Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Change We Can Believe In

I would like to know who President Obama is working for?
 He vetoed the 9/11 bill for the families of 9/11 terrorist attack to sue the Saudi government. For the first time lawmakers in the Senate over rode a Presidential veto. Mostly because they are scared out of their wits they will be voted out of their jobs so close to this election. At least for the families, they may be getting some justice, at last. Thanks to them and the pressure brought to bear for the 9/11 Commission and the release of the 28 pages, we know more. Maybe this is change we can believe in.
Think back to immediate days after 9/11, who was allowed to fly out of the country? Saudi's, that's who. Who are one of the biggest contributors of the Clintoon Foundation? (That Clintoon thing is a typo, but seems appropriate) That's right, Saudi's. Who's got lobbies fighting to vote down the 9/11 Bill in the Senate? Saudi's, isn't that disturbing, knowing a foreign country influences our affairs through bribery?
Maybe, just maybe, people will be suing the US for the torture, drone killings and black ops sites, for war crimes. Maybe just maybe, if war costs a whole lot more, the endless war economy will grind to a halt.
That is going to be  a big problem because the US is a war economy.
Which one of us, has ever voted for war?
Speaking of voting,
I guess people thought I would come out swinging about the debate. Did he need a tissue?

Breaking News!
As I was writing this blog, the House passed the 9/11 Bill. How has something managed to get done so quickly? For years this country has been stagnant and ineffective, this is an historic day. I hope the families of those who died in 9/11 get what they need, maybe even some closure. I can only hope that the Bush's and Clinton's friends, get what's coming to them, the Bush's, Rumsfeld, Cheney, the lot of them are hauled into court some day soon for what they've done.

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