Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Taking A Leak

You just can't make this stuff up. For years I have been telling my friends to tape up their camera's on their computers. To disengage any microphones on their devices. The irony of Trump's "wiretapping" is that we are all being wiretapped.
 I have had more than one side eye go my way because of my warnings about how your TV can spy on you only to be laughed off,
That's fine, don't say I didn't tell you so. Now that Wikileaks released Vault 7 , the proof is in the leaking;
"Back in 2015, Samsung’s SmartTV privacy policy warned people not to share private information in front of their TV:"
That's just one device.
But, hey, we keep on hearing about Russia, Russia, Russia! Why? Because we need a war for all the government contractors. So they can make even more money.
The economy is still stuck in a recession and we know war is a money maker.
Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, who's next on the list? Maybe China? How about North Korea? We all know the only ones who can have nuclear weapons is America.
How many? It looks like 6,973, who needs that many weapons? How many do you actually need to blow up the world? It's insanity and it made somebody rich, maybe a lot of somebodies.
How much spying do you need? Is there ever enough? Is Trump wrong saying he was wiretapped? At this point I wonder who ISN'T wiretapped?
Will there be any epic fallout from this leak or is it just going to be business as usual? This leak is titled Year 0, so how much more is there? If it's true that the CIA was looking into hacking into cars and trucks, what's to stop them from hacking into planes? Oh dear, it's tin foil hat time!

Don't look too hard, just tune into the next episode of the Kardashians. I bet even the CIA can't keep up with them.
A funny thing about all this spying and hacking. How are all these attacks still happening in Orlando, Nice, Paris, Brussels? The amount of spying going on should have stopped these horrific tragedies, dontcha think?
Meanwhile, on CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, it's fear porn about your heathcare, because now the GOTEA Party has a 3 phase plan that will never get passed. The Republicans know this, but they have to look like they are actually going to do something.
Wolf Blitzer and Rachel Maddow and the other hacks on FOX News,  will continue with the propaganda McCarthyism Russian theme, with no proof, because the Democrats pushed a flawed candidate for president, instead of the one that could have won.
But, no one's going to talk about that. Next thing will be that the Russians hacked our healthcare.


  1. Hey Patricia {:-) ... I dont think you're paranoid or anything about the sealing up mics, about privacy or whatever ... Look at me ... I'm as far from being a paranoid conspiracy theorist as they probably come (only because I need reason to buy/ believe anything. I have a series on my blog for instance called something like "end to privacy? ... nonsense! ... nothing in the public has ever been private" ... anywayz, what inspired the series, is so many folks that I hear complaining about their privacy rights, etc ... my point was/ is, as I tell so many folks here in Dallas, is that any time you use any of these devices, you have to make your own privacy, everything is wide open these dayz, and folks that just loosely put out their info on them, that they would otherwise want private, is the users fault in these times. Dont get me wrong Patricia, I enjoy privacy too, and our rights, I just realize how the techs of today got us all under microscope.

    You know ... I'm the only person that I can think of out of everyone I know, and my familia here in Dallas, that uses a no contract flip- phone (of course I have a landline phone at home too, that is posted on my website) ... my daughters and grandkids tell me to get on their familia plan several times and get a smart phone, like they use ... but it worx for me, when I'm out and about also, I sure dont want to be online, or fiddling with such, Hell, I'm online at home ... besides, it's a pain in the ass, how many times during the week, I have someone in front of me in traffic with a green light, that I have to honk my horn to, to let them know the light is green, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... they're on their damn phones playing or whatever {:-) I get my calls and texts on it, can take photos or whatever ... worx for me. And no, if I'm driving and need to text, I pull out of traffic. At home, I have a couple large screen tele/ tv's, they are NOT "smart" though, you can call them dumb, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh {:-) ... I dont need a "smart" tele ... sadly, I do my own thinking and leg- work (gawd, what an awful life I have {:-) I do have cable tele, and I also heard rumour, that they can hear ya through the cable box, I dont know, but not gonna worry about it. I can tell you this, when I want to have private or intimate conversation, I will make an effort, as my duty, to make it such ... I'm old school Patricia ... I like one on one talk the best. But, there are things and talk, that one shouldnt do on these things, and expect it to be private ... and the algorithms out there are plentiful, to pick up everything they can {:-). It's not a mater of being paranoid, it's a matter of personal responsibility with me, because of the condition.

    Actions of government, CIA, etc ... of course it's deep with secrets, and I dont care to know all their secrets, because I realize that much of the public couldnt psychologically handle much as well, but, when it comes to "our" interests and money as citizens ... I expect more transparency. Much of what our CIA does, or related agencies, I dont support, as far as some of our foreign affairs, but realize what is behind alot of it, and how deep it is, too much to try to get into here ... buddy of mine spent over a decade in Saudi intell (cant mention anything else here about him). I realize also that there are so called "secret societies" agendas or whatever, been that way for millennia/ history globally ... and the power at top, is alwayz 2 steps ahead of the masses, they orchestrate the reality to come ... that is why the rest of us, should be more demanding, and also an intrical part of shaping it as well. Your dad worked in customs you said, he probably seen a few things himself.

  2. Forgive me, I had to do another comment, because it said something like, I can only do 4,096 characters(?) ... why not make it just and even 4,100, or 4,000, or 4,099 ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... maybe they'll figure out a way to nickel and dime us on additional characters in our comments too {:-) But as far as the 9/11 attacks, I heard alot of conspiracy talk over the years, and some even look at Bin Laden as a sort of hero I been told. He was as much a threat to the Saudi's as well as us, and the Saudi's top dogs didnt care much for him either ... and US and Saudi's are tight, but they have business and power reasons as for why, he fought against that which was not just an enemy he felt to his people, but who also worx as an enemy entity to even western people in an indirect way. I dont have reason to believe that 9/11 was an inside job set up by Bush or whoever, if I had actual "reason", I may think that, I need "reason" when believing or assessing anything. But yes, I do have reason to think that Cheney and associates were looting us financially. Like the billions of dollars of shrinkwrapped pallets of US currency that was under guard my US military that ended up disappearing (you wont hear much more about) ... shit/ money just DONT vanish in thin air, it ONLY changes hands ... if high end crooks figure out wayz to make millions of bucks, they sure as Hell are not going to turn up their noses to $5 or $10 billion in cash especially, eh? ... you can bank on it, that it was stolen, and not by low level military personel, if low level would have taken it, they would be found and or/ killed or imprisoned ... I have reason there, to believe that higher ups milked that. As far as taking out Bin Laden ... it's nothing personal ... it is just the casualties of war, it was Osama's job to take us out, and our job to take him out, the unfortunate realty we create. No, I'm against much of our intervention in these lands, whether it's regime change, oil or whatever ... I dont support it.

    Have a good one Patricia ....

  3. I apologize for taking so long to get back to you. You left a great deal of food for thought, and I pretty much agree with everything you have written. You won't see any of that on CNN or Fox News. I think one of the worst things about what is happening now is the amount of research you have to do, just to find out what is really going on. Most people don't want to do it. They are staring at their phone, swiping on Tinder or whatever the heck they do with what little spare time people have. Being curious is too much work, being open minded isn't real fashionable, like your flip phone, lol. I'd like to think some day, maybe we could all be 5 steps ahead and finally get some kind of sanity and some fairness, back to this country. Looks like we'll be blogging for a little while longer. You have a good one Ranch!