so the gravy train can continue and they can walk away millionaires.
There's a lot of talk, but it's actions you need to watch.
One thing that was very apparent to me, during the whole healthcare debacle was that, despite the media circus, it was going to come to nothing. People have been outraged by the thought of their healthcare being used for a political football.
The Republicans have had seven years to come up with a visionary plan to improve healthcare for the people who elected them. There was lots of talk, but no real action. Nothing of substance, just a bunch of promises. In the end, after two women fought like hell to keep the out of control GOPTeaparty dudes from getting their barbaric "skinny bill" passed.(why does anything with the word "skinny" in it, seem like it's cutting off fat, like its a damn gastric bypass?)  Senator McCain, freshly diagnosed with brain cancer, sporting stitches over his eye, is flown out to the Capitol Colosseum, like a conquering hero, but wait! First, he votes yes to drag things out a bit longer and keep the circus going, only to ultimately vote no. A senator, who is enjoying the best healthcare and will never have to worry he can't afford treatment.
You can bet, that defeat won't end things. The psychopaths want to burn the ACA down, this will continue. In my experience when things don't go their way, psychopaths like these just double down.
Now lets get to the psychopath in charge, I just hope I have enough room to type all this, because there's a lot of chaos to sort out.
Monday, July 24, Lets start with Trump's son-in-law Kushner and his closed door session with the Senate Intelligence committee. The Saturday previous, Trump came out with his Grand Pardon tweet that he can pardon himself, his family and who knows who else?  Kushner has at least 70 business investments he failed to disclose and Ivanka is living off a trust fund from her clothing business she promised to distance herself from. Okay. next! Because with everything that's happened this week, no one even remembers it.
Also on Monday, July 24, after Spicer's resignation on Friday, over his replacement Scaramucci who seems pretty scary, and is known for previous disparaging remarks about Trump is the new communications director.
Again, on Monday, July 24, the healthcare debacle continues with provisions, including the plan to defund Planned Parenthood that would be a violation of the Byrd Rule. They would need 60 votes to push these provisions through, as we know now they didn't have them.
Also, the Minneapolis Police Chief was forced to step down over a wrongful shooting of an Austrailian woman. 9 migrants died in a truck in Texas, desperate to leave Mexico. There was also a suicide bombing in Afghanistan, 35 people died. I am only scratching the surface of what happened on one day. Let's move on.
Tuesday, July 25, the Senate announced their healthcare BS plan was going to be put to a vote and is now open for debate, this was the crucial vote Mike Pence made to break the tie, McCain helped to prolong the agony. What a hero.
 Kushner spends another day with the Senate Intelligence Committee.
Trump tweets about Sessions not going after Hillary Clinton in order to deflect attention from his family's business problems (this is a classic in the psychopath handbook) It's being floated out that Trump is considering that weasel Guiliani or Ted Cruz to replace the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions for recusing himself, from this latest scandal. Perfectly legal and sensible. If I were Sessions I would run and fast.
Wednesday, July 26,  More grandstanding from Republicans, acting like they are actually going to go through with their repeal and replace, while 100 protesters are arrested. The Senate still couldn't muster 60 votes, they got 43. That didn't stop them, the farce continues.
Trump continued his online bullying campaign on Sessions, Kushner is still testifying to the Senate Intelligence Committee, the House votes to block the White House efforts to lessen the bill on Russian Sanctions for interfering in the elections.
Trump goes to Ohio and starts going off on Iran, even though Iran has complied with their nuclear obligations. Just another attempt to stir the turd and create more confusion so no one looks too close at Trumps family. He also asserted that he can be "more Presidential than any President, except Lincoln". Good to know he has at least one limitation.
