Sunday, May 10, 2015

Section 215

Something happened this week that I thought could be a very big deal. On May 7th, The Second Circuit Court of  Appeals decided the National Security Administration 's warrantless collection of  Americans phone records is illegal.
What can we expect will happen on the basis of this ruling? Mitch McConnell says he wants to "reauthorize the exisiting law without change."
Why? why would an illegal law just be rubber stamped by the Senate and Congress? Exactly how much incriminating evidence has the NSA collected on every member of congress or other branches of government? The NSA knows which members of congress are drunks, pedophiles, drug users or gay. It's worse than Hoover and the FBI in the good old days.
"the court left the door open for Congress to act before Section 215 expires at the end of this month."
Congress act? Seriously? What's up with the court saying this is illegal then just leaving it up to congress to decide what? If it's illegal, there should be nothing to decide. There's either a rule of law or there isn't. 
Can we even hope that our bought and paid for representatives stop the spying on our own citizens?
We don't just leave it at our own citizens. We spy on whomever we want, Angela Merkel, Putin? Probably.
So there's that, then you have to consider how this mass surveillance can be used to stop mass protest, the people who own our government aren't going to want their party to stop and we know this from the data collected in Baltimore. Inside the Military-Police Center That Spies on Baltimore's Rioters
Is it illegal to be collecting all this data? Will congress do anything about it?  Will they just do what's easiest and just do nothing and let it expire? That probably won't stop the spying.



  1. So that's where all the Maryland jobs were created; not exactly the equivalent of the CCC or the WPA, are they?

    1. Ha ha, yeah, I'm sure there are plenty of NSA employees living in Maryland. I lived in Maryland for most of my childhood as my dad was a Treasury Agent.
      We should do more spying on ecosystems in order to preserve them. Think if we took all that money from the NSA and invested it in our American landscape. Think of the possibilities as endless as the NSA's funding.