Monday, June 5, 2017

A Neverending War

This is the 400th post on this blog,
A journey I started almost 6 years ago. I was pretty confused about what was going on here, in the USA, That was 2011.
 I was just beginning to go down the rabbit hole.
The research I was doing invariably led me to a chain of corruption, bribes, nepotism & cronyism.
It definitely wasn't what I thought it would be.
If you could have told me then, that Donald Trump would be president in 2017, I doubt I would have believed it. At that point, I was just beginning to understand why nothing was getting better, in this country and today it is much the same.
Actually, it is worse.
We are still bombing and droning the same countries we were back in 2011, but with an updated list. We still are the largest purveyors of weapons worldwide.
Still have the worst healthcare, for an industrialized country.
We've got guns, guns and more guns and there's another shooting in Orlando today, almost a year after the Pulse Nightclub attack occurred. There's going to be more, Americans know this and they just shake their heads and move on.
Back in 2011, when I was new to blogging, most  people I knew were struggling. In 2017, almost half the country is in poverty. My point being, that nothing much has changed and things have degraded for the average American.
So how do you explain that?
I am trying to think of something that the government has done this year.
6 months into Donald Trumps presidency, with majority Republican in both houses, what has actually been accomplished?
He had a party in the Rose Garden for a healthcare bill that has no chance of making it through the Senate, making healthcare worse again. Seriously?
I looked at the list of signed legislation since Trump took office;
 A Joint Resolution For The Regent of the Smithsonian Institute? A Joint Resolution for the Bureau of Land Management to prepare, revise, use land, initiated by Liz Cheney, she was proud to "stop one more Obama Administration policy that was part of an eight-year war on the west."
If anyone knows about war, it's Dick Cheney's daughter.
 I think this piece of fairly unnoticed legislation is pretty telling. Since it seems to be about giving the power to manage these lands back to the states. Who knows how that's going to work out? More pipelines, more mining, probably, but Obama wasn't very effective when it came to water protectors and "letting things play out"
Well, the oil is flowing now, despite 3 spills so far. Corporations win again, Trump had investments in the parent company of the Dakota Access pipeline, he says he divested, but there's no evidence of this.
The only thing that really counts is corporate power. There's a healthcare corporation between you and your doctor. Almost everything Americans do has some kind of corporate structure involved, that's propped up by government corporate welfare. And they call us useless eaters.
If anything, since 2011, corporations have more power, while Americans have less full time work at minimum wage. It's not going to improve, if we go by Trump's first 6 months.
However, nothing improved with Obama either.
Americans are still heavily invested in a two party system that does nothing for them. It's all the illusion of choice. I still don't hear anyone bragging about anything that Trump has accomplished,
I kind of understand. I just spent a few hours of my life trying to figure out what, exactly, Trump has done, by going to actual government websites. If it takes a college educated woman, who's been blogging for about six years, part of her day to figure out what is going on, then  the average exhausted over worked American, doesn't stand a chance.
Most people just hear about Trump's tweets. That's where they get their information.
This is where we are, it's like George Carlin said, the government doesn't want critical thinkers. The government is winning, because no one is paying attention between the bombings and the shootings and the daily chaos of Trumps tweets and that's not an accident.
When are people going to figure out that they've been played? It's a con.
The policies of the last 6 years and before, when Bush invaded Afghanistan, has led to the terrible circumstances we find ourselves in today. There is no doubt in my mind that what is happening in the UK with the terrible attacks, right before their elections is blowback.
How long before it's our turn again?
We just armed Saudi Arabia to the teeth and now they've cut off diplomatic ties with Qatar and this has everything to do with picking a fight with Iran. Trump has aligned himself and thus, the rest of us with the Saudis. Why? Qatar-Iran gas field probably. Not to mention Israel is no friend to Iran either, it's a win-win for Trump and if we keep meddling it's going to be a lose-lose for us.
This is the man that didn't want to involve us in any more wars, but is about to put another surge in Afghanistan.
400 posts ago, I guess I had a lot more hope, but now, you can predict how things will play out. Corporations have taken over the government and that includes defense contractors, who will clean up in the next conflict.
To make matters worse, after the UK tragedy over the weekend, Trump was hellbent on criticizing London's mayor on twitter, co-opting a tragedy. Totally cringeworthy. Totally heartbreaking, but not unexpected, I do expect him to keep ginning up for another war.
From 2011 to 2017, here I am writing about more, neverending war.
My only hope came from watching Ariana Grande and others performing in Manchester. Trying to give something back to the people who have suffered as a result of terrible decisions made by our leaders. I'll just leave a little video of her and the Black Eyed Peas here.


