Sunday, March 29, 2015

Time Bomb

Every one is wondering about the co-pilot who crashed the plane he was flying into the side of a mountain, a mountain he knew very well. A place he had been flying over since he was 14 years old. People are in shock, wondering how this could happen? In fact it's happened before. It's pretty obvious to me that this dude was planning something for awhile. The big question is, how someone with a  history of pretty severe
mental illness, could end up flying an airplane with 149 people on board?
If they knew that, do you think they would get on that plane?
 It seems since 2009, when this man started his aviation instruction was unfit for a pilots position, because he was, mentally ill. Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz was declared 'unfit' to fly by docs - NY Daily News
Let me put it this way, do you know, or have you known someone, that you wouldn't even get into a car with let alone pilot a plane? Maybe it's someone you work with, or your friends spouse, or a neighbor?
There are a lot of people walking around who are batshit crazy, they are flying planes too.
This guy just suffered a relationship break up, because his girlfriend thought he was "off" and wanted to get the hell away from him as quickly as possible, people are saying she should have reported him. To where? THE CRAZY POLICE? She's lucky she's still alive. They usually stalk and kill their girlfriends like they're prey.
Then there's this; Don’t blame depression for the Germanwings tragedy | Masuma Rahim | Comment is free | The Guardian
or this;  Don’t stigmatise depression over Alps crash, says top doctor | World news | The Guardian
Right. If you've ever been depressed it's hard enough to function, let alone fly an airplane into a mountain. This guy wasn't just depressed. This guy is a mass murderer.
  One of the worst things about this culture is that we aren't allowed to call a spade a spade, this isn't about depression. It's about psychopathy and it's dangerous. Sometimes, I think people should have warning labels, because you know, he was such a "normal guy" or a "nice young man" how would you ever know you are dealing with some one who is capable of going to such extreme lengths to hide the murderer lurking inside?
How many sick notes did this guy tear up? A MD in Psychiatry isn't worth the paper it's printed on if you can't save innocent lives in order to protect a mass murderer. I wonder if this guy was on the Prozac? Prozac can't do anything about a psychopath's cruel and selfish behavior, besides, these individuals rarely respond to any treatment. This guy was planning to do this and wanted to go down in infamy and didn't care who he took down with him. There are people just like him everywhere, for the most part they are stupid and inept and lazy, living like parasites off of other enablers, they usually don't kill, it's just too much trouble.
Then there's the ones that do, Adam Lanza; The Polygon: American Psycho and Elliot Rodger comes to mind, the chaos and suffering these people cause is immense, yet day after day these horror stories play out, "suddenly" and "without warning" when really, there was plenty of warning, red flags that were ignored.
I have a friend I work with, who has this uncle, I'll call him "Uncle Time Bomb". Uncle Time Bomb is the neighborhood curse, he throws kids off their bicycles if they get too close to him. He distributes religious literature that's anti abortion to his niece. If people park in front of his house he will question any one he can about who's parking there. He will walk into my friends house uninvited. When neighbors see him coming, they scatter. No one wants anything to do with him. This man was discharged from the military for throwing a man against a wall and breaking his back. No one knows if he was ever brought up on charges, they are too afraid to ask. The cops have been called multiple times about his behavior. It's just a matter of time until this guy goes off. The thing about Uncle Time Bomb is that you can see his crazy, others aren't so easy to see. People like him are on Craigslist, Online dating sites, Facebook, they are everywhere. Unfortunately we don't teach people the signs that you may be dealing with a psychopath in real life. They aren't all mass murderers, they "may" be a small part of the population, but chances are you've encountered one, they are very clever and devious about hiding who they really are inside. Until a particularly strange episode in the psychopaths life occurs they are really hard to identify. Maybe no one could have stopped Andreas Lubitz from flying a plane with 149 innocent people into a mountain, but knowing the warning signs of these dangerous individuals can save your life and sanity. Obviously psychiatrists and law enforcement won't save you. Remember, the police believed Jeffrey Dahmer.
The List of Psychopathy Symptoms: Hervey Cleckley and Robert Hare | Psychopathyawareness's Blog
 Puzzling People: The Labyrinth of the Psychopath: Thomas Sheridan: 9781905605286: Books


  1. The problem is that while all of the symptoms listed in your links may be part of a psychopathic personality, many people who have some of the symptoms may not be psychopaths at all.

    The narcissistic, or "tough minded" or unempathetic person may be obnoxious, but still not a psychopath. And some psychopaths may only exhibit some of these symptoms, or skillfully hide their symptoms.

    Thus psychiatric diagnosis is more of an art than a science, and even a good psychiatrist may get it wrong from time to time. It's a terrible dilemma. Bad people may be walking the streets plotting their next psychopathic deed, while merely offbeat or eccentric people who have been misdiagnosed end up in some slum of a psychiatric hospital, or more likely, in the slammer.

    Yours crankily,
    (And wasn't cranky behavior listed as a symptom?)
    The New York Crank

  2. Crank, the problem is, that this is a bigger problem than most people want to acknowledge. No "offbeat" or "eccentric" person ends up in a psych ward. That takes documentation. There would be a lawsuit if someone entered a psych ward on someone's whim without a sufficient diagnosis. It's interesting that you link someone with narcissistic tendencies being "toughminded." There is a spectrum of psychopathic "symptoms" everyone has some of these tendencies, the difference is that they are not PATHOLOGICAL. That means dangerous. Plenty of innocent people go to jail, or are shot by the police, no need to put the psychopath label on them, but nice try. I don't know why it's got to be either we turn a blind eye to the kind of behavior that wreaks havoc in peoples lives, where these pathological individuals ruin people's lives, relationships, finances, etc. and say oh but what about "weird" Aunt Martha, she could be a psychopath and go to the psych ward! No, she couldn't. I guarantee you, if you've ever had an encounter with a psychopath, you would never forget it. These people are RARELY diagnosed. Psychiatry can't help them, they don't think anything's wrong with them. People think they are rare, but in corporate America they are at the top of the heap with psychopathic CEO's who are venerated in our culture while they run our economy into the ground. And you think your cranky.

