Sunday, February 19, 2017

Paradox of Propaganda

I don't have a TV, I haven't had one for years. Mainly for economic reasons, having cable is like having a car payment.
 I don't subscribe to any print media.
Since the Iraq War, CNN, Fox News, The New York Times and so many more, reinforced the notion of weapons of mass destruction, it's all fake news to me.
 Trump isn't wrong calling out fake news, but the thing is, he's fake too.
I have a hard time believing anything that politicians do or say, along with TV stations and any mainstream print like the Washington Post or The New York Times.
I am not alone acknowledging that there is a propaganda MSM infrastructure being maintained to either keep people in a constant state of fear over Russia; Oh My God there's a Russian ship in International waters off our coast!
Or, alternately putting them to sleep with reality shows or the History Channel's, so-called history.
I have friends who watch Fox News or CNN, some of them still believe what's on TV, but most of them have no idea of what's going on, TV or no TV. They have no idea who Trumps cabinet picks are, what their history or experience is.
The rate of constant 24 hour breaking news gives them amnesia. They can barely remember what occurred yesterday, let alone last week. It's a constant stream of information that is, for the most part, almost meaningless or just plain nonsense.
When fake news is touted as truth then found out to be lies, and no one is responsible or accountable for fake news, it just goes on and on.
I think this country was founded on fake news and it's come back to bite us on the ass. Native American genocide propagandized as Manifest Destiny comes to mind, the Salem Witch Trials, More recently the Gulf Of Tonkin, WMD's and the Iraq War.
Now all of a sudden there's mayhem because the President is talking about fake news.
While the media acts like there's no such thing as fake news, it begs the question; what's really going on that isn't being reported?
We have leaks all over the place, supposedly because our non-elected Shadow Government isn't happy that @realdonaldtrump is acting like he isn't playing by the usual rules, like good old Obama did. I don't care which of Trump's cabinet picks resigns or gets approved, they are all from the same apparatus. Whether the NSA or whoever leaked Flynn's conversations and why that's a big problem, doesn't matter to me, since we're all in the same boat being spied on.
The reality is that almost everyone I know who voted for Trump, barely knows even one of his cabinet choices. However, they are super impressed that FLOTUS was a super model. (was she a super model? I have no idea, probably more fake news) Maybe they're right not to pay any attention, since it's become a revolving door of self serving, stale, pale and male dudes, or useful idiots like Betsy DeVos and that twit Ben Carson.
Meanwhile, the country is a shambles, I had five friends of mine get laid off from their jobs last week. I see abandoned houses everywhere, since we have a major foreclosure problem ongoing in my state and one of the major bridges connecting New Jersey to Pennsylvania was recently closed due to a crack in the structure, and so it goes. There's nothing fake about any of those things.
I anticipate more arguing about the deficit and how we can't afford all of the entitlements people actually paid for. This country is bankrupt morally and probably financially, since people like @realdonadltrump and all the other elites can offshore trillions of dollars in tax revenues while everyone's rushing around with their W-2's trying to get their taxes done.
The one thing you can count on is Americans are still caught up with Republicans versus Democrats, Black Lives Matter-All Lives Matter, the drug war, it just doesn't end and it keeps everyone distracted from the fact that it's the system that's the problem and no amount of voting will fix it.
The fix is in and no average American is going to come out the winner. Why would you even play their game?
Step away from the TV.
 It's 65 degree's in February here in New Jersey, I am going to take my box of paints and go out and paint a landscape, at least that is real, I guess global warming is fake too.



  1. One thing for sure Patricia, is whenever viewing ANY news, you also need to read between the lines ... you know, most has a quota or agenda to meet. The thing to me that is sad about the news (MSM), is that so many great journalists are also caught up in a fear themselves, fear of money, being funded, losing their jobs, etc. You nailed it too, "fear" is one of our biggest obstacles, and these so called elites that control so much, know that, and depend on that ... whether it's for peddling pharmaceuticals to you, junk food, insurance etc ... good probably you DONT watch the tele, the amount of fear from medical/ pharma, food, or whatever, is advertised with saturation these dayz through commercials ... so much fear is peddled on us, I actually laugh, wondering how dumb and scared do they think most people are? That shit will make you mush- headed if you dont be careful. I do watch the news myself, and have cable, but news or football games is about all I watch, some documentaries, is about it. But, I know many fol;ks who dont watch the news, because they think it is depressing, and if that is the case, it is good not to even view/ read it, dont let shit get you depressed (when I call my blog "politically depressed", it was in humor ONLY, inspired by Bill Maher, my dad was a big Bill Maher fan, and turned me on to him). As far as Trump being fake ... you're probably right, time will tell who and what he will suck up to. I'm actually glad that he has peoples panties in a bind on capitalism hill ... I was laughing the other day ... because they had to send Mike Pence to Europe to try to explain about NATO, and that Trump dont really mean what he sayz, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... now they have to have Pence sucking up too, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... I hope they have total chaos in Washington over the next couple years. Nothing will get done if they do? (you may ask) ... not much of a damn thing gets done anywayz? Frankly Patricia, I'm not hardly as civilized and liberal as yourself on some things ... being, that I think we ought to drag some of these politicians and CEO's into the streets, and beat the living shit out of them. Good posting, I'm outta here.

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