Saturday, September 24, 2016

Poisoning The Well

You just can't make this stuff up.
Wells Fargo CEO testified before congress this week, for fraud. Thousands of credit card accounts were opened, fraudulently. Elizabeth Warren told Wells Fargo CEO Stumpf to resign. Will he? Nope.
Then there's the Queen of the EpiPen, Mylan CEO Heather Bresch, jacking up the price 500% of a life saving shot, but it's just business.

Another shooting in North Carolina, by a cop and now there's more protests, one protester is dead.
I doubt anything will happen to the cop, Just like these CEO's, it's just business.
There was a shooting at a mall in Washington State, so that's 5 more people who have died.
Just another mass shooting in this Bipolar country I live in.
Monday night we are going to be treated to a display of candidates running for president, no one seems to want or like. What kind of choice is that?  After praying and begging God to smite Donald Trump, Ted Cruz decides he's all in with Trump now. The only person who cares about what Cruz is doing is Cruz,
Meanwhile, back in Ocean County where I live, we have been treated to the news that the water that flows through our taps has Chromium 6 in it and it's way over California's safety standards and best of all I get to pay $148 a quarter for poison I can't drink.
Does anyone think that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton gives a damn about clean drinking water in New Jersey? I think of what the people in Flint, Michigan are still dealing with and all I can come up with is a big NO. With a basic problem like clean drinking water for Americans, no candidate thinks is an issue, why the hell would you vote for either of them? They don't care! It's not an accident, poisoning a water supply is a tactic used since Roman times, to diminish an opponents strength.
Look at the map, it is not a regional problem it's the entire country!
I was at my friends house the other night, the husband likes Trump, but his wife doesn't like either candidate, she doesn't know who to vote for. She say's if she doesn't vote, then she can't complain.
Oh really? I want to see that rule, is it a law? Where does this idea come from? When you are presented with a "choice" that is picking which poison, well, I've got enough in my local water supply, no need to cast a vote.
When you see corruption at every level of politics and corporate behavior that is criminal with no accountability. Police shooting unarmed people and crazy people who have guns shooting up public places, then, when you need to take an aspirin for the headache you've got. you can't even get a glass of water because it's polluted.
 Is anyone even seriously questioning exactly what Trump or Hillary will do to fix any of these problems? Because it's not going to happen. These people mix in the same social circle, think they are different? They aren't! They will be serving the same master. They certainly do not care about you or me in Nowheresville, USA.


  1. "The only person who cares about what Cruz is doing is Cruz"


  2. Wow! I must say that you summed it up perfectly Patricia! No, I had no idea about the Chromium 6 problem in Jersey (I buy bottled water by the case myself, and that's what they want us all to do I'm sure ... I remember about the Romans), I mean like, there is so much shit going on I can hardly keep up with it. Millions of mainstream voting Americans are basically voting for one because of how much this dislike the other, and dont even like who they are voting for, they say "hold your nose" or some nonsense ... no, I dont think voting for someone like Jill Stein is turning on Democrats ... the Democrats made their own bed, are arent even addressing the issues needed so far ... and are just a milder more pleasant version of the right wing basically, the debates is a freakshow ... f**k no I wont watch the debates, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) I have kept up with the senate grilling, I only posted on Stumpf, not Bresch (I didnt even know what in Hell and Epi- pen was, or how large of a market it was) ... and of course both are more full of shit than a sewage treatment plant, but there are people in law and government that are pushing for criminal indictments (there is enough evidence for criminal indictments, I am sure of it), and Warren gave some good exposure show, one of my daughters and a brother in law both had problems with Wells Fargo (and they both have impeccable credit standings), both took their money out long ago, and my daughter really gave them Hell and filed on them, back about 5 years or so ago. No, the cops will give the runaround, etc ... look how long it took to get video public, it's disgusting ... America is turning more into a cesspool of worthlessness and it totally corrupt. Trust me Patricia, there is going to be a strong resistance and as far as American voters, they "in time" are going to abandon this duopoly nonsense. Other than that ... take care

    1. Hey Ranch, California just put sanctions on Wells Fargo for their actions.
      As ar as Americans abandoning this system, it's already happened as more people who don't vote outnumber the ones that do. There's no way you can actually vote and still look at yourself in the mirror. But people are still brainwashed into belieivng they "have" to. Nope just say no.

    2. So Chimp, what makes you think that your bottled water is any more pure than the crap from your tap? Some brands of bottled water, despite the hoity-toity brand names, are just tap water from somewhere else. And these days, if you're not tapping chromium you might be tapping lead, or cryptosporidium, or fracking residue, or just plain garden variety poop.

      That's why some entrepreneurial go-getter is going to eventually make real money selling water distilling kits. You pour in tap water, light the flame under its container, boil it to evaporation, catch and condense the evaporate with some kind of chilling doo-hickey, and drink. Not terribly tasty, but it'll be pure H2O.

      Anyone want to drink to that?

      Yours very crankily,
      The New York Crank

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