Thursday, July 27, Trump decides to tweet that Transgender people aren't going to be allowed to serve in the military. Going against all his lofty campaign BS about his support for the LGBTQ community. My thought was, since when is a tweet an actual law? Is it an Executive Order?
How can a tweet be interpreted as Trump legally being allowed to discriminate willy-nilly?
Is he just going to tell them "You're Fired!"???
The Senate in it's ongoing LALA Land, Repeal without Replacing, unsurprisingly got voted down again. Now they can only hope for the "skinny bill" that sounds so damn dumb, but that doesn't matter to them.
Also Trump decides to appoint Pete Hoekstra, Republican Congressman, a Teapartier, against LGBTQ rights to be Ambassador to the Netherlands. God only knows what kind of  tomfoolery went on for him to get that position. The Netherlands has one of the most tolerant societies in the world. So we send this ignoramus overseas to prove how ignorant we are. Sigh.
Friday July 28,  The Skinny ain't happening and John McCain saves the day, while the women who fought all along are ignored; Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska and Susan Collins, R-Maine. So this whole ridiculous waste of time, resulting in nothing, except the "appearance" of doing something. Lisa Murkowski R-Alaska, was threatened by the Secretary of the Interior, that her state would not be able to go forward with energy projects and the funding to support them. Classic, threats of financial abuse, a useful tool for psychopaths. he didn't do that on his own, Trump ordered that.
Do you really think this is the first time he has done that? Nope.
I guess the Senate has to prove they can do something, so it's time to go after Russia, and they approve a Russian Sanctions bill. God knows we need a war so let's ratchet it up. After voting no, a man who never met a war he didn't like, McCain is all in and got to vote yes! This is all for "alleged meddling" No one has given any hard evidence of this so-called meddling, that apparently only the US is allowed to do.
Lindsey Graham came out (let's not go there) against Trump saying there will be "Holy Hell" if Trump fires Jeff Sessions. Also the Department of Justice  argued that civil rights do not protect LGBTQ people from employment discrimination.
I saved the best for last, with Reince Priebus being fired. This useless rat is now saying he resigned Thursday, but who believes anything these liars say? Another General, John Kelly from DHS is taking his place.
My point being, in documenting all of this chaos, at least 15 political incidents in one week, and I probably missed a lot more is, what average person can keep up with this? It took me hours of reading all week long to keep informed of everything that's going on. It reminds me so much of what I heard and saw growing up in Silver Spring, Maryland, not far away from where John Mitchell had an accident on Connecticut Ave, driving away from a party. While two reporters were about to blow the lid off of DC.
 This is to give people some context, as to my perspective of the way I am looking at this political insanity. Most people don't remember how confusing and chaotic that time was.
Most people, are too busy and distracted to remember what happened on Monday, let alone Friday.
Everyone I know who voted for Trump, do not talk about any of the things he's done. They don't know the details of the healthcare bills that were voted on and voted down this week. People are not engaged in any civil discourse and just hang on to empty campaign promises that are being reversed, as usual and Trump is not alone in this. When are people going to wake up and stop voting for these liars? Why do they consent to go out on a Tuesday rushing to and from work to vote for people who don't give a damn?
This situation is only going to get worse and the stranger it gets with Trump, means that we will have to endure more distractions, confusion and maybe even another 9/11 event, or another economic crises, for rich people to get richer, like the Trump family, while the rest of us pay, and guess what?
With almost half the people in this country living in poverty, things could get ugly.
In the meantime, there will be more weeks like this. More tweets and online bullying from a man who thinks he can tweet and it's as good as law. It's delusional.
That's why you have to look at actions.
What is actually getting done?
What is actual law?
Who is actually matching their words with their actions?
                                                                 Deeds Not Words
                                                       Dropkick Murphy's
What I read this week;

