Sunday, March 8, 2015

Daylight Savings Time Brought To You By, U.S.A. Inc.

It's here! The 50th anniversary of the March in Selma, well yeah, but that's not it. International Womens Day, nope.
 It's Daylight Savings Time.
I blogged about this back in 2011, The Polygon: What savings? Here we are in 2015, still going along with
Looks Familiar
Daylight Savings Time. What I've discovered since then is that this doesn't save anything. "More recently, a study of homes in Indiana—a state that adopted Daylight Saving Time only in 2006—showed that the savings from electricity use were negated, and then some, by additional use of air conditioning and heat" There you have it. Utility companies make out and then some.
"When you give Americans more daylight at the end of the day, they get into their cars," Downing says. That's why the petroleum industry has been a longtime supporter of the time change,"  To me, Daylight Savings Time is just another example of how we just can't change. You might think the big to-do in Selma celebrating the 50 year anniversary march would be a real eye opener as far as change goes, nothing's changed in Ferguson and towns all over the U.S., cops can gun down whoever they please and they're mostly black. The only thing that seems to have changed is lynching has gone out of style. When you have cops firing guns at whatever black person they want, no need to bother with lynching. 
Then we have International Women's Day well, that's cool, fact is that women still get paid less than men. 
It's kind of strange to me that these events have converged. It's all about perception and our inability to deal with reality, primarily because USA Inc. has a stranglehold on all of us. Corporations have no incentive to pay women the same rate as men. The Supreme Court struck down the Voters Rights Act, go right ahead, march across that bridge in Selma, that'll make us all feel better. We'll just keep going on with an anachronistic Daylight Savings Time because neither we nor the government can change.
I have a theory about this country, it's frozen. It's been a hard winter for us all, while the season changes and we get to thaw out, this country won't. It's still in a deep freeze forcing us to go along with Daylight Savings Time nobody wants. Cops are out of control and are enjoying all kinds of military leftovers from Iraq and that situation is only going to get worse. The economy is frozen. The FED hasn't raised interest rates since the crash. Happy days are here again on Wall Street, but I haven't seen life get better for anyone I know. 
The jobs report is ecstatically proclaiming there are jobs for everyone! (Until it get's "seasonally adjusted") However, there are no full time jobs and the wages barely make it worth buying the gas to get to it.
The housing market is frozen or of course, worse than what's being "reported", I still see empty houses everywhere.
Reality is just not matching up with what the government is saying and what the media is reporting. The people that are paying attention know that something isn't right. The economy and our basic human rights have been plundered by a minority of plutocrats and their greed knows no end. We can't even end something as simple as Daylight Savings Time because of Corporate Rule, that's not going to change as long as we are as frozen as the system. 
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 Sometimes art and life converge into a perfect metaphor.

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