  3. One thing that troubles me greatly - atop the fact that a psychopath was cleared to fly - is the accusation/implication that the former girlfriend should have done something. In the absence of the true villain, it seems many feel a need or desire to blame someone, to condemn her and find her guilty of some sort of collusion after the fact. Never mind that she has doubtlessly asked herself the question, "couldn't I have done something?" or that the question has no answer..

  4. Mister Ornery, it seems we always need a scapegoat, it's an old story. If any one or thing is to blame, it's a system that leaves the mentally ill to be responsible for pretty much getting themselves fired, or turning themselves into a psych ward and that's asking for way too much. There may have been signs or red flags for years, but the last thing a parent wants to believe is that their kid is disturbed. Conversely, these individuals can hide their deviousness, they have no remorse, guilt or any empathic feelings 96% of the population has. The worst part is that our culture reveres these cold, calculating, people who are willing to step on anyone to get what they want and adopt other persona's, for instance "the nice guy" to hide their maladjusted personality underneath. How can you do something, when you are presented with someone who seems "so normal" unless the mask of sanity slides off and you see the monster underneath. Even then, you wouldn't want to believe it, especially, if you were someone's girlfriend, it's not unheard of for these predators to be master manipulators, it seems that this co-pilot was probably a controlling pain in the ass,
    Not shocked, pretty typical for these freaks.

  5. Sorry, Patricia,

    While I agree with you that plenty of innocent people get shot by the police and plenty of innocent people go to jail, that doesn't negate my point.

    My brother, many years ago, was a legal aid lawyer in New York, representing people being held against their will in mental institutions. Most of them no doubt belonged there, and their claims to sanity were yet another delusion, but there were exceptions.

    For example, there was the foreign-born doctor, for whom English was a second language, who testified that the incarcerated man seeking his freedom was suffering from delusions as evidenced by his claim that he was a millionaire. Turns out that the plaintiff had a Yiddish accent and said to the doctor, when the doctor insisted he needed years of psychiatric treatment, "What am I, a millionaire?" The rest is all linguistic misunderstanding.

    Unfortunately, Mr, "What am I?" spent over a month in a locked ward before his case got to court, during which he was shot up with a powerful drug called Haldol and during which his marginal business when down the drain.

    And I come back to the point that while some people are clearly a danger to themselves and others, there are some who will be diagnosed that way who are no such thing. We once had that terrible twosome – psychiatry and the law – locking up or even castrating homosexuals. And confining "feeble minded" souls who in the end were merely autistic and incidentally very bright.

    I don't mean to belittle psychiatrists. But unlike some illnesses for which clear "yes" or "no" proof can be found for their illness ("Are those cells cancerous or not?" "Is he running a fever or not>") much of psychiatry depends on the skill, knowledge, experience, and intuitiveness of the practitioner. That can't be quantified. And it is an art.

    Yours crankily,
    The New York crank

  6. First of all Crank, Lets talk about your two examples I did go looking for examples of castration of gay men, mostly I found chemical castration, like this dude,
    Maybe you can help me with the research, while I have no doubt gay men were treated appallingly, I am NOT sure it is still happening on this century. Secondly as far as Mr. Yiddish going to a psych ward based on an accent and a joke. I was married to a doctor, Crank, if he sent someone to a psych ward and gave him Halidol on the basis of this diagnosis what do you think would have happened? I tried googling this and could only find this;
    and this
    I would really like to know what happened to these doctors once they got to court? Also, are you telling me there wasn't one Jewish doctor around?? Lol
    Some people are clearly a danger to themselves and others. Then there are the ones who are a danger, mainly to others, they rarely end up in a psych ward, they are rarely diagnosed and they wreak havoc on the rest of us. They have mastered the art of fooling everyone around them, until they have done their damage and move on. Or they fly a damn plane into a mountain with 150 people on board. They are very good at keeping their psychotic tendencies under wraps. No matter how skilled a shrink is, many times they are fooled and these people are able to charm their way out of any situation. Jeffrey Dahmer, being one example, since the cops believed him when he explained away the dude who was trying to avoid being his next victim. What I can see about you Crank, is that you obviously have empathy and are concerned about innocent people getting caught up in a situation they didn't deserve. I get that. I think we can agree on something DaVinci said "Study the science of art. Study the art of science."

  7. In the case of the doctor who misdiagnosed the man with the accent, nothing happened except that the man with the accent was released. The court was there only to hear the incarcerated man's case, not to rule on the fitness of the doctor. I assume the doctor is either still practicing or has gone back to his native country.

    I'm glad we agree that psychiatrists misjudge their patients form time to time. I think we need more reliable and cost-effective tests to assure the safety of airline passengers. One of them is simply the proposal, rapidly being implemented I gather, to make sure there are always two people in the cockpit at the same time. That is also not a 100 percent safeguard. A truly crazed person, or a sane person with evil intent, might overpower his cockpit companion. But that method beats the expense, and the opportunity for ruining the lives of sane or innocent people, and providing no greater (and possibly less potent) assurance of safety in the air.

    Very crankily yours,

  8. Whoops! I fired off the note above without proofreading. I meant to write, "But that method beats the expense of mass psychiatric evaluations, with could lead to the likelihood of ruining the lives of sane or innocent people while providing no greater (and possibly less potent) assurance of safety in the air.

    Enough already.

    Yours very crankily,
    The New York Crank