Sunday, December 14, 2014


Guess who else works on Saturday besides me? The Senate! How crazy that they actually worked on a weekend, which hasn't been done since the last "fiscal cliff" problem. This new $1 trillion bill is brought to
you by Wall Street, since the Dodd-Frank Act language was changed in order to let banks trade in derivatives, it's a so-called "cromnibus" but maybe it should be called a "crimenibus."
What's in it? Gotta keep the war machine going, "The bill provides $5 billion for fighting ISIS, compared to $5.6 billion the President requested."
 "While cutting military benefits, the bill includes a spending spree for defense contractors, including an additional $479 million to purchase four F-35s for the Air Force and Navy (two each) that the Pentagon didn’t request, as well as an additional three Littoral Combat Ships."
Thank God, I was worried there wouldn't be more useless, polluting, wasteful junk we need to purchase so we can use it on other countries we police. Because you know, DEMOCRACY!
How about more problems from the banks? Thank goodness we're over that little mess they made in 2008, everything's great now so; "reform of the Dodd-Frank law which would remove some of the separation between financial derivatives and traditional bank accounts protected by FDIC. This would weaken protections that were supposed to help prevent another financial crisis like the one that spurred the Great Recession." Cool.
You can read more about it here; What's in a Cromnibus?
I guess now we can forget all about the Torture Report that came out and go straight to the other torture provided by our non-representational government we have, because really, does anyone believe any of these "representatives" are working for us?
Ultimately what is really funny is Ted Cruz and his Tea Party strategy. Which no one seems to be sure that there even is one. Which doesn't surprise me because Ted Cruz was a domestic policy adviser, advising then-Governor George W. Bush, Cruz assisted in assembling the Bush legal team for the recount, Cruz recruited future Chief Justice John Roberts, to the Bush legal team."
Thanks a lot Cruz, for torturing us with that.
At least some kind of hilarity ensued when Harry Reid got to push through a bunch of Obama's nominees which I don't think Cruz saw coming. But mostly what it seems he wants to do is stop the President's immigration executive order. Which is just plain weird since Cruz is Cuban-American, his father was from Cuba, making him an immigrant. You just can't make this stuff up!
I guess it's good so far that the government isn't going to close down. But the gift they gave to the banks will probably bite us all in the ass. A government for the banks, by the corporations in the land of the free.

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