Sunday, June 23, 2013

Immigration Industrial Complex

It's sad, when all I can see is profits for politicians and corporations, with every piece of legislation that comes out of Washington and S.77 is no different.
S.744 is a pinata filled with cash for corporations and politicians.
In an attempt at immigration reform, it looks like something very expensive will happen. The Congressional Budget Office report says that the Border Patrol "surge" is going to cost  billions.
 Let's break it down, shall we?
"The most significant additional discretionary costs are those necessary to implement the border security measures in the bill. CBO estimates that implementing the border security measures specified in S. 744 would cost $15.2 billion over the next 10 years, including $4.7 billion in 2014. Costs for additional Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents alone would exceed $600 million annually by 2017 and total $6 billion over the budget window. The estimate anticipates the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will hire 3,500 additional CBP agents by end of 2017, add and upgrade border patrol stations along sections of the southwestern border, expand surveillance systems, and purchase additional aircraft and watercraft. The Department of Transportation and General Services Administration are also required to improve existing infrastructure at border crossings, which is included in the $15.2 billion cost."*
This is directly from the CBO, the section I bolded really interests me, because I see an opportunity here for some contracted corporation to make money, lets say someone connected to a high level government official who is getting lobbied with lots of cash. Seriously, I don't believe for a minute that the politicians or the Gang Of Eight gives a damn about immigrants. 
The millions of undocumented workers in this country work for low wages, which drive down everyone's wages and that's what corporations want. They don't pay taxes or Social Security, if that withholding does occur, employers line their own pockets with it. 
The only reason that immigration reform has a hope of passing is that the racsist GOP KNOWS that they need the Hispanic vote, they lost 70% of those "takers" in the last election. 
 " The Department of Justice (DOJ), and the Federal Prison System totaling about $5 billion over 10 years. CBO determined that between 2014 and 2016, DOJ would need to hire 75 immigration court judges per year and increase the number of staff attorneys for the Board of Immigration Appeals by 30 annually to handle increased immigration caseloads and claims."*
Don't get me started about the Prison Industrial Complex. We already have a failed war on drugs with mass incarceration, providing profits for companies and corporations, (google Corrections Corporation Of America) so now we will have a war on immigrants and money to be made housing them, investors want more criminalization for maximum profits. This is one reason why pot is still illegal, but I digress, if there is a way to commodify illegal immigrants this will be one of them, besides paying them slave wages.
There is going to be a huge concentration of money for the border.
You better believe this bill Text of S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act (Reported by Senate Committee version) - will be filled with pork and billions in profits and kickbacks to sleazy politicians who do not care about the humane treatment of the millions, if not a billion of illegals in this country.
It's going to be really interesting to see if the lunatic fringe tea party faction goes for any of this. After all the crying and carrying on about the deficit, it's going to be hard for the GOP to swallow billions going to immigration when food stamps and social security are too expensive and we have don't have any money for social programs. Not to mention the gridlock that has choked this country for years.
The only way this legislation will pass is if there is enough money to be made for the Corporate Industrial Complex.
*SBC Analysis Of CBO Immigration Report: Senate Bill Increases On-Budget Deficit, Increases Unemployment, Depresses Wages - Budget Background - Research - U.S. Senate Budget Committee

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  1. No, the old white men (Like Sessions) in the Senate and the Tea Baggers reps in the House will defeat the bill. Here it is - there should not be a non-Hispanic Democrat in the US Senate from Florida, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and California and the same goes for the Governor's mansion.
    I cannot imagine as large a Hispanic population that Texas has and an idiot, asshole, like Rick Perry in Austin?

    Great post...