Sunday, July 16, 2017

I, Trumpius

Long time, no see.
I've been busy having a summer, offline. Which has been really wonderful.
 Until, I get online and see what the world has been up too. One thing that I noticed this week was this;
How creepy is he? I wanted to be shocked, but no, this guy acts like a bad online date from Plenty of Freaks. Donald Trump is probably in my dating pool. Since 70 year old dudes think they can get younger women, just like Donald Trump has. He is so bizarre.  However, I have met plenty like him. Guys who blurt out; "nice rack." You name it, they say it, that is, when they aren't outright groping you.
Trumps reminds me of some kind of Roman Emperor.
I think he has a lot in common with Claudius. Claudius, had  nephew named Caligula.
Nice family right?
Claudius was also an "outsider" the first emperor, born outside Italy.
Trump was thought of as an outsider.
"Potential enemies didn't see him as a serious threat" sound familiar? This was written about Claudius, but could easily be the way Trump was viewed by the GOP early in the election.
 Claudius, had a huuuuuge infrastructure program, building aqueducts, canals and roads.
Trump has a new infrastructure plan, but no idea when that will happen.
 Rome wasn't built in a day!
Claudius came to power through the murder of his nephew, Caligula, by the Praetorian guard and some senators. The rumor was Claudius knew all about it, but there was no evidence. Claudius liked to use his family connections, as a sort of brand, taking the name Caesar, also the name Augustus, and deleting Nero.
He was the first to use bribery regarding the military. Not necessarily a black budget, but I am guessing there was a Roman Military Complex that had to be maintained, conquests and annexations of other countries were the order of the day. Much like say, Trump and Qatar, (since son-in-law Kushner couldn't get them to loan him half a billion for his Fifth Avenue under-water property) perhaps another surge in Afghanistan? When you are an Emperor, you need more empire. You also need more money to vanquish the enemy, that's why the House just passed a $696 billion defense spending bill upgrade for the MIC.
 It's interesting that Claudius was dealing with the issues of who was a citizen and who wasn't?
Not much has changed, including a crackdown on people living in Rome, who were not considered citizens. In most cases people were given citizenship, but in some cases, "false citizenship" was considered a capital offence.
This seems to be a never ending problem. Especially for empires causing mass migration, from endless war, coups and mayhem. The difference being, that if you were in a Roman territory, you were also considered a Roman citizen. America just pillages, then waits for refugees to migrate.
The Roman senate had a good deal of people hostile to Claudius, so Claudius reduced their power. The American senate or congress for that matter can barely get anything done and there is barely anything but silence from them when it comes to Trump, unless he's tweeting about a female reporter's plastic surgery. He got some pushback, but I doubt he cared...
Claudius had to deal with several coups. 35 senators and 300 knights were killed during his reign. There's already been suggestions, that there has been a coup here in the USA, which is why Trump has not kept many of his campaign promises. Healthcare for everyone, yeah, right.
He kept GITMO open! MAGA!
Claudius was fond of gladiatorial matches, kind of like Trump and WWE

Claudius even fought a Killer Whale trapped in a harbor! Why? Did he need the ultimate fish story?   He got a bunch of his army buddies to spear the poor thing, it was already trapped from having nets thrown on it.
 I could totally see Trump doing that.
Claudius married four times, so Trump needs another go round to catch up with Claudius.
Get this, Claudius had "weak hands" Trumps got tiny hands. Sometime's he gets a smacked hand.

It's been a pretty strange summer. While we watch America do NOTHING GREAT, AGAIN.
It's pretty much guaranteed we will continue declining like Rome did, I look forward to seeing more bizarre behavior from the Cheeto-in-chief, more idiotic tweets, more excuses, maybe trying to pull another foreign dignitary's arm off?
 We are winning, so bigly.


