Sunday, September 7, 2014

Back To Iraq

It's pretty clear to me that President Obama can't get anything done in this country, so lets go back to Iraq.
There are plenty of people who think Hellfire missiles are the way to go and bombs away! Don't get me wrong I'm no fan of ISIS or ISIL but didn't we give them weapons in the first place? Let's extrapolate this to when we armed Afghan rebels way back, Operation Cyclone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Which gave birth to Al Qaeda, and you know the rest.  A couple of weeks ago I was reading about Chuck Hagel, who made an arms deal with Turkey. That's no accident, Turkey is going to play a major role in this new/old conflict.
Why does it seem like we are caught up in an endless circle jerk? We pedal weapons or just give 'em away like candy and what do you know? People get carried away shooting, raping and pillaging and the next thing you know it's time for more bombs and  "advisers." Don't blink because if you do there will be boots on the ground. Not shocked that this is going down again. 
Billions of dollars and ten years spent training Iraq forces to control their own country. Only to discover that isn't working out, which really, it's our fault, all of it.
I don't know, but I am just going to throw it out there that there was a disappointing jobs report two days ago. Fast food jobs ain't cuttin' it anymore and those people are striking for $15 an hour. The economy is stagnant. People are either pissed off or mired in their own misery. They don't give a damn about Iraq, they don't even understand what's going on outside of the Fox News channel in their living room. They are exhausted from working two or three jobs.Then you have this;
Pic nicked from The Guardian
The President decided to go see Stonehenge while at the NATO Summit in Wales. Putin is out of control and I am so sure all these NATO countries are going to pony up and start chipping in so they can bankrupt their countries with endless conflict. I don't have a problem with the President sight seeing. But he needs to open his eyes and look at his own people, his own country. I guess the view is better at Stonehenge.


  1. Beware of the military-industrial complex...
    War is big business.

    Wasn't it just a few months ago that the "polls" we're showing that the American people were sick and tired of fighting wars? So what happens, a couple of freelance journalists get beheaded (they put themselves in danger), and now it's all "Isis ...or Iceholes or whatever they are called are going to attack the Homeland!"

    BTW where did that whole "Homeland" thing come from? It always makes me think of the Nazis or something...

    This is an endless cycle. There's always gonna be a new boogeyman. Now it's the "Fargin' Iceholes"

  2. Well, I think Obama is trying to do the right thing, and I hand it to him for not going into another conflict all gangbusters like John Wayne Bush. It's a fine line and a complex problem for sure,plus the GOP never let up on their constant negativity and carping. The journalist did put themselves in harms way, but they did so at our benefit, or that's how I view it. I do appreciate the media covering some of these conflicts and others in the past like Vietnam or WWII, etc. in some way to present some coherent, transparent story of it. It's not like they're some crackpots. Americans might as well face facts, a lot of people do not like us and would prefer us dead, slaves, or whatever. I don't like war either, but sometimes you do have to fight to survive. Even with all the negativity I still think America is a great place to live, and it's not all bad, it's a matter of perspective.