Sunday, September 28, 2014

We Vote For Inequality

Photo from The Atlantic
You know, I read that Eric Holder was resigning and the first thing I thought of was, I wonder if he's going to work for a bank? The lobby he previously worked for represented Bank of America, what a surprise.
It doesn't take a genius to figure it out when you look at his record of failure regarding prosecuting the banks for the fallout resulting in bailouts and the ensuing recession that laid the economy to waste with millions losing their jobs.
Then I started thinking about Flood Wall Street, one of the things that got me was, 300,000 people could march for climate change, I didn't read anything about pepper spray or people getting arrested (correct me if I'm wrong) However, if you go marching on Wall Street, you get the bull. The pictures that I saw with a corral around that Wall Street bull and the police force protecting it speaks volumes, it's the golden calf and obviously needs protecting. Because it's ok, to march against climate change, just don't bother the hedge fund managers.
It wasn't lost on me that while people are taking to the streets, protesting climate change, now it's time to bomb ISIS or ISIL or IS. Like, is that a coincidence? It seems like the only industry we've got left is the defense industry. I guess it's ok to bring out the bombs, I didn't hear anyone threatening to cut off the funding for that. I wonder what the carbon footprint of an airstrike is?
Then it's don't look now but there was some lame apology from the chief of police in Ferguson, that wasn't an apology at all. Here, we have another incidence of people taking to the streets, and a serious amount of militarized police pushback, that was pretty mindblowing. Oh yeah, and Eric Holder went down there to straighten things out. I hope he has better luck with that than the banks. So far, a month later and still no answer what caused an unarmed mans death.
The underlying thread in all this is inequality. Yeah, I am talking about Syria too, if Bashar Al Assad's government was at all fair, there wouldn't have been a revolution there and in so many other Middle Eastern countries and yes, the U.S did our share of bleeding the oil wells dry there, spreading our "democracy" and destabilizing that part of the globe.
What really gets me is most Americans and especially the people I encounter daily have no idea that corporations are destroying the planet, steering us into more wars and making sure they aren't prosecuted for any wrong doing. Last December, President Obama called inequality the "defining challenge of our time" I am not holding my breath waiting to see if he's up for the challenge. In the meantime there's an election coming up and there will be an astounding amount of people voting against their own self interests. I talked to a woman I work with yesterday, she won't be voting and she told me the reason why was because she doesn't know who to vote for and she's not going to bother to figure it out. Which is the majority of people. I don't blame them, the only person I am remotely interested in is Bernie Sanders maybe he'll get to run for president. It seems as if this two party system we have is really a one party system, making sure things stay exactly the way they are. Short of the revolution Chris Hedges talks about nothings going to change. You might as well just vote for inequality because it seems like that's all we get.


  1. You'll notice from the photograph that some of the bull's parts are shinier than others. The shiny bits are where the tourists stroke him when the tourists are allowed near him.

    A photograph taken from the opposite end would reveal precisely what just came into your head. Yeah, them. Also shiny.

    This clearly has some deep symbolic meaning that might get uncovered after a century or two of mass national psychoanalysis. Meanwhile, it's nice to live in a city so rich that we can afford two cops to spend the entire day protecting a brass bull against unwanted, uh, touching.

    And you thought this nation didn't have protection against sexual assault!

    Yours very crankily,
    The New York Crank

  2. Crank, thanks for the low down on the bull, when I go to NYC, I go to the museums and I don't really get around to Wall Street. Good to know the bull wasn't assaulted. I would really love to know what that symbolism is. Because it is all over history from the caves of Lascaux, to Egypt, the Minoans, Dionysis, the Minotaur, Mithras, then ther is Picasso's Guernica,
    That painting is all about the tragedy of war. Maybe that is also what that Wall Street bull is about. How many fortunes made form these wars? That bull doesn't look particularly nice.

  3. I look at the bull and I see bullshit...but that's me...