Sunday, July 16, 2017

I, Trumpius

Long time, no see.
I've been busy having a summer, offline. Which has been really wonderful.
 Until, I get online and see what the world has been up too. One thing that I noticed this week was this;
How creepy is he? I wanted to be shocked, but no, this guy acts like a bad online date from Plenty of Freaks. Donald Trump is probably in my dating pool. Since 70 year old dudes think they can get younger women, just like Donald Trump has. He is so bizarre.  However, I have met plenty like him. Guys who blurt out; "nice rack." You name it, they say it, that is, when they aren't outright groping you.
Trumps reminds me of some kind of Roman Emperor.
I think he has a lot in common with Claudius. Claudius, had  nephew named Caligula.
Nice family right?
Claudius was also an "outsider" the first emperor, born outside Italy.
Trump was thought of as an outsider.
"Potential enemies didn't see him as a serious threat" sound familiar? This was written about Claudius, but could easily be the way Trump was viewed by the GOP early in the election.
 Claudius, had a huuuuuge infrastructure program, building aqueducts, canals and roads.
Trump has a new infrastructure plan, but no idea when that will happen.
 Rome wasn't built in a day!
Claudius came to power through the murder of his nephew, Caligula, by the Praetorian guard and some senators. The rumor was Claudius knew all about it, but there was no evidence. Claudius liked to use his family connections, as a sort of brand, taking the name Caesar, also the name Augustus, and deleting Nero.
He was the first to use bribery regarding the military. Not necessarily a black budget, but I am guessing there was a Roman Military Complex that had to be maintained, conquests and annexations of other countries were the order of the day. Much like say, Trump and Qatar, (since son-in-law Kushner couldn't get them to loan him half a billion for his Fifth Avenue under-water property) perhaps another surge in Afghanistan? When you are an Emperor, you need more empire. You also need more money to vanquish the enemy, that's why the House just passed a $696 billion defense spending bill upgrade for the MIC.
 It's interesting that Claudius was dealing with the issues of who was a citizen and who wasn't?
Not much has changed, including a crackdown on people living in Rome, who were not considered citizens. In most cases people were given citizenship, but in some cases, "false citizenship" was considered a capital offence.
This seems to be a never ending problem. Especially for empires causing mass migration, from endless war, coups and mayhem. The difference being, that if you were in a Roman territory, you were also considered a Roman citizen. America just pillages, then waits for refugees to migrate.
The Roman senate had a good deal of people hostile to Claudius, so Claudius reduced their power. The American senate or congress for that matter can barely get anything done and there is barely anything but silence from them when it comes to Trump, unless he's tweeting about a female reporter's plastic surgery. He got some pushback, but I doubt he cared...
Claudius had to deal with several coups. 35 senators and 300 knights were killed during his reign. There's already been suggestions, that there has been a coup here in the USA, which is why Trump has not kept many of his campaign promises. Healthcare for everyone, yeah, right.
He kept GITMO open! MAGA!
Claudius was fond of gladiatorial matches, kind of like Trump and WWE

Claudius even fought a Killer Whale trapped in a harbor! Why? Did he need the ultimate fish story?   He got a bunch of his army buddies to spear the poor thing, it was already trapped from having nets thrown on it.
 I could totally see Trump doing that.
Claudius married four times, so Trump needs another go round to catch up with Claudius.
Get this, Claudius had "weak hands" Trumps got tiny hands. Sometime's he gets a smacked hand.

It's been a pretty strange summer. While we watch America do NOTHING GREAT, AGAIN.
It's pretty much guaranteed we will continue declining like Rome did, I look forward to seeing more bizarre behavior from the Cheeto-in-chief, more idiotic tweets, more excuses, maybe trying to pull another foreign dignitary's arm off?
 We are winning, so bigly.



  1. Hi Patricia ... and good morning! Been by here several times and seen you werent doing nothing ... so I'm glad to hear that you have been enjoying your summer and just kicking back ... and that you are fine.

    Highlighting ancient Rome here and the issues of that time is a good choice too, because I simply look at America's reach as nothing more than an extension of ancient Rome actually ... I just call it "same ole shit in a new package". All these transitions come and go like the seasons over the centuries, and it's alwayz the same ole same. But history also shows there is progress made to from one millennia, century, empire to the next ... the bottom line being a continued fight ... I actually envision a future much different though, and a time of actual change on every level for the good, and an enlightenment unmatched, but not without a miserable time getting to that point. Rome failed ... and this can fail as well ... but generational oligarchy will never give up, it's not their nature, and neither will the majority who oppose them.

    As far as Trump (Tweety) ... he hasnt even really done much yet ... just wait until he actually gets in gear to see what he'll do. Trump actually believes that he is doing the right thing too ... he simply dont understand some things, and why people are so against him. I watch the news on the tele daily, like a ritual when I wake up, grab the remote and go to the news ... I recently had to have my finger constantly on the mute button, just so I dont have to hear Trump's latest tweet about how he has the red- ass, or his wife didnt give him any or related nonsense ... I mean, I mute him like I do the corporate giant commercials. I dont even feel Melania really likes him as much as she has to pretend, I also think that she just had this infatuation with him because he reminded her in some wayz of her dad ... also, by marrying him, she is also pretty much set for life. I actually in an odd way feel sorry for her, I think she is just as disgusted with some of his moves as many of the public.

    Again Patricia ... just glad to see you're fine and enjoying the summer ... talk to ya later.

    1. I don't have a TV. I agree Oligarchy never gives up. My daughter told me a story about when the cold war ended and the Soviet Union collapsed they had to take out all the old Stalinists, etc when they cleaned out their offices, because they wouldn't leave, they didn't care that it was over. I bet they do that to Mitch McConnell one day. Trump will not be able to do anything. The first six months proves it.

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  3. Since 'Caligula' means 'little boots', I've been referring to Trump as 'little gloves' since the election.

  4. Oooh, I didn't know that about Nero, that's interesting. "Little gloves" fits. Lol