Friday, February 5, 2016

Loss By Coin Toss

It's 2016 and how do we decide who wins an election? A coin toss.
 Join me in a blast from the past, how do "We the people" decide who wins an election in 2000? Hanging chads. What did the opponent who lost by a hanging chad do? He just walked away. What will Bernie Saunders do about loss through coin toss? Walk away. Now why do you think that is?
Your vote doesn't even equal a coin toss.
If indeed there was a tie, why wouldn't you evenly distribute the delegates between the candidates?
Because it's better to decide through a coin toss. Just like the Superbowl!
We're a democracy, no rigged elections here
Did you know coin flips have a long standing  history?
Let's go back, way back to Roman times.
"the historical origin of coin flipping is the interpretation of a chance outcome as the expression of divine will"
Let that sink in for a moment. It's nice to know with this country's religion problems, "in God we trust" and all that, coin tosses also are controlled by God and He (or She?) can just solve these pesky election matters. "An awkward system that is very hard to manipulate" Oh really? Sounds like there's plenty of room for manipulation to me. In 2016 with  the technology available and a fair count can't be had? In Iowa they are calling this caucus a debacle. The chairwoman of the Democratic Party when asked to review discrepancies found by the Saunders campaign said no.
 Democracy in action!
The last thing the Democratic Party wants is Bernie Saunders winning anything. He's calling himself a Democratic Socialist now, but has always ran as an Independent. Hopefully he will win in New Hampshire, but it sure looks like Hillary Shillary will be served as the only Democrat choice in November so she can continue Wall Street's rape of the American people while feeding us  Monsanto poison. Enjoying donations to the Clinton Foundation from Saudi billionaires. Donors from other countries that benefited from arms deals brokered by Mrs. Clinton.
Because really, she could'nt give a toss.

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