Monday, June 5, 2017

A Neverending War

This is the 400th post on this blog,
A journey I started almost 6 years ago. I was pretty confused about what was going on here, in the USA, That was 2011.
 I was just beginning to go down the rabbit hole.
The research I was doing invariably led me to a chain of corruption, bribes, nepotism & cronyism.
It definitely wasn't what I thought it would be.
If you could have told me then, that Donald Trump would be president in 2017, I doubt I would have believed it. At that point, I was just beginning to understand why nothing was getting better, in this country and today it is much the same.
Actually, it is worse.
We are still bombing and droning the same countries we were back in 2011, but with an updated list. We still are the largest purveyors of weapons worldwide.
Still have the worst healthcare, for an industrialized country.
We've got guns, guns and more guns and there's another shooting in Orlando today, almost a year after the Pulse Nightclub attack occurred. There's going to be more, Americans know this and they just shake their heads and move on.
Back in 2011, when I was new to blogging, most  people I knew were struggling. In 2017, almost half the country is in poverty. My point being, that nothing much has changed and things have degraded for the average American.
So how do you explain that?
I am trying to think of something that the government has done this year.
6 months into Donald Trumps presidency, with majority Republican in both houses, what has actually been accomplished?
He had a party in the Rose Garden for a healthcare bill that has no chance of making it through the Senate, making healthcare worse again. Seriously?
I looked at the list of signed legislation since Trump took office;
 A Joint Resolution For The Regent of the Smithsonian Institute? A Joint Resolution for the Bureau of Land Management to prepare, revise, use land, initiated by Liz Cheney, she was proud to "stop one more Obama Administration policy that was part of an eight-year war on the west."
If anyone knows about war, it's Dick Cheney's daughter.
 I think this piece of fairly unnoticed legislation is pretty telling. Since it seems to be about giving the power to manage these lands back to the states. Who knows how that's going to work out? More pipelines, more mining, probably, but Obama wasn't very effective when it came to water protectors and "letting things play out"
Well, the oil is flowing now, despite 3 spills so far. Corporations win again, Trump had investments in the parent company of the Dakota Access pipeline, he says he divested, but there's no evidence of this.
The only thing that really counts is corporate power. There's a healthcare corporation between you and your doctor. Almost everything Americans do has some kind of corporate structure involved, that's propped up by government corporate welfare. And they call us useless eaters.
If anything, since 2011, corporations have more power, while Americans have less full time work at minimum wage. It's not going to improve, if we go by Trump's first 6 months.
However, nothing improved with Obama either.
Americans are still heavily invested in a two party system that does nothing for them. It's all the illusion of choice. I still don't hear anyone bragging about anything that Trump has accomplished,
I kind of understand. I just spent a few hours of my life trying to figure out what, exactly, Trump has done, by going to actual government websites. If it takes a college educated woman, who's been blogging for about six years, part of her day to figure out what is going on, then  the average exhausted over worked American, doesn't stand a chance.
Most people just hear about Trump's tweets. That's where they get their information.
This is where we are, it's like George Carlin said, the government doesn't want critical thinkers. The government is winning, because no one is paying attention between the bombings and the shootings and the daily chaos of Trumps tweets and that's not an accident.
When are people going to figure out that they've been played? It's a con.
The policies of the last 6 years and before, when Bush invaded Afghanistan, has led to the terrible circumstances we find ourselves in today. There is no doubt in my mind that what is happening in the UK with the terrible attacks, right before their elections is blowback.
How long before it's our turn again?
We just armed Saudi Arabia to the teeth and now they've cut off diplomatic ties with Qatar and this has everything to do with picking a fight with Iran. Trump has aligned himself and thus, the rest of us with the Saudis. Why? Qatar-Iran gas field probably. Not to mention Israel is no friend to Iran either, it's a win-win for Trump and if we keep meddling it's going to be a lose-lose for us.
This is the man that didn't want to involve us in any more wars, but is about to put another surge in Afghanistan.
400 posts ago, I guess I had a lot more hope, but now, you can predict how things will play out. Corporations have taken over the government and that includes defense contractors, who will clean up in the next conflict.
To make matters worse, after the UK tragedy over the weekend, Trump was hellbent on criticizing London's mayor on twitter, co-opting a tragedy. Totally cringeworthy. Totally heartbreaking, but not unexpected, I do expect him to keep ginning up for another war.
From 2011 to 2017, here I am writing about more, neverending war.
My only hope came from watching Ariana Grande and others performing in Manchester. Trying to give something back to the people who have suffered as a result of terrible decisions made by our leaders. I'll just leave a little video of her and the Black Eyed Peas here.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Art Of The Curtsy

I don't know if anyone else thought the timing of Chelsea Manning's release and Sweden terminating a 7 year sex crime investigation against Julian Assange was a coincidence?
I mean, how does that happen? In one week these two are in the news, only one is free and one isn't. I was glad Chelsea Manning was released, I was also glad that Sweden "discontinued" their investigation. While I think what these two people did was important, I am not sure what actually changed?
People I know, just don't care and have no idea of the particulars of Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange's legalities.
Then there's this, what in the actual......???????  I just can't.

I guess he got so excited about his Art of the Weapons Deal, he just couldn't stand still and got weak in the knees.
We are still the largest exporter of war in the world.
It's sickening.
The people that exposed war crimes and publish secrets, are trying to figure out how to get on with their lives.
 Meanwhile, average Americans are still struggling in an economy that continues to crumble.
Where basic needs, like single payer health insurance will never happen.
But missiles and guns and bombs? We live in a land of plenty.
We are still bombing and terrorizing countries we have no business being in.
The corporate war machine just rolls on with no end in sight.
Maybe that's the real point.
I don't know what it's going to take for our government, to stop all the war mongering and start getting into the business of getting out of the Middle East. It's completely counter-intuitive to keep going on this way. I am pretty sure no one who voted for Trump thought they would see him curtsy to Saudi royals. It's ridiculous, but not altogether unexpected.
Maybe, the only thing the Saudi's could figure out, to keep him at arms length,was to throw a necklace on him in order to avoid his crazy handshake.