  1. Good Morning Patricia ... CONGRATULATIONS on your 400th posting. I have I know over 1000 postings, not sure of exact number off hand, or exact date I started blogging or whatever (some time on 2008), I dont keep up with it all as much as I should perhaps. I did delete though about a few hundred postings early on (maybe 500- 600? ... cant recall) ... I just had too many I felt, oversaturated, etc. Plus when I started my blog, I had no bloody idea where I was going with it, how to do it or whatever (and no, I had no writing experience, and only 8th grade of formal education, misspelled every damn thing but my name {:-) ... it was a mess dear {:-) You and I sound like blogging experience soulmates ... I mean ... I had no bloody idea WTF was going on either when I started until I started actually examining stuff. Hell Patricia, folks are busy with their lives, I know many people who spend hours on shit like Facebook, Twitter, etc ... yet dont keep up with what is going on even, just sharing photos, videos, conversations/ small chat, etc (which I dont do much socializing at all actually online ... I socialize daily with folks around town, folks dropping by, and in my community, but it's person to person, not via internet). I'm so glad it stopped raining here, it's like been raining for a damn week, today, beautiful sunny and 80's! It just gets so bad driving in this town when it rains ... like a smaller version of LA, since we are saturated with freewayz too. LA is really a damn mess when it rains (not sure if your familiar with LA traffic), but the freewayz are a mess out there and to top it off, hills and shit start falling apart and rolling into the roads! The LA river channel of concrete which is usually no deeper than ankle deep even gets swamped and floods! BTW, I had no problemo with your posted time (EST), I was just asking if you knew what was up, I noticed this on many websites, that post and show different time zones ... my blog shows pacific time for instance, but I'm in central, I never bothered with it.

  2. I'm doing this in pieces, since I dont know when it will tell me I have too many characters. But Thanx for the Congresswoman Liz Cheney bill link (yes, I call it congresswoman instead of congressman), I have to look into this, I am curious what kind of scam this is (sorry, I shouldnt perhaps assume it's a scam, but look who's behind it). I know Dick Cheney's former house maid in Dallas personally ... she is also from Mexico I may add. Cheney is slicker than owls shit ... disgusting having to hear him whine how he's near death all the time, heart or whatever, showing up in wheelchairs, etc, etc ... he's so full of shit ... he been dying for decades! Yeah, I mean, we have a real mess, but alwayz remember, folks will resist, question and get some of their wishes through and met ... it's all a game dear. Plus remember, the 21st century is introducing a new transition, everything is and will be affected, from societies, science, agriculture, energy, employment, markets, etc, etc ... it's simply a matter of peope standing up to be heard as well ... and many will globally ... so it will not be a cakewalk as expected from the top crust, they are delusional as well from wealth and power. And now it appears it's a battle to have maximum power over countries more like China and Russia (they dont worry about India, they already have them where they want them). There are so many different interests at battle too, so it's not just one ruling class conspiring to take over the world, I mean, even those at the top will be at odds with each other, that's why you have to have secretive meetings like Bilderberg , whiuch many folks dont understand and why the secrecy ... but there is a mess, and those folks attending it, is very importante they have their input ... the world has some very serious challenges, and without these people being able to learn and input with each other to where they cant have what they talk about dissected and twisted is importante, long story though. The wars? no, I dont see any of it stopping soon, especially with the stakes and global transition the world is trying to achieve, and I expect much more terrorism retaliation, but not just from a religious group. Lots and lots going on Patricia, I could talk about this till I'm blue in the face ... but when bills and such come to the house floor, or even in other governments, the people will know then and have their input and voice too, if not there, they will in the streets and hurt business as well if necessary and the flow of. I'm outta here ... take care yourself Patricia, like to one day meet you too. Despite the mess, there is alwayz hope, as long as you go for it, and it been that way since our beginning.