Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Greater Of Two Evils

I'm not sure where to start.
Photo from Daily Kos
First, Louisiana had a biblical thousand year flood, then Donald Trump went there with  some Play-Doh. This looked pretty strange. It turns out, he donated a tractor trailer full of supplies, not just toys, but this was the picture that went viral. President Obama, is on vacation, much like George W was during Hurricane Katrina. The consensus was that the Governor of Louisiana neither wanted Trump nor President Obama to visit too soon, because he was trying to concentrate on helping the people of Baton Rouge.  (You can donate here to help) He doesn't have time to deal with dignitaries. Trump was gonna barrel through and do whatever he wanted. President Obama, in his usual show of restraint, waited. I hope the people in Louisiana get  whatever help they need, I know a little about floods after surviving Hurricane Sandy. Here, in New Jersey, a story broke about Trump getting a $25 million dollar tax break, paying out only $5 million for his tax bill on his casinos. It must be nice. I suspect that Jersey is bankrupt and that deal is one of the reasons why. Do they project the budget with these full amounts of taxes actually paid? One wonders. Thanks, Christie
Trump made a big show of making an apology this week, that wasn't really an apology. Sorry, not sorry. But I do think it's interesting, this shift. He's obviously been told to tone it down and his new campaign manager is known for helping politicians, get women's vote. Yeah, good luck with that.
The NYT broke the story that Trump is $650 million in debt, if that's true. I wonder how much that will resonate to loads of people upside down on their mortgages, maxed out on their credit cards. Once upon a time, the Clinton's were in very bad shape too, thanks to The Clinton Foundation, that's a thing of the past.
If you want to break up the monotony, have a look at the FED's new Facebook page. What could possibly go wrong? Hilarity ensues when hundreds of commentator's take out their ire on these entitled jerks who sit in their gilded cages not knowing what to do next, because we all know they have run out of options, the "recovery" is a Wall Street recovery.
What's up with Hillary? I haven't an idea, I guess she has ads plastered all over the TV, but I don't have one so I don't know. The polls say she has a comfortable lead. She's had a few Republicans running away from Trump to join her. She has flip-flopped on the horrendous TPP trade deal. If she's anything like Obama she'll just continue on with his plans. She's going to say all the right things and then turn around and do what the Shadow Government tells her too; next.
Then we have The Greens, Jill Stein, who will probably not even be "allowed " to debate, She will probably continue to be shut down along with Gary Johnson in our "Democratic" election. You can either vote for the status quo, or the Orange man, both of which are corrupt to the core.
For me, the highlight of the week was an Anarchist group's multiple statues of Trump, a variation of the "Emperor's New Clothes"

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  1. Thanx for the read Patricia, because I havent been in touch with what has been going on in the elections deal too much (little burned out on it), I catch some bits and clips on the news. I dont think folks understand that trump is basically a high scale hustler ... I hear him portrayed as Hitler or some related figure, but see no comparison with Hitler, Hitler is something I researched in depth for example years back. You know, you live around Philly and South Jersey, I'm sure you seen plenty of hustlers (I lived in Brooklyn around wiseguys as a kid for awhile), his dad gave him a bundle, and without all the taxation breaks, bankruptcy laws adn everything else he's taken advantage of, he wouldnt be where he is ... his ideas were simply investing in hospitality, resorts, casinos restoration, and hustling personalized product lines, he's an investing hustler, that basically come a dime a dozen in downtown Manhattan. Hope things are well with you.