One thing I totally get is what a sleazy salesman Trump is. These "state visits" are no more than sales opportunities. Kerry did it, so did Obama.  However he had the decency to cancel, after the Saudi's launched a war on Yemen.
Raytheon will be making bank on this new arms deal, while they offshore millions in taxes.
You can bet a whole lot more people are going to die, since no one seems to have any wherewithal to tell America they don't want bombs, or any other arms America is pushing like a heroin drug dealer.
I am sure that we can expect a lot more "deals" like this one.
Meanwhile American's continue to shoot up in a drug epidemic, I have not witnessed since the Vietnam War. Don't think those things aren't connected, only it's not just veterans that are hooked.  One outcome of the Afghanistan War is the flow of heroin.  I see it everyday when I go for my daily workouts. I have decided to document the evidence.

This is where we are now. We started an illegal war, we arrested and persecuted whistleblowers for alerting us to war crimes, while we continue to wreak havoc all over the world. Selling arms, and bombing other countries while the flow of heroin and Narcodollars continues. Average Americans who are in real pain and despair are turning to this.
This is the legacy of Afghanistan and many other wars.
             But hey, he's going to make America great again, curtsying to the Saudi Royal family, with some bling around his neck.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Russian Around

Trump's finally done it.
Hysteria ensues, when Trump fires a dude who completely mismanaged Hillary's email investigation. Comey couldn't touch Hillary's private email servers. Wonder why?
Could it be so we couldn't see all the bribes, donations flowing into The Clinton Foundation?
Comey is a tool, but some people have lost their damn minds.
I am trying to figure out what the FBI actually does, oh yeah! The drug war! They are really good at making sure the prison system is chock full of people. They target whistleblowers and journalists. Seems legit.
Is the Russian Connection Investigation over because Comey's gone? Doubt it.
People are way more upset over this guy getting fired because of RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA!
There needs to be an investigation alright, but it should be into the DNC hijacking of the election and shutting down Bernie Sanders, People should be upset that we no longer are operating in a democracy.
The DNC is a corporation, they have said so, they say they are a "private corporation" but no one cares about that.
Now we have some bread and circus firing, to cover up some other shady deal going on, like  his son-in-law's deals with China. Kushner needs an investigation.
I think Trump should nominate Dog the Bounty Hunter head of the FBI, and make the FBI great again!

I am more upset about Spicey.
Where has he gone? I just love that Melissa McCarthy impersonation. The comedy that's come out of the Trump presidency is the best thing about it. The American people are such ingrates. Keep the comedy coming and stop complaining about Trump! He's a comedy gold mine!
Now, we  have to watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders  the Deputy Press Secretary. Definitely not as funny, I wonder who she's related to?
Mack Daddy  Huckabee 
The economy is pretty bad and it really helps when Daddy is a governor, a Trump supporter and gets you on Trumps campaign, "targeting faith leaders" so yeah, she's a religious freak.
God helps those who believe in cronyism, looks like she got into some trouble, oh dear, a federal complaint, violation of the Hatch Act.
I wonder if anyone is making money in Vegas betting on who Trump will fire next?
 I couldn't find that. but, I did find out people are betting on Trump being impeached.
Maybe he will be or maybe he'll just fire himself. Anythings possible in the home of the free.
We are winning so bigly! There's so much chaos going on it's hard to figure out, which is just the way our dear leader want's it. A firing here a tweet there, Maybe even a meeting with Putin!

Wonder how good old Spicey or Huckabee will handle that presser?
So I guess no one cared about Sally Yates being fired and making senators look like idiots.
No wonder she had to go.

Well, at least it wasn't fake news. Just old news. Thanks for pointing that out, POTUS.
Here in my home state of New Jersey our Governor Christie, was appointed by Trump to a "Special Commission" on opioid addiction. Here's a guy who has a serious addiction himself, have a look;

Looks like I'm not the only one who noticed. I'm pretty sure things are going to get even more bizarre as time goes on and I sure am looking forward to all the comedy. I mean that Christie thing is pretty funny. We all want him gone from Jersey. So thanks Trump for giving him a job. If I had known that would happen, I might have voted.
Also this week there was news of ANOTHER Afghanistan Surge. That's right, we're STILL fighting that opium war, which is why we really don't like North Korea.
I'm sure Trump will just do whatever the Military Industrial Complex wants as long as he can fire people and act like he's really in charge. After all, these surges have worked so well in the past, why not just keep doing them?
Sixteen years of war, but, hey, let's get upset over a useless tool that got fired, but no one gets upset over this;
Didn't another country lose a war with Afghanistan. bigly? That would be why they call Afghanistan the "Graveyard of Empires", but I doubt Trump has done any serious study of Afghanistan's history or he would get out of there quick, that is, if he is even in charge.

