Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Curiouser and Curiouser

Down the political rabbit hole we go. Just when you think the Republican party was about as worthless as can be, suddenly a Republican comes out of the political closet, who must seem crazy to most of the women hating, racist, lunatics running the Republican asylum. His name is Richard Hanna (R-NY)  he came out and said he's going to vote for Hillary and that Trump is unfit to run the country. I immediately became suspicious wondering what this fellow was on? Has he been hanging out with Alice's friend, Caterpillar? It's not lost on me that Hanna is representing New York, the same state Hillary represented in the Senate.
In his Op-Ed it says his reason for deciding to go along with Hillary is the Trump reaction to the Gold Star parents of Middle Eastern origin who lost their son in the Iraq War. Hanna is of Lebonese descent. it seems as though Trump's comment was the key for Mr. Hanna to go thru the door to the Democrats, skipping out on the GOTea Party, probably the "stupidest party" he's ever been to. Defecting to the Democrats, on the surface, could be a career ending mistake. However, in the U.S. "Caucus racing" is common, it's a never ending circle, just like being a politician is a never ending position. Worry not.
 Now Mr. Hanna is in an altogether different kind of party, but what kind of Republican is he?  Well, he's a member of The LGBT Equality Caucus, heaven forbid! He's never signed Grover Norquist's paper, He supported same sex marriage and The Equal Rights Amendment, I'm confused. He doesn't seem like the kind of Republican who thinks time has stopped in 1899 and acts like it too. It seems as if this is some kind of game, you can play the Republican and act like a Democrat or a Democrat acting like a Republican!
What's the point of this election when you have people saying one thing but doing another? How can you tell who you should vote for? It's a bit like a "Mock Turtle". It's made of everything but turtle maybe, there should be a thing called a Mock Republican and a Mock Democrat!
    What about Trump? Is he a Mock Republican or is he a Orange Marmalade Cheshire Cat and the only thing you can see is his big head, I mean hair. What exactly is he showing us? Whatever it is doesn't look very attractive.
People seem to act like a pack of cards taking orders from the queen, while the Cheshire Cat appears to say things out of thin air and disappears again. Who are you going to vote for the Queen of No one's Hearts or the Cheshire Cat? While Republicans don't say anything about the Cheshire Cat, but have plenty to say about the Queen who acts just like them.The Queens followers think she's just like them and are sure to be surprised when she ends up being a Mock Democrat.
 Now, if you will excuse me, I'm off to play croquet with live Flamingo's since that makes more sense than this election.


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  1. Good read Patricia! Tell you the truth, I'm confused more than ever of who is for what actually. It also appears to me that we have basically 2 right wing parties now, since corporations control everything ... and the choice of Wall Street is definitely Clinton, and that Trump is basically breaking up the GOP, making it so that GOP folks are now coming out to support the more moderate right which is Clinton, and it appears that the parties and what they once stood for a reversing on certain levels. I think to support the "woman" would be the best bet this election ... NO, NOT Clinton, but Jill Stein {:-)

    Hope things are well with you Patricia ...