Sunday, June 30, 2013

Southern Discomfort

Lot's of people have been talking about Paula Deen and the racist slurs she made. Some bigots people, say oh, she said those things 25 years ago. Like it doesn't count, like it doesn't matter.
We celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, but for some people the war isn't over. Just down the street from me, where I live in NEW JERSEY, north of the Mason-Dixon line, is this heartwarming display. There's something about a Confederate flag that say's home, don't you think?
As if that circa 1980's aqua and mauve chair wasn't enough, they have to hang the "Southern Cross" on their door.
According to the Supreme Court,  "our country has changed"
Maybe Justice Roberts would like to come to the Jersey Shore and witness the assholes people, driving around in their pick-up trucks decorated with the confederate flag. People like to say that the flag isn't about racism to justify using it as some kind of ornament for their cars or homes. They seem to forget a little thing called SLAVERY. It might be different if these people with their flags could even bring up the argument about states rights, but they're not that intelligent. They probably don't know that recently North Carolina had to take down their Confederate flag after people complained, because it's RACIST!
The Supreme Court seems to be unaware of what even I am aware of, that the former GOP chairman in Florida purposely tried to "suppress the black vote. " True story, not kidding, in 2012.
While Paula Deen thinks "Plantation style" weddings are nostalgic and festive and people like to reminisce about "the good old days" when you could own a human being, sell a human being and lynch a human being, she obviously have no sense of reality, neither does the Supreme Court. In their world racism doesn't exist. In the real world  a picture says a thousand words. I can think of one word the people down the street from me probably use on a daily basis.
Sorry assholes, the south is NOT going to rise again. I hope you enjoy the $100 fine you receive for your racist confederate bullshit.


  1. Yep, we also have one of those "nostalgic" symbols aflyin' on a garage a couple of blocks from our house...right here in...NEBRASKA! Even several more states removed from New Jersey. I also see it on macho, mano, bigass pick-up trucks, frequently. Racism is dead my skinny ass!

  2. It makes me so damn mad. The worst part of it is some of these assholes, I mean, just SOME, don't even associate this kind of nonsense with racism. I have heard some people claim they aren't racist. They need to get over that shit. I am still so mad. Looks like we might as well live in the south with these freaks and their Confederate flag bullshit.

  3. That flag may be racist or it may not. I guess those kinds of things are in the eye of the beholder. Sort of like the term, "creepy ass cracker". Evidently that's not racist. I've actually heard of people who are offended by the display of the American Flag. And, according to jadedj, a big pick-up truck is racist. Maybe you're overthinking this issue?

  4. The attitudes behind the display of the stars and bars is the problem. I am a decendent of the Randolphs of Monticello - Martha Randolph married Thomas Jefferson. Did my ancestors own slaves?
    Absolutely - as did George Washington.
    That time in America is history as is that Confederate flag. Lets move on.

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  5. Welcome Bill, overthinking.... JadedJ doesn't think pick-up trucks are racist. It's the Confederate flag the people adorn it with that makes them racist, as Sarge says, it's the history of the symbol, what it represents. I could have a flag with a swastika on it hanging on my door. Now I wonder what people would think? As it happens, you don't see swastikas on vehicles, oddly enough. Somehow a Confederate flag is acceptable, like it's some kind of badge of honor. It isn't, it's more like a symbol of shame.
    Got your blog linked, Sarge!

  6. Carnac the Magnificent! I'm amazed at the way you're able to read someone's mind and soul by a flag or symbol they may posses. That would be like me assuming an old gray haired guy is a lib just because he's has a pony tail, wears birkenstocks, and drives a Prius. You should actually try talking to one of those "assholes" the next time you're in Walmart. They might be a card carrying union member and registered Democrat. (and thanks for the welcome!)

  7. Mmm, Confederate flags still have a connotation, and generally, it isn't good. Good ole boys? Really? It's ignorant, and generally, willfully so. Call me what you will, but I have no tolerance for willful ignorance.