Friday, February 2, 2018

How Does It Feel?

The memo has been outed!
What have we learned about the Secret Society?
Is the memo inaccurate? Does it even matter?
It matters if this memo, will be used by Trump to fire Rosenstein and Mueller.
 I suspect that's what the whole thing is for. But, I digress.
Corrupt politicians on both sides-both parties, were busy passing the FISA Act to spy on us all, while they sat on this memo.
 No mention of all these awful abuses until Trump signed the FISA Act. So, what we know is that it's ok for everyone else to be spied on.
McCain came out and says this memo serves Putin, and outright says Russia interfered in our election.
 I can only guess that since Nunes got the memo out, now the gloves are off and McCain is pissed.
But he didn't open his mouth before this and voted for that FISA Bill and expanded the powers of the surveillance state.
That much is clear.
All this is, is a political stunt to help Trump, they do not care about helping us.
They don't care about national security, it is their own security they are worried about.
As long as the government has the power to spy on us, we are all being abused.
Guess what?
Even with all this spying it's looking as if Russia got away with this interference, so what's the use of all this? Joe Blow down the street ain't talking to Putin, but it's looking like Trump did and there's a big investigation.
How does it feel to be spied on Trump?
The sponsor of the FISA Reauthorisation Act was none other than Devin Nunes.
Are we supposed to think he gives a damn about people getting spied on and government abuse of taxpayers when he knew all along about this alleged abuse?
None of them care, least of all him.
"A lot of people should be ashamed"
But you aren't are you Trump?
You might as well have signed your own FISA Warrant.
How does it feel?


  1. Hi Patricia! I just finished reading your last 4 postings here, I figured maybe I would halfway understand what is going on. I came away finding the most best thing out of these was listening to Bob Dylan do his classic, I havent heard in awhile, love his lyric writing, a favourite also of mine as far as lyrics, would be Lou Reed! Godfather of Punk. But no Patricia, I havent followed this at all, besides reading an article a week ago, and didnt even understand what is going on up there, and I just gave up ... havent followed it since, besides this read. I told my younger brother the other day ... "these whiny bastards in Washington deserve whatever comes to them, and in my opinion, deserve nothing less than to be dragged into the streets and have the living shit beaten out of them" ... sorry, that's just my honesty. A friend over the weekend asked me if I could explain this stuff concerning Mueller and what will happen, etc, because she knows I follow politics ... I told her, I have no idea, and since it was the weekend, i didnt even want o think about politics. To me Patricia, we just have a bunch of worthless overpaid f*cks up there (a few good ones), these parties are shit, they also waste too much of our goddamn time, and now they are damn near ALL tweeting ... and frankly a bunch of whiny crybabies. And the worst part is that nothing seems to ever happen to these people, no matter how corrupt they openly are or anything, and they all cover each others asses. It would be great if they had to actually face charges, impeachment or whatever, but they seem to get away with everything, just like their corporate donors, bankers, etc. I'm just burned out on these folks ... they're a waste of time and money. Now you can see why I said a year ago, I hope they get nothing done and the whole thing falls apart up there. Sure, I will vote, because I vote like clockwork, for like over 42 years now. But also, if the democrats dont get a straight platform and really get their shit together, without pulling the crap they did in 2016 ... I'll seriously be looking for another party ... enough is just enough. Have a good one Patricia.

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