Sunday, November 8, 2015

Dubya's Doddering Old Dad

Donald Trump was on SNL,who cares? Why anyone pays an attention to that blowhard is beyond me.
Here's a blowhard that got some attention this week. It was 41, yes, that's what he's called in his family. He's a number.The 41st president of the United States and he decided to out his son as being bullied by Cheney and Rumsfeld, poor little Dubya was served badly by his aides. 
What gets me so mad about the Bush's is the total denial that a war was fought on the basis of lies, for profit and thousands have died. The Middle East is a nightmare because of Bush's meddling but it's all Cheney's and Rummy's fault. There's enough blame to go around, but the fact that no one has been accountable for the spying on the American people, the torture, the lying. That is the real problem.  Now dear old Dad has a book coming out and he decides the time is right to keep it real, to bad he didn't do that with his son. Thanks for that!
Another problem for me is that I remember when this whole Iraq War went down, I knew it was all bullshit, but God forbid you said so, just look at how the Dixie Chicks were crucified.
But hey, we can't look back. We aren't supposed to have a memory I guess.
History will be Dubya's judge, because there's no political will to bring a war criminal to justice. Jebby's run for the presidency has been nothing more than a joke since he backs his brother all the way, explaining to us that getting rid of Saddam Hussein was a "pretty good deal" was it? Was it a good deal for all the veterans who fought that war and are now committing suicide in droves?  Was it a good deal for all the families who lost their sons, daughters, husbands and wives? I can't even imagine their pain. To describe that war as a "good deal" as if it was a business transaction, which I'm sure it pretty much was, Cheney's Halliburton profited mightily, as well as all the other defense contractors. The Bush's have been in the business of war for profit for a long time and that includes George H.W. Bush, "good deal" doesn't even come close to describing it. I guess 41 think's it's all Destiny and Power. I think it's corruption and greed, but who cares what I think.

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