Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Powers That Be, Don't Want You Paying Attention

I think a lot of Americans can say, this has been an amazing election year. There have been many things that came to light, things I have been blogging about for a longtime. What happened in Nevada, was one of those things, that reinforced my suspicions about politics and the voting process.
Here's The Young Turks explanation, in case you had no idea what happened;
         So, here you have it. Moving on, voice votes, are ignored, the chairperson (Lange) who 'thinks" she's the right chairperson is in charge of ignoring the voice vote. Not only that but Sanders supporters and delegates were not counted. At the end, I just watched Lange and her disgraceful behavior as she stalked off the stage, and a person in the audience goes, WTF was that? Right?  Hillary may have won despite all of this confusion. Now I now this is a week late, but when I saw this I really wasn't surprised. This is what I have come to expect from politics at all levels. One good thing to come out of iPhones and the internet is a level of transparency entrenched politicians don't want. That's why I  don't watch TV or read any MSM, but plenty of people do. A lot of them can't believe that democracy has been hijacked. Trump supporters in some ways know this, the NRA just came out in support of Trump, where is the GOP support of Trump? Well, there's the governor of my home state Christie, not the best start, but ok. John Boehner, Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich, a rogues gallery of corrupt has beens, kind of like the Clintons. So really, what's the difference?
While all this is distracting and dividing us I have been watching with more than a little anxiety, an American missile shield switched on Thursday in Romania, $800,000,000  spent on this war bait. Does it ever end? Will either of the candidates stop the defense contract nightmare that taxpayers have been bled dry for? The CIA this week, "accidentally" deleted the Torture Report, so nothing to look at there. Just forget about it. Our tax dollars at work.
Meanwhile someone who's running for the Green Party, you even hear less about than Bernie Sanders is Jill Stein, she's been shut down and shut out. There's hardly anyone who knows she's running. Our corporate overlords only want us to know so much. Usually, you have to spend a lot of time digging and paying attention to know what your choices are and more importantly what they are not. I'm surprised they don't delete the whole election.

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