Friday, May 5, 2017

"We're Going To Have Health Insurance For Everybody" Donald J. Trump

After Trump's gaslighting, Rose Garden Victory head fake, of a half-passed, criminal, American Health Care Bill, I have no idea how to even explain how something that isn't even a law, was celebrated AS IF IT WAS!
                                              Maybe Stephen Colbert can explain it;

In this land of stranger things, politicians hold Americans hostage over healthcare, then have a party over an even crappier plan than before.
 How about we repeal and replace with a single payer system and then this hostage situation can never happen again.
Why is a single payer system NEVER on the table?
Why? Because, lobbies, insurance companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield pay Paul Ryan to carry out their devious plans to rob Americans blind, for health care that people in most industrialized countries, take for granted and aren't bankrupted if they get sick.
I just have to wonder, do any of the people who voted for Trump, even care about him making the health care we have now, even worse? Because he promised something very different;

So far Trump has dumped a $16 million dollar bomb on Afghanistan, launched $650,000 per Tomahawk missile in Syria and asked for more money for the military. $54 million more.
It's just a thought, but maybe if we stopped all the war mongering and put an end to the campaigns of endless war, maybe there would be enough money for a single payer system,
It's just a guess, but I remember Trump saying he was going to leave Social Security and Medicare alone. If past behavior predicts future behavior, he'll do a flip flopper on that too.

What we are dealing with is a psychopath, probably with a co-morbid personality disorder to boot.The lack of empathy, the blithe way he glibly lies and smirks. (check out Paul Ryan and his smirking, he's one too.) Every time this guy moves his lips he's lying.
 I also think he's got prostate problems which is why he's up in the middle of the night tweeting, because his prostate won't let him rest.
It's not his conscience, he doesn't have one.
                                        I wonder which "people" he's tweeting about?

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Stayin' Alive

                           In a strange display of Nuclear Idol, try to judge the scariest video!
                    North Korea's is pretty epic. But then so is the U.S.'s impressive dick waving;
                                       I think both our Dear Leaders are taking too much Viagra.
It's hard to gauge what to think, from one day to the next.
I think Donald Trump has had the most impressive 100 days in office I have ever witnessed,
If you like chaos, that is.
He is hardly alone, when it comes to a president's first 100 days of war,
Bush, attacked Afghanistan & Iraq and Obama, promised more troops in Afghanistan.
 Because, we are perpetually at war.
It seems as if Trumps at war with almost everyone. It's so bad, his wife is probably relieved to stay in Manhattan, so she can get a minute's peace. She probably has no problem with the Donald's "First Daughter" being installed as some kind of mock " First Lady."
There's the Bannon-Kushner rivalry, with Bannon getting kicked off the NSC, then there's the Flynn dismissal.
Trump tried to get a travel ban, that's in limbo.
 "Nobody knew it could be so complicated", when it comes to Obamacare, it went nowhere.
 Mexico refuses to pay for his ludicrous wall, he's broken his promise to stay out of Syria, he flooded the swamp with more Goldman ex-employees & K-Street lobbyists.
As far as the art of the deal is concerned, he hasn't made one yet.
 He's attacked Nordstrom's, for not wanting to carry his daughters merch,  He's managed to bully Canada and Mexico with threat's, along with North Korea.
 He was going to get rid of NAFTA, now it's up for "renegotiating" after phone calls from Mexico and Canada. It's going to take more than some tweets for this.
Now, Trump is introducing his bigliest tax cut plan, who know's what will happen with that, because there will be a yuuuuge, $3-7 trillion shortfall.
The only thing he's managed to do is get Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.
Score one for the Donald.
 Show all the video's you want, if people are still watching the MSM 's fear porn and believe everything that's on TV, then there will probably be more footage of virtual bombs. Trump's next 100 days of tweets will probably be filled with more threat's, I guess you could call them tweet bombs.
I guess the most we can say about Trump's first 100 days is that we've all survived, despite the shock, hysteria and awe. I am trying to find a way to care about the next 100.