Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Is 8,241 Enough?

 It's just so predictable that there was yet another mass shooting. Despite prior arrests and all sorts of signs that the individual who shot 12 people in Washington DC was mentally unstable he had access to weapons and went on a rampage.
 Someone, some where, right now, is probably buying a gun and planning to kill a bunch of people even as I type. But no one knows what to do and there are no steps taken to stop this senseless killing of innocent people. Maybe the next one will be at a school again, that always seems popular. Whatever or whenever it happens don't change a thing! Just keep doing things the same way we have for 200 years! There will be a candlelight vigil. There will be a shrine created with flowers and stuffed teddy bears, but there will be no change about gun laws that allow crazy people to buy this:
It's alleged that the man who went on a shooting spree on Monday practiced with an AR-15 two days before the shooting. That's quite a gun, and there's no end to the kind of weaponry that a mentally ill person can buy here in America, the home of the well armed, home of the angry and armed to the teeth. Just sacrifice innocent people and bury them, leaving their families to grieve, but don't take our guns!
There are a lot of people who need support, mental health care, maybe even medication. Unfortunately it is way easier to buy a gun in this country than to get access to a good psychiatrist. the "Navy Shooter" "heard voices" probably had PTSD, he actually told the police that people were following him and "sending vibrations through his body." Seems like a red flag to me. If there was some kind of law in place that incidents like these were on a data base so individuals who have these kinds of problems do not have access to guns would be logical. People argue with me that he could still get a gun. In a country where guns out number people, it's probably true. Noone seems to think there's anything wrong with that equation.
Someday soon, I'll be pissed off again about someone shooting up another public space with innocent people dying  it seems clear that guns are more important than the human carnage they cause. 12 people are dead. Most of the reporting will be about the mentally deranged person who did this. Who is going to interview the bereaved people a year from now to see how their lives were impacted by this senseless violence? They will never be the same. It's the victims that are the real story here.  8,241 people have died from gun violence this year.
Think it's enough?
The Gun Report: September 17, 2013 -


  1. Patricia,

    The Gun Cultists have won. No incident will dissuade them or cause any sensible gun control to be adopted.

    Soon we'll have weekly mass shootings, then daily and then society will crumble.

  2. The friggin wild west all over again! It is pure damned madness.
    We The People need to demand action. Not that will accomplish annything but scream and yell anyway - it is good for you...


  3. Louie Gohmert: I see a lot of problems here and blaming this on guns is like saying the big problem with obesity is we’ve got too many spoons. It’s not the spoons, it’s not the guns. It’s the people who have them.

    Oddly enough, he's against background checks.

  4. That's why it makes no sense. No background checks. Something that small, "but noooooo, in the words of the late John Belushi. Really appalling, those poor victims and their families.