Tuesday, October 9, 2018

"A Very Glamorous Position"

More Distraction?
Well, well, Nikki Bobblehead Haley "stepped down" from the UN.
 I wonder if Hope Hickey gave her a heads up about new employment opportunities, since she just got a job at the propaganda center Fox News. Also known as the Tinder for Trumps.
I heard Kanye West is going for a big meeting with Donald Trump this week, maybe Kanye will be her replacement?
Nikki Haley is from SC, the same state as Lindsey Graham. Could there be more shenanigans afoot?
Like maybe Graham replacing the elf on a shelf, Sessions? Trumps AG?
Bye-Bye Beauregard?
Usually people resign after midterms, not before, so what's the deal?
Kickbacks like basketball tickets and flights on luxury jets maybe?
 Doesn't seem like this would be any big deal in the grifters administration.
My moneys on Jeff Sessions getting axed, Wednesday after the midterms. Lindsey Graham takes his place, Nikki Haley then drops into Grahams seat.
Maybe Ivanka will asume UN Ambassadorship?
Didn't Trump call the UN Ambassadorship a "glamorous position"?
So what's it gonna be, the CREW calling on State Department Inspector General for an investigation?
Or Sessions gets booted and Haley gets Grahams Senate seat?

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  1. Trump is pretty "glamorous" himself, eh? heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, he's a real sweetheart! {:-) Nothing this guy does is not glamorous, great, like never seen,huge, beautiful, etc ... I would bet that Trump would take a shit in his toilet throne, look down at it, and say to himself how beautiful it is {:-) Yeah, whenever these ethics questions come up, for any of these folks, it's resign and move to another great position. These folks are set for life, that is what is so attractive of American politics, hardly any accountability, all kinds of extras, insider trading tips, freebees, free cars/ vehicles, insurance best policies, etc, etc. Most folks in the private sector lose their ass if they f*ck up on their jobs like these folks do, even blacklisted. They are tolally opposite in what they say they are for, they are even encouraged to lie constantly, and cant even remember the lies they say, some are like so "senile" too ... absolutely unbelievable ... I just call it "american exceptionalism" {:-) Anywayz, our loved one "Trumpster", sayz his daughter Ivanka would be GREAT for Nikki's for Nikki's replacement (linked below) ... perhaps Trumpster rigged it too. Have a good one Patricia!