Sunday, January 18, 2015


I work with a lot of people younger than myself. The majority are high school graduates. Three in my department are college educated, that includes myself. There are twelve people plus three managers, of these twelve, five are part time. These people would work full time if they could, but the business I work for hasn't hired a full time employee since the crash. I'm not sure what kind of "sample" this is, but it's the best one at my disposal.
No one votes. One of my managers voted for Obama in 2008, she hasn't voted since. Some of the people I work with are confused about candidates. In the last local election one of my colleagues wanted to vote, but didn't know who to vote for or how to find out anything about them. She didn't bother doing any research and just sat out the last election. Almost everyone distrusts politicians, they know the "democratic process" is corrupt. They have turned away from politics and politicians. I don't know anyone who is going to watch President Obama's State of the Union Address. State of the Union: Obama to dare Republicans on tax populism - David Nather - POLITICO
President Obama is going to propose a $325 billion tax cut for the middle class.
Now according to Politico, the President is setting up a Republican fall for the next election, what this tax cut would do is tax the 1%  and that is not going to happen. Basically, if President Obama wanted something like this to happen, He should have done it when he was elected, when he had the Democrat muscle to do it, but he didn't. You have to wonder why?
So, this State of the Union is going nowhere, since no one believes we are being represented by any elected officials, they will not watch it, they won't talk about it and the Congressmonsters won't do anything about it. Face it, these aren't people, they are monsters, swallowing as much money as they can till they get their fill only to be replaced by another one.
  One thing they are looking to do? A gas tax. Everyone at my job is talking about how cheap gas is now, so it's the perfect time for a tax right? The Highway Trust Fund is broke and we need another tax to fix the roads. But people aren't driving as much as they used to, there is more fuel efficiency, so what's in the works is this; VMT, a meter installed on your vehicle that will tax you on your mileage. Vehicle miles traveled tax - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It's already being piloted in Oregon.
 It's 2015, and finally some of the money from President Obama's 2008 Recovery Program made it to the highway I drive on everyday. A highway so full of potholes that the kids used to say it was hit by an asteroid. It took that long for the money to "trickle down," what seems to happen to most "Trust Funds" is they are robbed and suddenly there's no money for the original intention. If there was money ever, in the Highway Trust fund you have to wonder where it went, because I didn't notice any crumbling infrastructure being fixed around here.
President Obama made a State of the Union Address 2 months after The Sandy Hook Massacre.Then there was a lot of controversy and finally the Assault Weapons Ban of 2013 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
was defeated and that was the end of any attempt to deal with the gun madness in this country. After a horrific tragedy like Sandy Hook, these Congressmonsters could not find a way to just ban assault weapons, I can guarantee that whatever the president presents, he knows full well will be defeated.
What is happening is one billionaire party is fighting with the other billionaire party and our wealthy taskmasters have destroyed the democratic process. It doesn't exist anymore. My co-workers know this, these people can't be voted out when all you are presented with is more people who represent billionaires. So no one I know will be watching the State of the Union, they won't care what President Obama says. They don't care about a rebuttal. They are too busy trying to figure out what bills they are going to pay and half of them have opted out of cable because it's too expensive, politicians are expensive too, more than we peons can afford, so most of us won't be watching the pigs congratulating each other at the Capitol Tuesday night.

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