Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What savings?

Russia decided to get out of daylight savings time and won't be turning their clocks back. I know we have way more serious problems here in the US, but really, if Russia knows this is useless why don't we? Only Conagra and Monsanto care about this, since the small farmer is basically extinct. Why don't we just use hourglasses? Does this really save anything? Russia is in darkness most of the winter. You would think if they could get some savings out of it, they would keep it. The biggest complaint about Russia getting out of DST? The US said they would be an hour and a half behind Wall Street. That is so disturbing, like Russia is worried about that sacred cow. Everyone has to bow down to the Bull! This is one thing congress could do, get us off this stupid DST that is obsolete. I use to live on a farm in Indiana and we didn't do anything to our clocks. WTF? Don't forget to feed the horses and get the tractor dusted off when we set our clocks back on Nov. 6th! It is depressing to realize that Russia even knows this is bullshit, and that's what they think of Wall Street.


  1. When they changed to Daylight Savings dates a few years back, they told Indiana that they ahd to join DST or lose federal highway funds. (Indiana had not participate in DST, except for a small area in the north-west corner.) Some scientists decided that they could compare Indiana utility costs before and after they participated in DST. Supposedly the new dates would involve saving money on bills. Well, when the study was done, it turned out that Indiana residents paid about $1 million more. So much for saving money by manipulation what time you claim a point of the day is.

  2. Wow! No wonder purple is my favorite color! It just figures anything to make wage slaves pay more. I think I have seasonal affect disorder. Missing the sun is depressing but your comment was very enlightening! Thanks!