Sunday, November 30, 2014

Business As Usual

In the same week protests went down in Ferguson after Darren Wilson was not indicted by a grand jury,  Black Friday protests and Black Lives Matter protests went on here in the U.S.

 Protests in  Egypt flared up as Mubarek was cleared of charges of killing protesters in 2011.
 Mexico is protesting too, 43 students went missing after police opened fire on them.
Protests in Hong Kong are occurring right now, demanding free elections. Thousands have taken to the streets in Greece in a general strike against austerity. Belgium citizens also protested against austerity   two weeks ago.
On Tuesday Nov. 25, demonstrators were baton charged by police  in Spain, they were
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demanding a new constitutional process. In Turkey there have been protests from 2013 until Sept. this year against the actions and plans of the government of Turkey. This gave birth to the "standing man and woman" protests in Taksim Square.
It's hard to believe there is so much unrest worldwide and so little progress.
While everyone here is gearing up for the retail extremism of Christmas there's little thought of protests as long as one isn't interfering with peoples mall visit. There's barely any thought given to the reality that millions of people are fed up world wide. All I know is most of the people I saw couldn't wait to go shopping and lot's of them did it to flee from families they can't stand being around during the Thanksgiving holiday. It was such a wierd disconnect listening to people brag about their purchases, no one said anything about donating even one can of food to a charity. While so many get by with so little, others can't wait to stand in line for a TV at Walmart. I don't know if people are so busy running from one sale to another they have no idea what's going on or they just don't care. Trust me, I have tried to talk to people about what's going on in Turkey and they ask me how much it weighs, because there's no other turkey but the one on the table. People in this country are blissfully unaware of anything going on outside of their own neighborhood. They see through a lens crafted by Fox & Friends, they buy cheap Chinese crap and hoard it all waiting for the big day they can throw it all under their fake tree. The whole world could be on fire and I doubt any one would notice, because they have a 20% off coupon at Kohls. The yoke of bondage people in other countries are sick of carrying is eagerly taken up by true believers in this broken capitalist system, where black men are shot for walking in the road and everyone goes about their business as usual.

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  1. I drove around a crowded mall parking lot for about 15 minutes on Black Friday, and I wasn't even there to buy anything. I had passed something up and just pulled into the lot to turn around!