Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Top Gun

Yeah, guns and booze go together like Laurel and Hardy. Maybe just not as funny.
There was another college shooting in Santa Monica.  5 people are dead. The guy who killed five people at Santa Monica College, had serious mental illness issues and had been previously hospitalized for them.
Jurors are being selected for the Trayvon Martin shooting case
 George Zimmerman, the man who shot Trayvon Martin was a neighborhood WATCH volunteer. I don't know if he's mentally ill and apparently no one is questioning that. But I would like to  know what about neighborhood WATCH means ignoring a dispatchers directive to not chase an unarmed teenager and wait for police? 
Maybe he just could not follow directions? 
Whether you're a crime fighting volunteer or a certifiable nutcase, guns are good. 
It turns out, neither do the mentally ill, or neighborhood WATCH volunteers. While Washington D.C. goes crazy over the NSA leaks, I didn't hear anyone complain about the fact that mass shootings are occurring every 2 weeks. Gun control legislation languishes, more people die while the idiots in Washington chase the next scandal, when the biggest scandal of all are the amount of killings due to lack of serious background checks for the mentally ill regarding the purchase of guns. 
Turns out that it's more than a thrill to grab a gun in a sexy satin camisole. It's a necessity when you're trapped in a frame of Christmas nostalgia with balls about to rain down on your head.  But what is really unspoken here is that you could be handing a gun over to someone who's going to use it on you. She doesn't look as if she's going to shoot that thing.  1,500 women are killed each year by their boyfriends or their husbands.
About 4,563 people have died this year from gun violence. If that many people had SARS I don't think it would be ignored the way the epidemic of deaths due to guns are. I don't know many people who have to
deal with bears or lions or tigers on a daily basis anymore. I do realize that people are the most dangerous thing in our environment. But why is the only answer having an arsenal of weapons available? I wonder how many people are going to die today because of gun violence? When will the next mass shooting be? People say we can't stop these events from occurring, does that mean we shouldn't do anything about it?


  1. Ironic how we worry about terrorism, but not these mass shootings. Of course, these mass shootings ARE terrorism, we just don't call it that if the perpetrator is native born.

  2. The Gun Lobby has been benefiting by the Out of Sight, Out of Mind non-reporting of the Daily Carnage which has engulfed America for decades. Now, that every tragic killing of a father by his 4 year old, or an infant by her older brother or a macho man quick drawing his gun letting off an ND which kills a 9 year old playing outside and the 10 wounded by an errant shotgun blast at a swanky sportsmen club, the Gun Nuts are livid!

    The bad press is making their substitute penis' look dangerous instead of manly!

  3. A shame the bad press can't translate into sane gun control.

  4. I heard two conservative talking heads bemoaning the fact that George Zimmerman had suffered enough because he had put on "about 100 pounds" since given house arrest, saying he couldn't get out of the house to exercise.

    Gee, maybe he could join a Neighborhood Watch program and go out every afternoon for a nice long walk around the area? Keep an eye on things while he's out? And, oh hey, if you're gonna go out you know you might as well take some protection, just in case there's a Skittles wielding hoodie running around the sidewalks...

    Makes me want to hurl.

    Just read where more Americans have been killed by toddlers this year than by terrorists.

    Perhaps we should instruct the NSA to listen in on conversations at Le Petite?


  5. Steve Earle put our nation's gun fascination in poetic terms.

  6. Hey squatlo. First, please point us to the source or the conservative talking head bemoaning the fact the Z had suffered enough because of his weight gain. I doubt that you actually saw that. Second, if you're going to murder someone you don't call the cops and tell them to come and witness it. Third, the cops had it right that fateful night when they didn't see any reason to arrest Z. It's strictly a racial PC thing and, I hope I'm wrong but, you'll see when he's acquitted and the throngs come out to get even. The prosecution has absolutely no case, no reliable witnesses and not a legal leg to stand on. Have you watched any of this coverage? If you weren't following the proceedings you'd think the defense was presenting it's case right now. But, no! It's the prosecution making a pretty strong defense case for Z. It's pretty sick that this guy even has to stand trial. We all have the right to defend ourselves.