Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Coptergate Part Deux

The crazy just got crazier, it may well be that Chris Christie flew over the GW bridge during the traffic jam in Fort Lee that his staff was responsible for but he didn't know about.
Did Gov. Christie fly over Bridgegate traffic mess in a helicopter? | PIX 11
Chris Christie has a fondness for helicopter travel. There's really no better way to get to your son's baseball game. 
I'm guessing that if the Governor, did do a flyover on 9/11, back to Trenton, it would be pretty hard to not notice, "traffic problems in Fort Lee." 
This the same Governor who has said 

“…shared sacrifice is going to be required of everybody to fix this system.”

The only people who are doing any sacrificing are the people caught up in traffic jams and ordinary people who lost their homes as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Towns with mayors who endorsed Christie received money, even thought they weren't impacted especially hard, if at all. The whole state seems to be in some kind of stranglehold by Christie and all the crooked politicians in Trenton. Fixing the system, isn't going to be possible. The system is broken. The highest property taxes in the country, one of the highest unemployment rates, people still struggling to repair their homes from the hurricane. None of these things are a priority. "Shared sacrifice" is just some kind of smokescreen for shared rip off of ordinary citizens. It really means New Jersey peons will be sacrificing their homes and their jobs. Now there's a huge circus concerning whether or not Governor Christie shut down bridge traffic. I would like to imagine that this would distract him from serving the people in New Jersey. However since the day he was elected I have only seen things get worse here. After telling us that we all have to sacrifice to fix the system, it now seems that the system will stay in place, because the system is meant to keep things to stay exactly the way they are. Sacrifice is something Christie talks about and doesn't have to worry about, that's for "everyone" else.

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  1. Hillary 2016!

    Amazingly Mike Pence is selling the governor's airplane a twin engine Beech. I imagine that the National Guard or the State Police will be hauling his Bible thumping ass around.