Sunday, November 24, 2013

Going Nuclear

"you may regret this a lot sooner than you think”.
50 years ago there was another nuclear option altogether. Thankfully it didn't happen. Here's another thing that won't happen, another filibuster.
But, uh oh, someone changed the "rules" and they might regret it later. Um yeah, ok. Until the "rules" are changed again right?
Is this guy serious? Let's see, gerrymandering, fraudulent elections, going to war without permission of the people, too bad there wasn't a filibuster for that. The only regret that anyone should have is that they voted for Mitch McConnell.
If there was ever a time that the filibuster served it's purpose, that time is long gone. How much longer would we have to put up with Republican filibusters and why? Then as soon as a Republican is elected there would no more filibusters? They shut the government down, costing $2 billion.
Have a look at all the bills that could have been passed, including millionaires paying 30% in taxes, but nooo, we can't have that. What we can have is a bunch of people not doing anything and getting paid for it.
Right now, Congress is less popular than a colonoscopy.
Harry Reid killed the filibuster but the Republicans never abused it, right?
So now that the filibuster is dead maybe all the Republicans can just retire or quit since they won't be able to filibuster anymore.
 I think it's really interesting that the world might be a safer place thanks to an historic agreement with Iran and their nuclear weapons and Harry Reid had to go nuclear.
82 nominations have been filibustered since President Obama was elected, "blockages under Obama have accounted for a disproportionate share of those undertaken in United States history" 
Oh and here's something else I read in Politifact, "there’s evidence that blocked nominations were rare to nonexistent before that."
"Rare to nonexistant"  versus 82.  
PolitiFact | Harry Reid says 82 presidential nominees have been blocked under President Barack Obama, 86 blocked under all other presidents 


  1. The GOP threatened to nuke the filibuster themsellves 10 years ago. Someone should have called their bluff then.

  2. "Right now, Congress is less popular than a colonoscopy."

    Please stop badmouthing colonoscopies.

    Very Crankily Yours,
    The New York Crank

  3. Yes, especially since I'm going to have one on Monday. I'll be thinking of Mitch...