Saturday, August 1, 2015

This Is What Happens When You Call The Cops

 If you have a problem and you call the cops, you now have two problems. This video was made exactly a year ago and this year in July, 120 people were killed by the police. How much video needs to be collected before this changes? I finally found a database called Killed By The Police, have a look.
There are lawful murderers in uniform able and willing to kill people for no reason. now what is that reminiscent of? The Wild West? Nazi Germany? Native American genocide? What exactly is going on here when people are targeted and I'd venture a guess that they are all poor and have no means to fight back with expensive lawyers.
Cecil the Lion was killed this week and there was a lot of crying and carrying on. It was a damn shame that someone got away with that, but for some reason, people have a staggering amount of empathy for an animal and barely any for the human beings killed in the latest wave of police brutality. Something tells me that rich Dr. Palmer, Cecil the Lions murderer, wanted for questioning, won't have a bunch of trigger happy police ready to hunt him down and maybe give him a Russian mouthwash. Lucky for him. But people of color just minding their business can be chased, hassled and shot on the spot.
So, more people being killed than ever and no laws passed to do anything about it. How is this situation going to change when there's so much money to be made keeping cops in business, corrections officers employed and a war on drugs that is so profitable. Why do you think Chris Christie said he was gonna use military style SWAT teams to hunt down those evil and violent pot smokers? Seriously, it's a moneymaker. Plus, he wants all the twinkies for himself, he doesn't want to share with stoned people who have the munchies. But this sorry situation is no joke.
For years now in America, people just get away with it. Banks defraud the country and we bail them out, no questions asked. America tortures people and we punish the people who out them, we jail the whistleblowers but not the torturers. Our leaders lie about why we need to start a war and then they just go back home and paint really bad paintings, No one is accountable and that trickles down to the local police, who then decide it's okay to piss all over the local citizens, they are lucky if that's all that happens to them.
                               Have a safe weekend, and whatever you do, don't call the cops.


  1. The video shows a reality that MSM dont like to show too much, because they consider it "too graphic", but America is too graphic and were too politically correct through programming ... thank goodness for video and social media, because what we are seeing in America today is way overboard. The thing is ... folks will NOT overcome this treatment ny simply holding picket signs and peaceful (over- regulated) assembly ... and free speech is basically in the shitter. Some times, teens and younger folks have told me they like to ask me questions about when I was a kid, they like the stories ... one kid told me once, the reason why, is because he never had the freedom that we had and it sounds fun, etc ... I actually felt sad when he told me that. However, on the flip side ... these oligarchs ... that I see simply as corporate communists of sort, are so out of touch with peoples nature, they think they have the younger generations all programmed and ready to follow their dictation ... they are so wrong ... as wrong as their faulty gambling investments where they lose their ass and come running to the people to bail them out and basically give them handouts or corporate welfare. People are alwayz up for the challenge, and in growing amounts ... folks KNOW when they're getting screwed, and they will get a resistance that is more than they expect in time if and when they get too cocky. This sort of thing has happened throughout human history, where a handful try to control the whole arena, and play king ... it is human nature to reject and resist what is your enemy. But sitting around with ONLY peaceful protests will not be the the only answer, there has to be action, and even like you mentioned ... politically. Listening to Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush the other day on CNN "special report" was disgusting, talking about "black lives matter" and copying Bernie Sanders ... these folks dont do a damn thing, but toss us some dog biscuit treats from time to time, and while doing so ... slide some crafty legislative crap through a back door to screw us on something else ... and frankly in my opinion Patricia ... both establishment parties these dayz are in the shitter.

    1. That's right,"Establishment Parties" With hand picked candidates from dynastic families. Why is it, this is what we're offered? Bernie will be co-opted by Hillary's campaign. People do know they are being screwed and this illusion of "choice" is a sham. Why do you think voter turn out is so low?
      Because people know as you put it they are being screwed. The kids I talk to also people in their thirties and forties, none of them vote. Lot's of them don't have cars, are still living with parents or grandparents or aunts. They aren't buying cars, houses, or dishwashers. They have jobs but can't afford anything, Their lives aren't improving, they know that voting won't do anything to improve their circumstances. No one is going to make time to vote. (most countries make that a day off so you can do it) There's nothing in it for them. The system is archaic and needs to go. Two parties ain't gonna cut it. Capitalism depends on a winner take all attitude which conversely means there must be poor people and this counter intuitive nonsense has to go. When the premise for an economy means that there will be people who never have an equal chance to succeed, that indeed poverty is a necessary evil, well then, you will get pushback and resistance. The elite can continue on in their 1% bubble but there are so many more of us than them. This is the reason for the militarization of the police, the controls put on the population, means to choke the life out of the populace and instill fear. Once, the militarized cops get on board, well that's always when a revolution is successful. Until they see their inhumanity to their fellow man, the system of violence and suppression will continue, but it won't last forever. There will be an American Spring.

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  3. Patricia, Modern Day Police forces were created specifically to do this to People of Color. Police forces came into being during the 19th century to control, oppress and harass recently freed slaves, immigrants, union members and the working class.

    The modern parlance is "Broken Windows" but the goals & tactics are still the same. Ticky-Tack offenses are met with force, minor violations by poor people net jail when fines can't be met.

    Meanwhile, Dennis Hastert who molested an unknown number of young men for decades doesn't face this kind of violence.

    Why? Because that's not whom conservatives want Police to attack. Look at every incident of a PoC death at the hands of Police (or even a self-proclaimed Watch Captain) and you find 100% defense of Police Actions and often Lusty cheering.