Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 Was Full Of Crap

So many people are blaming 2016 for so much.
 I think 2016 was a year of bullshit. Seems like the last 4 years has been nothing but crap and it was crap before that too. It's just that the load of bull and the people talking smack has got exponentially worse. It gets to the point where everyone you meet is a con artist or a scam. I can't even walk my dog without a guy coming up to me to tell me he's a dog trainer, without having a dog any where in the vicinity, but for some reason, he needed to convince me he's a dog whisperer.
This kind of behavior is everywhere, TV shysters acting like reporters or politicians saying they are Republicans or Democrats when they act the same.
Yesterday, a friend of mine who voted for Trump actually told me she hopes he's going to change things. It's hilarious. Did she know who he's appointed for his cabinet? Exactly where does this "hope" spring eternal from? I don't know how may examples of liars who get elected she needs but apparently it's going to take more. My buddy Sean voted for Trump, Why? He told me, it's because he's not a politician. That's the only qualification some people needed. But what does that mean exactly? What exactly is he going to do that's any different?
In the final week of the year some weird things happened. President Obama had some kind of freak out and decided to sanction Russia for "hacking" our election the same day as Russia brokered a cease fire in Syria. Is this a coincidence?
There's a couple of things I want to know, had the election gone Hillary's way, (she did get the popular vote) would this have happened? Maybe it would, because Obama seems hell bent on poking a stick in Russia, causing as many problems as possible. Does this come under the "we can do stuff too" threat? We still don't have any proof that Russia did anything. It's insane and it makes no sense unless, of course, it's bullshit!
Do we really need another Cold War or maybe just go straight to a hot one?
Weirder still, after stealing the DNC nomination from Bernie Sanders, (the guy who actually could have won the election), there are no consequences for the DNC's antics, however, we blame Russia for Hillary's loss. Not the fact that no one wanted to vote for her.
There's been a lot of complaining about 2016 and how awful it was, which brings me to an old
 Mad TV bit; 

People need to get a grip and stop expecting Trump or politicians to do anything, except probably make things worse. This attitude will improve your outlook for 2017. With lowered expectations, you don't get your hopes up over whatever hype is going on around you. You know it's bullshit and act accordingly, like with "Rick the dog trainer" who thinks he's going to bamboozle me with his mad dog training skills, I just walk the other way as fast as I can. I don't give these assholes a chance to pitch their scam. I don't listen to politicians, except to make fun of them or call them liars.
2016, was a year of death starting with David Bowie and ending with Carrie Fisher and Debby Reynolds, it was pretty brutal. It did seem like 2016 was extreme with the Brexit vote, the election of Donald Trump, the DAPL pipeline construction still ongoing, despite the BS of the Army Corps of Engineers not granting the permits. It obviously doesn't matter, the corporations just do what they want.
Forget 2016 being the year of the monkey, it's more like the year of the corporations. 2017 will be the year of the Rooster! Could that be any more appropriate for someone like Donald Trump to be in office? He's so loud and obnoxious, it's perfect.
There was one ray of hope with the Trans-Pacific Partnership dying a long drawn out death, one of the things that needed to die in 2016. Like so many other trade deals, that have done nothing for the average working person, this one was bad, it's no secret it was a gift for corporations, That's one example of a good thing that happened, because it didn't happen.
 You have to take the good where you can find it.
I can't even imagine what this year will bring when Donald Trump will be President Trump, but like Obama, who had no effect on my life. It will probably be more of the same. I can only hope that the government will be even more ignored and less of an influence, as time goes on. I think Trump will be equally as ineffective as his meaningless tweets. So here's to 2017, the year of the Rooster.


  1. Great year-ending essay.

    I'm with you on every single word.

    We must learn to see the scammers for who they are, what they do and act accordingly.

    Thanks for all you do for all of us.

    1. Happy New Year, a bit late and You're no slouch either, keep on truckin'!

  2. Hey Patricia! hope at least you had a decent New Year ... but yeah, it is all bull and you know a bunch more of the same to come this year. I havent kept up with the politics much as usual (I'm a little burned out on it), the left/ right stuff, or the morning tweets of Trump, but have looked into some of these picks by the new President elect to run departments/ agencies ... I dont even think Clinton herself would have made choices like that, and she has Wall Street written all over her, Trump chose some dandies! ... geeezzz ... BUT, they ARE pro- business as you can get. You know, I'm a capitalist too, more like western European type though, ... a little different, because I also feel that socialism, government paid health care, food stamps, eduacation, etc ... ARE ALL healthy in capitalism (which I wrote plenty about) ... I see capitalism as a design that SHOULD eliminate extreme poverty, NOT CREATE IT. The greed we see currently is on steroids and became a fashion fad, not moderate/ normal greed, but extreme greed, of selling the same things over and over and repackaged ... one insurance policy for example is no longer any worth, you need to be sold multiple plans that are cleverly drafted to maximize profit and to milk the consumer ... one medicaid/ medicare is no longer sufficient, because you need multiple "plans and parts" to make that work ... but the list is too long to type here, everything is designed to milk, period. Reasonable profits are no longer sought, now they want to rob everything, and have enough lobbyists on the payroll, to make it all legal, actually what we see today, falls under the RICO act technically as "organized crime" ... the thing about this Patricia, is we ALL knew this was coming, we seen it taking shape years ago, and didnt respond, like we should, maybe soon, people will respond to this the way we should respond. Anywayz, hope you nad yours have a good un Dear ....

    1. Happy New Year Ranch! We saw it coming, we are doing something. I don't comply, I don't consume, I don't own a TV. This is how we choke them out. They can stick their healthcare where the sun never shines. I've ran out of f#$2ks to give. They aren't getting anymore. I will make fun of them and call them out on my little blog and whenever anyone talks to me about it.I am pretty sure you feel the same and that counts. Happy belated New year to your wife and family Ranch.