Sunday, February 22, 2015

Strange Bedfellows

I was reading this article in Al Jazeera about a foreign mining corporation, taking sacred Apache Reservation land, "under federal protection from mining since 1955" passed into law by congress on the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act. John McCain has been backing this deal for years. Ironically, he's always crying about Iran's nukes
This "Rio Tinto, a global mining conglomerate. And that conglomerate also owns nearly 70 percent of the Rossing uranium mine in Namibia. Another owner of the place is the government of Iran."
My takeaway from this is we are sanctioning Russia for a land grab in Ukraine, someone should sanction Congress, if only.
Then all over the place is the HSBC money laundering scandal, there might be criminal charges and oh yeah, they are big donators to the Clinton Foundation. Right Hillary, I am glad I don't vote anymore, all we get is a parade of criminals or more dynasty candidates like Jeb Bush to choose from. It's all about the 1%. These people will rip off Native Americans living in poverty or really any one living in poverty.
Like say, Palestinians..Here's a weird mash up, Palestinians helping protestors in Ferguson with tear gas advice, sadly, tear gas may be one of the few things left we manufacture here and then it's used to terrorize Palestinians. We might as well just spray the Palestinians ourselves since we are supplying Israel with our home grown artisanal tear gas.
photo by Miriam Barghouti
The absolute strangest mash up of all was the Koch brothers, Cory  Booker (NJ-D) and the ACLU, because the justice system is broken. It should be called the injustice system.
What I wonder is will they privatize the police now? There's got to be an angle and it's usually about profit.
It's weird to me how these deals with the devil are going on all the time. President Obama wants to bomb the daylights out of ISIS, I wonder how much is going on behind the scenes for profit with "advisers" and such. I don't think this is about ISIS, it's more about destroying what infrastructure is left in Syria and Iraq, then I guess it's the contractors that will come in with big fat contracts. We haven't won a conflict in over 50 years so I don't expect that this will go well. It's not about winning it's about profit, like just about everything else in this plutocracy.

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