Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy Ending

I spend my spare time googling things like Petrodollars. Because, I'm nosy and because Ukraine has gas shale fields and Chevron has invested in them big time. So when I see the kind of power struggles going on in a place like Ukraine, I wonder how much resources, especially energy resources have to do with it, or how that can be exploited. I seriously doubt any oil is going to trickle down all over the little people in Ukraine.
While I'm googling, I'm wondering why Kerry's galavanting around Russia? Where's Merkle in this mess?
I hope Kerry isn't thinking of practicing his massage skills. Like Bush did, in an embarrassing display.

There's nothing like remembering the good old days. Before the economy melted down and revolution spread worldwide. I am thinking Merkle is going to be key in any discussions since Germany gets some of their natural gas from Russia. I think we should keep our eyes on Merkle. I just hope Kerry keeps his hands off.


  1. Call me cynical, but I think that was all carefully planned ahead of time by the Bush team to keep Merkle off-balance.