Sunday, March 15, 2015

Storm In A Samovar

Did anyone check Harry Potter's house? Did Putin drink a Polonium cocktail?
Vladimir Putin has been MIA for 9 days. Opposition leader Boris Nemtsov is shot dead and a report by him on Ukraine is due to come out in April.
The oil and gas market that Russia depends on for export has dropped and almost bottomed out. 
 I also stumbled on this. U.S. Army sending armored convoy 1,100 miles through Europe - CNN.comWhy?
Because I have this theory that everything boils down to the petrodollar.
What the hell are we doing with this so-called "Dragoon Ride" as if it's some kind of joy ride, "demonstrating its continued commitment to collective security through a series of actions designed to reassure NATO allies and partners of America's dedication to enduring peace and stability in the region,"
In the last 50 years when have any of our forays into other countries generated any peace or stability? It's a joke. We already have sanctions on Russia, which I am sure is causing problems, mainly for the people of Russia, especially since the Ruble has also bottomed out along with Russian energy. 5 things that tell you sanctions are hurting Russia - Fortune
It looks like the pressures on for Putin to make "different choices" now it looks as if his choice is to just disappear, but for how long? 
Moreover, what do the people of Russia want? Guess that's not a consideration, the same way what the people in the US want is ignored by our leaders. We damn sure don't want military action that could set off WWIII in Eastern Europe. While we hear all the time about the defecit and how broke we are, we always have money for escapades interfering in other countries and generally acting like we are the worlds police, when clearly we can't even police ourselves. I wonder what it would look like if  one of our leaders would disappear for over a week? Might not be such a bad idea.

Maybe Putin is just waiting for the swelling to go down and it's just another facelift? What if anything does this have to do with MH-17 and  U.S. intel blaming Russia for shooting down the plane, who then blamed "terrorists" Whatever is going on for Putin to disappear is very odd, considering he doesn't like to show any weakness. Maybe he is on paternity leave? Perhaps the ruble is rubble and he's been taken out by his business "friends." Or maybe he's been overthrown by Pussy Riot?


  1. Guess we no longer need the threat of communism to set off World War III.

  2. Dobby? When I first saw that picture, I thought it was Keith Richards.

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  4. Lol, Keith Richards, is a personal hero and a very underrated musician. Kirk, communism was the boogeyman, we have a new one now. I am sure you can guess. Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you both. A shame Pussy Riot didn't overthrow him. We need more musicians and poets for leaders, like Vaclav Havel, just a thought.

  5. Patricia, I agree totally. I think he is the best white rhythm guitar player in existence, and always have. I first saw the Stones at Winterland on the 1972 tour. It was the single best concert I ever saw.

    P.S. sorry for the double comment. I don't know how that happened.