Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Occupy Sherwood Forest

Looks like the 1% are having some success at breaking up the Occupy Movement in several cities. For now. The reasons are no camping and no sleeping in the parks the protesters are occupying. That's the best they could do. Really? Oh, and don't forget sanitation, because the protesters are sooo dirty. Like New York City isn't one of the filthiest cities in the world. If only they would take that attitude to the ghetto, and clean, maybe they could help some of the 99% there. Now Bloomberg has managed to get a mob that's on the move. That's way more dangerous than people assembling in one place. I was thinking of Robin Hood, the King was using all the treasure in England and turned the populace into paupers because of the cost of the crusades (read Iraq, etc.). Robin and his band  took to living in the forest. What did he do there? he interrupted commerce. By robbery of the rich. I think that the Occupy movement has hurt commerce and the corporatocracy is frightened. They must be having way more of an impact than even I think. I wonder how much worse it is going to get? Maybe they should Occupy Central Park. Or Occupy a national forest that has camping facilities. But that is not quite so visible. I think we might need a Robin Hacker. It looks likely that the powers that be are going to be able to shut down the right to free assembly. So instead of a "highwayman" we need an "information highwayman" to bring down the plutocracy. Just saying. And here's another thing. When the rest of the foreclosures are foreclosed upon, and we have even more homeless not allowed to sleep or camp. What's the next step? Some kind of warehousing? Like the old work/poor houses? Unless someone can take back what the 1% have. This is where we are going. 

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  1. I read Andrew Breitbart and he said New York has trash now! Trash! There was never no trash in NYC before the Occupoopers! 1% I pledge my body and soul to you! Work me until I'm to old and hurt to be useful and then have Paul Ryan come over to give me a coupon for medical coverage he's sooooo wonkish!