Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Art Of The Curtsy

I don't know if anyone else thought the timing of Chelsea Manning's release and Sweden terminating a 7 year sex crime investigation against Julian Assange was a coincidence?
I mean, how does that happen? In one week these two are in the news, only one is free and one isn't. I was glad Chelsea Manning was released, I was also glad that Sweden "discontinued" their investigation. While I think what these two people did was important, I am not sure what actually changed?
People I know, just don't care and have no idea of the particulars of Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange's legalities.
Then there's this, what in the actual......???????  I just can't.

I guess he got so excited about his Art of the Weapons Deal, he just couldn't stand still and got weak in the knees.
We are still the largest exporter of war in the world.
It's sickening.
The people that exposed war crimes and publish secrets, are trying to figure out how to get on with their lives.
 Meanwhile, average Americans are still struggling in an economy that continues to crumble.
Where basic needs, like single payer health insurance will never happen.
But missiles and guns and bombs? We live in a land of plenty.
We are still bombing and terrorizing countries we have no business being in.
The corporate war machine just rolls on with no end in sight.
Maybe that's the real point.
I don't know what it's going to take for our government, to stop all the war mongering and start getting into the business of getting out of the Middle East. It's completely counter-intuitive to keep going on this way. I am pretty sure no one who voted for Trump thought they would see him curtsy to Saudi royals. It's ridiculous, but not altogether unexpected.
Maybe, the only thing the Saudi's could figure out, to keep him at arms length,was to throw a necklace on him in order to avoid his crazy handshake.

One thing I totally get is what a sleazy salesman Trump is. These "state visits" are no more than sales opportunities. Kerry did it, so did Obama.  However he had the decency to cancel, after the Saudi's launched a war on Yemen.
Raytheon will be making bank on this new arms deal, while they offshore millions in taxes.
You can bet a whole lot more people are going to die, since no one seems to have any wherewithal to tell America they don't want bombs, or any other arms America is pushing like a heroin drug dealer.
I am sure that we can expect a lot more "deals" like this one.
Meanwhile American's continue to shoot up in a drug epidemic, I have not witnessed since the Vietnam War. Don't think those things aren't connected, only it's not just veterans that are hooked.  One outcome of the Afghanistan War is the flow of heroin.  I see it everyday when I go for my daily workouts. I have decided to document the evidence.

This is where we are now. We started an illegal war, we arrested and persecuted whistleblowers for alerting us to war crimes, while we continue to wreak havoc all over the world. Selling arms, and bombing other countries while the flow of heroin and Narcodollars continues. Average Americans who are in real pain and despair are turning to this.
This is the legacy of Afghanistan and many other wars.
             But hey, he's going to make America great again, curtsying to the Saudi Royal family, with some bling around his neck.


  1. Hi Patricia ... I didnt even think of the Assange Manning thing until you brought it up, so yeah, there probably is a reason for that too. The war thing I doubt is going to stop any time soon. Years back when I first started my blog in, I was noticing a pattern just reading things that I havent before as far as news, before 08 I wasnt online and just got most of my news info from mainstream US (papers, radio, tele) ... but because f what I seen is why I started talking about the corporate communism and global thing back then, after putting together pieces ... it became obvious in other words. But neoliberalism was planned looking at it not for decades, and even the US Supreme Court, with Citizens ruling to let the oligarchs have a bigger hand in elections ... I feel that is why they tossed in gay marraige and legalized it ... being they sabe social issues for down the road to toss us a favour once in awhile, while issues to gain money and power are their prime focus ... in other words, dont give us everything at once. Both political parties are in on it, I'm sure of it now, so we are already here ... of course there is some slight differences like on social issues between the parties, but they are ruled to stand the same on money and war issues, and they want to shut down governments like China and Russia for having too much power that is out of their hands. However Patricia ... with every transition throughout recorded history dictated by the wealth ... there is alwayz room and precedent for the masses to counter it and push for things they want too, whether we are controlled by a government voice or strictly a voice of neoliberalism, we will still have an input, people arent quick to give up freedoms that they already tasted, and are not all dumb as those who run things think. All they want is a global society of people that approve who follow them ... too long story though. Yes, my cousin (he was older than me by almost 10 years, and passed away/ murdered) was addicted to heroin he started in Vietnam US/ Army, he was living in Queens? NYC when he got home and done a gypsy cab service to pay for his daily habit. That's the reason I actually never got into running(IV) dope, was watching my older cousin get dope sick when I was a kid, and having callouses so bad from hitting in the same spot on his arms, that he had to hit himself in the leg or find other new areas to run dope. I'm outta here Patricia, Thanx for the read.

    1. I am so sorry about your cousin. So many people came out of that war damaged and there was barely any help. So sad.

  2. I'm curious Patricia ... I posted my comment at 4:29pm (here in Dallas) above ... it sayz 2:29pm, which I understand is pacific time, but you are in Jersey you say, and you should be in eastern time, meaning it should be "5:29", I'm wondering why it would give pacific time?

  3. You know Ranch, I never looked at that until you mentioned it. Indeed, it was set for Pacific time on my blog and I have no idea why. Maybe I wish I was on the West Coast? Fixed that, thanks